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As a leading independent education organization, we provide students with the necessary resources to prepare and plan their career path in their chosen field.

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About University Headquarters

At University Headquarters we are an industry-leading, independent educational organization. We have compiled a comprehensive set of information for students who wish to pursue a higher education. We are your all-in-one source for information on colleges, entrance requirements, and career paths. We provide career guides that will help you navigate all of the requirements to gain entry to programs, become certified, or move up the career ladder in your chosen field.

If you are unsure about your future career path, we provide information to help you research different career fields, expected earnings, employment outlook, and growth prospects.

We also provide comprehensive information on the top vocational and trade schools and careers for those seeking to pursue a quicker entry in the job market than that of a four-year program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information do you provide?

Primarily, we provide information on degrees, career options, accredited universities and programs they provide as well as financial aid.

Our degree information includes guidance on key starting points, such as pursuing questions about your individual interests to help narrow down a degree path. We list different potential careers and specific jobs based upon each degree and their typical salaries within your state. We honesty explain how long your degree program will realistically take, what requirements you need in order to be accepted in your degree field, information on accreditation of your chosen college, and what you need to succeed and advance in your field of choice.

Our career option section contains guides that help you move from thinking about entry level requirements to completing your master’s. They are comprehensive. You can download each one and use it as a checklist to enter into a degree program suited for the field, find out about required testing and submission of proof of compliance with state licensing laws, learn about typical salaries and job titles in your career path, find out what a typical day and responsibilities are for that job, and learn about advancement opportunities

We have information about universities by state, degree programs offered, and accreditation. We provide ratings of colleges provided by their own graduates.

We have financial aid information to help you quickly find the types of scholarships you need to fund your education. The financial aid section is conveniently divided into categories of type of scholarship, such as general scholarships, degree-specific scholarships as well as those for women, minorities, those in the military, and people who have disabilities.

As publishers, we recognize the critical role an editorial policy plays in maintaining the integrity and excellence of our publications. Our rankings can influence potential students' college education choices. Our staff writers and editors create articles that are written in a way to provide you with an unbiased position and provide you with the necessary details to make a more informed decision.

What other types of information do you provide?

We provide planning guides, such as a guide that helps students get ready for college, a transfer guide for students who are moving from a two-year to a four-year program or just a new school with a program they prefer.

Our financial aid section can help you figure out what types of aid you need and where to find them, whether you’re looking for scholarships, grants, work-study programs, or loans. We’ll tell you what the pros and cons of each type of funding are and how best to approach paying for college as a whole.

We provide a clearinghouse of salary data that is specific to each career and occupation as well as career outlook information, recent education news in news briefs and videos, and college reviews and ratings. As previously stated, the reviews are provided by prior graduates of the college in question.

Does your website cost us money?

No, we are an independent source of information for students pursuing higher education options and/or advancement in their career field. We will never ask you for payment of any kind for the information provided. Feel free to print our guides, browse our career listings, and search through our salary information as much as you wish. There is no charge for using our service.

How often is your website updated?

As new information comes available from colleges about their degree programs or requirements, from states about their certification requirements, or changes in scholarships and their requirements, we update our website to reflect the new information. We strive to keep our site as up to date as possible. We also provide videos and news briefs that are always current.

If you ever find anything that is out of date on our web site, or if you have any recommendations, please email us at

Where Are You Getting Salary & College Information From?

Our two primary sources for finding and providing salary related information throughout the website comes from: