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What is Entrepreneurship?

New York is often identified as being closely associated with high finance. And finance has a longstanding home in New York’s Wall Street. The city also houses the New York Stock Exchange, which is the largest stock exchange in the world; its capitalization is more than $30 trillion.

Not only to the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street define the city; so too do banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that the top industry in the state is finance and insurance, with revenues of $309.2 billion each year. Other high-grossing industries include real estate, rental, and leasing; which is right behind finance and insurance. Next is professional and business services, with the third-highest revenues. Educational services, healthcare, and social assistance is fourth on the earned revenues list, followed closely by information.

Finance and entrepreneurship are a natural match. One of the hottest sectors for entrepreneurs right now is “fintech”. Entrepreneurs who have entered financial services and technology are customer focused and are comfortable working with mobile technology. It’s a necessity in the current economy to make use of disrupting online and mobile platforms, even if you don’t touch cryptocurrency. These professionals are hard at work disrupting traditional industries, such as banking and insurance.

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Entrepreneurship Education in New York

An entrepreneur usually develops an idea for a new business or an innovative product or service. Once they have fully fleshed out their idea, they develop the enterprise or business into a profitable enterprise; then they can choose to manage the business while they pursue new outlets, or they may sell the business and invest their profit into something new. They are best known for always looking for a new problem to solve, either by offering a new product or service, but they are also known for facing the majority of the risks for the success or failure of the new business.

Some entrepreneurs may go to a university or community college that offers entrepreneurship degree programs, while others may have other types of business degrees. New York is an excellent setting for entrepreneurs who want to start and operate a successful business, and there are plenty of places for anyone interested in being an entrepreneur to earn an entrepreneurship degree in New York.

The actions of an entrepreneur define who and what they are. These include taking on personal risk and earning the profits of a successful business. Their willingness to assume this risk and work to fill gaps in the existing marketplace makes them a vital part of the US economy.

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Become an Entrepreneur in New York

Entrepreneurs who earn certifications or certificates from an affordable college may find that their entrepreneurial businesses and careers go farther. Because they have taken the time and trouble to complete these programs, their career outcomes may be more positive. This is because entrepreneurs must often find outside financial support for their endeavors, and those who go out of their way to prove their expertise are more likely to receive sufficient capital to succeed in their new ventures. Here are just some certificate options for entrepreneurs in the state.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Professional:

    This program, offered by the Kauffman Foundation and the US Economic Development Administration, is intended for those who work with or for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The certification offers economic development and community development approaches, along with entrepreneurship, helping to create and support the businesses and business owners.

    This certification is for professionals working at banks, investment firms, or venture capital firms; economic development organizations; chambers of commerce; entrepreneurship support organizations; institutions of higher learning; or city, county, state, or federal government agencies.

    The benefits of this certification include ongoing professional development and instruction from experienced entrepreneurs on the design and implementation of entrepreneurship-led economic development. This includes ELED strategies, interactive and hands-on training courses, and opportunities to evaluate, develop, or build on ELED strategies for the professional’s community.

  • Daymond John Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Adults:

    This certificate program offers the expertise of Shark Tank’s Daymond Johnson, who offers instruction on entrepreneurial sustainability, pitching, marketing and social media, growth strategies, branding, financing, and staff development.

  • Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

    This eight-course certification offers valuable, in-depth instruction to those entrepreneurs who are both advanced and experienced. Topics include innovation skills, current market research, and people insights. People enrolled in this program also benefit from working with Stanford coaches.

  • John F. Kennedy University Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    This six-month certificate program allows students to embark upon and complete an intensive training course on entrepreneurship topics, business plan guidance, and understanding investors and lenders, while they work one-on-one with mentors.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Computer Science?

You can choose from a variety of careers involving computer science. You can develop web-based applications, create games, or contribute to academic research. You can even create your own business by offering consultancy services or website-building services. A degree in computer science will help you develop your skills and knowledge in this area. You can join computer clubs at your university to gain valuable experience and learn more about the subject. Students can also join societies devoted to web design and multimedia. Then, when you graduate, you can build a portfolio of skills and experience.

If you'd like to enter the growing tech industry, a bachelor's degree in computer science may be the answer. This degree will give you a solid foundation in the field and lead to higher salaries. Computer science is highly valued across industries, and bachelor's degree programs often incorporate general education requirements.

Potential Careers for Cyber Security Graduates

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