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Utah College Guide – What You Need to Know

Best Colleges & Universities in Utah

The University of Utah, Utah State University, and Weber State University are larger public schools in Utah that offer Utah residents a full range of majors and education for careers and further graduate training. The most well-known college in Utah is Brigham Young University, and that school is also distinguished as a global leader for the Mormon faith-based education effort. Utah colleges offer large- and small-scale settings with small private schools like Westminster College.

Utah is a large state with a relatively small population. It has some major cities and large, expansive rural areas. The state has made strides in increasing college level participation among Utah resents and in equipping young people to make sound decisions about college expenses and financing.

What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Utah?

Based on surveys of degrees granted in recent years, the most popular majors are healthcare and business. Education and computer science are close behind along with the humanities, social, and natural sciences groupings. Utah students have a high interest in healthcare, and for good reason. They may care deeply about the goal of providing access to healthcare; they may also seek thriving careers in a high growth sector of the Utah and national economy. While business degrees placed second, many business concentrations fit well with healthcare financing, administration, and insurance studies.

The Top Five Degrees in Utah:

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Utah?

Government information and private surveys have consistently shown a relationship between education and income. Holders of bachelor’s degrees can earn a million dollars more than their similar workers without a college degree over the course of a lifetime. There is a direct correlation of increasing average salaries for workers with a high school education, associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. The consistent increase in income continues with graduate degrees and professional degrees.

$27,040* $37,024* $43,472* $60,996* $72,852* $90,636*

Cost of Utah College Education & Salaries

Utah, like other states, offers a two-tier tuition structure in its public schools, colleges, and universities. The in-state rate reflects the support that the residents of Utah provide with tax dollars and other types of support. Utah public schools offer in-state rates at about 40% of the out-of-state rate.

To qualify for in-state tuition, students must meet the residency requirements. When students seek a major course of study not available in the Utah public schools, then they can use the Western Undergraduate Exchange and pay nearly the in-state rate at schools in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

College Cost Analysis - Utah vs. National

Average Utah Tuition & Fees at 4 Year Public Schools

In-State Tuition - $7,500

National – $10,230

Out-of-State – $22,000

National – $26,290

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid

The national average is 38%. The state of Utah ranks at 45%. Utah is significantly below the national average in average dollars per recipient. The difference between the national and state averages may reflect the low costs of tuition in Utah. It ranks well among the lowest in average tuition costs

Financial Aid Utah Nationally
Received Federal Grants 45% 37.7%
Average $ per Recipient $8,654 $10,927

* Institutional aid represents grant and scholarship funds directly awarded by a postsecondary institution.
* Financial aid data represents 4-year public and private non-profit schools only.

Utah College Tuition Costs Vs Salary Potential

Helping You Maximize Your Education Earnings

Utah Colleges Tuition & Fees In State Tuition & Fees Out Of State Books & Supplies Room & Board Campus Room & Board Off Campus Graduation Rate Undergrads Median Salary
University of Utah $8,884 $28,127 $1,232 $9,867 $9,936 67% $55,000
Utah State University $7,860 $21,520 $824 $7,080 $8,070 50% $53,000
Brigham Young University $5,640 $5,640 $824 $7,530 $7,530 83% $59,900
Westminster College $33,860 $33,860 $1,000 $9,244 $8,443 62% $50,700
Weber State University $5,712 $15,260 $1,200 $8,400 $8,400 33% $42,100
Utah Valley University $5,652 $16,066 $976 NA $5,690 30% $41,200

**Salary after attending is a median salary, your degree and field can affect your median salary.

Best Scholarships for Utah

Grants and scholarships are important to students seeking to attend college. The costs of college education are high and continue to rise as schools offer the majors and specialized training needed for the modern economy and workforce. Grants and scholarships provide support for tuition and expenses but do not require repayment after graduation. Students must attempt to reduce reliance on loans and other types pf repayable financial assistance, and the leading categories of this type of assistance include grants and scholarships.

  • UJ
  • SCC
  • MYM
  • RSP
  • NCS


Utah Jump$tart
Amounts: $1,250
Deadline: Varies
This contest serves two purposes to promotes student attendance at college with the least possible debt, and it awards scholarships for the best video messaging and content. This scholarship is part of a larger program of financial literacy aimed at equipping students to manage their finances at the critical early age stages of higher education. Many students in the US get burdened with student debt, and this program aims to help students make better and more cost-effective financial decisions.



StepUp to College Costs - Scholarship for 8th and 9th Graders
Amounts: $500
Deadline: April 15
This award encourages students to begin early planning for college. The users of specific planning tools can qualify for this scholarship. This program has two goals; it awards scholarship funds and promotes financial planning for college. Students should begin planning for college and applying for scholarships as early as the 8th grade. By applying the methodology and research tools in this program, all students can gain maximum exposure to education funding opportunities.



Make Your Mark - bookmark contest
Amounts: $1,000 (8 Awards)
Deadline: Varies
This annual scholarship contest uses arts, crafts, and creativity to award scholarships to eight Utah students of all ages. The scholarship can take the form of a college savings account that the student can later apply to college expenses. The contest is part of the Utah StepUp to Higher Education. It’s an outreach initiative managed by the Utah System of Higher Education with the goal of increasing the college participation rates of Utah students. The program emphasizes students and families that, due to costs and other factors, may have never considered higher education as a reachable option.

The StepUp to Higher Education initiative is made possible by a College Access Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.



Regent’s Scholarship Program
Amounts: Varies
Deadline: Varies (Previously February 1) – You must submit a FAFSA, which has its own deadline
This program is part of a larger student support effort called the Step Up to Higher Education campaign. This is a merit-based award that recognizes students that excel in a core of academic coursework and that plan to attend college in the State of Utah. The highest levels of award require a 3.5 GPA, and lower levels also require high achievement. Students must review the required courses list and the required tests including the ACVT. The application portal for classes after 2019 is


New Century Scholarship
Amounts: $1,000
Deadline: Varies (Previously February 1)
The new century scholarship is a novel approach to college education that can accelerate learning and reduce the costs of a bachelor’s degree. This scholarship helps students in the 11th and 12th grades pursue an Associate degree. Once completed, they can graduate from high school with a diploma and an associate degree. Utah colleges can accept the associate degree credits and shorten the time required for a bachelor’s degree by as much as two full years.