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Utah College Guide – What You Need to Know

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The University of Utah, Utah State University, and Weber State University are larger public schools in Utah that offer Utah residents a full range of majors and education for careers and further graduate training. The most well-known college in Utah is Brigham Young University, and that school is also distinguished as a global leader for the Mormon faith-based education effort. Utah colleges offer large- and small-scale settings with small private schools like Westminster College.

Utah is a large state with a relatively small population. It has some major cities and large, expansive rural areas. The state has made strides in increasing college level participation among Utah resents and in equipping young people to make sound decisions about college expenses and financing.

What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Utah?

Based on surveys of degrees granted in recent years, the most popular majors are healthcare and business. Education and computer science are close behind along with the humanities, social, and natural sciences groupings. Utah students have a high interest in healthcare, and for good reason. They may care deeply about the goal of providing access to healthcare; they may also seek thriving careers in a high growth sector of the Utah and national economy. While business degrees placed second, many business concentrations fit well with healthcare financing, administration, and insurance studies.

The Top Five Degrees in Utah:

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Utah?

Government information and private surveys have consistently shown a relationship between education and income. Holders of bachelor’s degrees can earn a million dollars more than their similar workers without a college degree over the course of a lifetime. There is a direct correlation of increasing average salaries for workers with a high school education, associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. The consistent increase in income continues with graduate degrees and professional degrees.

Education Level & National Average Median Compensation

$30,784* $38,792* $46,124* $64,896* $77,844* $96,772*

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