Salary Negotiation - Sample Salary Questions and Answers

Listed below are questions posed by the employer and some possible responses:

Q:"What kind of salary are you looking for?"

  • A: "Before I can answer any questions about salary, I would like to learn more about the position"
  • A: "What would you offer to someone with my qualifications and potential?"
  • A: "I will consider any reasonable offer."
  • A: "I have looked at several sources of wage information. A position like this one typically makes between $40,000 and $45,000 a year."

Q:"What are your salary requirements?"

  • A: "As I understand the requirements of this position, I would be expected to do/be responsible for (examples). What is the normal salary range in this company for this type of work?

Q:"How does $30,000 sound to you?"

  • A: "Is it negotiable?"
  • A: "Hmmmmmm. That's a good initial offer.
  • A:"30,000 dollars a year...Hmmm." (followed by silence)

Q:"Why are you interested in this $15 per hour job when your last one paid $30 per hour?

  • A: "Because I am interested in changing careers/or exploring my interest in this field."
  • A: "I've heard good things about this company, and I'd like to be a part of it."
  • A: "Company downsizing/reorganizing has become a fact of life. I have made financial adjustments to stay in this line of work."
  • A: "The potential for benefits (health, 401K etc.) offset the difference in salary.

Q:"You are overqualified for this position, why would you be interested?

  • A: "At this stage of my career, it's more important for me to use my skills in an area that interests me, than to maintain my past salary level."
  • A: "I chose to make a career change and I am looking for new challenges in areas where I can use my skills. I would not expect to be at the same salary level as my past position."