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Indiana has many strengths as a state, but it is outstanding in the field of post-secondary education. An Indiana bachelor's degree is one to be proud of. Students cross state lines to attend the University of Indiana, clamor for a Notre Dame Degree, and are thrilled to attend Purdue. Those are only three examples of the educational titans that live in the Hoosier State.

The state has a well-deserved reputation for University excellence and students from the state's colleges and universities go on to power the economies in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, among many other important Midwestern cities. When you study hard in an Indiana university, you are sure to graduate with recruiters and hiring executives knocking at your door.

What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Indiana?

Since Indiana has so many top universities, you can study nearly any field you are interested in. These days, some of the hottest growth areas are in healthcare, business, and engineering. Indiana has those fields, and many more, covered. Below you'll find the most popular majors, but each university offers many variations on them and even various departments you might not even be considering at the moment. Make sure that your educational experience involves ample exploration so that you are sure to find the major that interests you.

Top Majors in Indiana

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Indiana


Cost of Indiana College Education & Salaries

When you decide that pursuing an Indiana bachelor's degree is the path for you, you should perform a cost analysis to square away some practical details. For starters, consider the overall cost of education versus your long-term earnings. It's almost certain that you will have some outstanding student loans upon graduation and that you will also be entering the job market with an entry-level salary. To help defray these costs, look into the student loan deferment program that allows you to work for either a non-profit organization, state, or federal government for a period of time without paying the loans. While your paychecks might not add up to those of your peers, your lack of student loan debt will more than make up for the shortfall.

You should also try to find an in-state public college or university. These schools are generally more affordable than private or out-of-state schools. In fact, sometimes out-of-state students pay as much as three times the tuition of their fellows. Thus, only consider out-of-state programs if they offer something truly unique that will make a significant difference in your long-term earnings.

You can also reduce the cost of your Indiana bachelor's degree by taking core courses from a local community college. Community college instructors are frequently just as well-trained as their University colleagues and they generally lead smaller classes. Thus, you can get the same or better instruction for less money. However, make sure that your community college credits will transfer to your destination university. Even when you attend an in-state community college, the credits don't always transfer, and you might end up re-taking courses or making up a shortfall in some other way.

Finally, when considering the cost of an Indiana bachelor's degree, seek out grants and scholarships. You can often receive grants via your FAFSA application, which don't need to be repaid. Then, seek out other forms of financing that don't come with interest-bearing debt. Further, even if a scholarship only pays for a fraction of your costs, it is an achievement to win and you can add that to your resume.

College Cost Analysis - Indiana vs National

Average Indiana Tuition & Fees at 4 Year Public Schools

In-State Tuition - $8,600

National – $10,000

Out-of-State – $24,200

National – $25,600

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid

Financial AidIndianaNationally
Received Federal Grants59%37.7%
Average $ per Recipient$9,686$10,927

* Institutional aid represents grant and scholarship funds directly awarded by a post-secondary institution.
* Financial aid data represents 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

Indiana College Tuition Costs Vs Salary Potential

Helping You Maximize Your Education Earnings

Indiana CollegesTuition & Fees In StateTuition & Fees Out Of stateBooks & SuppliesRoom & Board CampusRoom & Board Off CampusGraduation RateUndergrads Median Salary
University of Notre Dame$51,505$51,505$1,050$14,890$14,89096%$78,400
Chamberlain University - Indiana$19,375$19,375$600n/a$11,232n/a$58,400
Butler University$39,860$39,860$1,000$13,030$13,03075%$56,600
Valparaiso University$38,760$38,760$1,200$11,400$8,90066%$48,500
Indiana University -Bloomington$10,533$34,845$1,034$10,258$10,25877%$47,700
Devry University - Indiana$18,148$18,148$360n/a$11,23216%$44,100
Trine University$31,540$31,540$1,600$10,570$10,00056%$43,300
Earlham College$45,750$45,750$1,200$9,920$9,92069%$35,000
University of Southern Indiana$7,970$18,626$1,140$8,838$10,05039%$37,000
Indiana University - Northwest$7,207$19,038$1,176n/a$7,28424%$36,300

**Salary after attending is a median salary, your degree and field can affect your median salary.

Best Scholarships for Indiana

To make your Indiana college education more affordable, consider applying for grants and scholarships. These can help you pay for books, tuition, and sometimes your room and board. Though many won't cover a full year of tuition, much less your other expenses, it is worth it to apply. For one thing, the money won't hurt, another benefit is that they look great on your resume. If you recruit your family members in the task of researching and applying, you might be able to put a significant dent in your expenses and avoid many student loan payments later on. Do your future-self a favor and apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can.

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Indiana University's Dean's Scholarships
Amount: $1,000-$11,000
Deadline: November 1
First time first-year students are encouraged to apply for this prestigious scholarship. To qualify, you must demonstrate high academic achievement and likely you will stand out if you also have outstanding extra-curricular activities as well. For instance, you might have a 3.5 GPA and a list of volunteer positions, sporting activities, or even awards from scouting. Awards range from $1-11,000.


Provost's Scholarship
Amount: $1,000-$8,000
Deadline: November 1
This award is also for first-year students at Indiana University. You must demonstrate high academic performance, stellar extra-curricular activities, and impeccable character. While the stated standards only indicate academic performance, if you can show all three you will stand out over others who only have good grades. This scholarship will cover $1-8,000 of your college costs.


Freshmen Art & Design Scholarship
Amount: $2,500
Deadline: May 7
This scholarship is for the University of Southern Indiana and is for incoming first-year students wishing to major in Art or Education. To qualify you must submit a portfolio of 8-12 photographs compiled in a single pdf. This scholarship pays $2,500 and is the sort of award that will distinguish your resume for years to come.


Horatio Alger State Scholarship – Indiana
Amount: $10,000
Deadline: October 25 or March 15
If you have overcome significant hardships, can demonstrate financial need, and are a good student, you could win this scholarship. The award is $10,000, which would cover most of a year in an Indiana state university.


Ft. Wayne Indiana Scholarship Program
Amount: Up to $3,000
Deadline: October 27
If you a resident of the state of Indiana, enrolled as a full-time student in one of the state's four-year institutions, and are preferably studying natural sciences, a business-related field, or high technology, you could win this $3,000 award. Your cumulative GPA should be at least 2.5 and your application should include academic transcripts, an essay, and a letter of recommendation.