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Obtaining a Higher Education Degree Should Be Exciting, Easy and Affordable

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May 11, 2023

Are Unpaid Internships Legal?

Internships often considered a rite of passage for college students. Some degree programs expect a period of unpaid work prior to graduation to learn the field and gain experience, but how are internships holding up in 2023?
May 3, 2023
highest paying trade jobs

20 Best Paying Trade Jobs for Graduates

We often think of tradespeople exclusively in the building trades, which does contain many specialized trades, but there are many high paying trade jobs in many different industries.
March 28, 2023
What is a College Minor?

What is a Minor in College and
Why You Should Earn One?

A college minor is a secondary field of study that may or may not be in the same field as your major, but why should you earn a college minor and how can a minor help you?
December 5, 2022
top paying information tech jobs

Best Paying Jobs in Information Technology

Learn about what jobs in information technology are paying the highest salary, which are in high demand and what industries need qualified information technology graduates.
December 1, 2022
how long is a college semester?

What Are College Credits?
How Are They Earned?

Credit hours are a numerical measurement system used to determine student course loads each semester. They represent a mathematical summarization of all work completed...
November 24, 2022

Best Paying Jobs in Computer Science

Computer science students can now look forward to finding job opportunities in nearly every possible industry. Learn about what jobs in computer information systems are the best paying.