Some scholarships exist purely to make certain careers more accessible. These scholarships are usually offered by organizations dedicated to research in and improvement of their specific field. These organizations help professionals network within the field and also fight for the interests of those professionals through promoting awareness or changing public policies. By offering monies to those who have an interest in and intent to enter these fields, they make it more likely that those students will become leaders. This is true for nearly every type of degree. While the majority of scholarships are for bachelor’s degrees, as they are the most common degree type, there are still examples of scholarships that run the gamut of everything that is available. Associate or doctorate, culinary or medical; these scholarships aim to bring something that might seem out of reach for some students into the realm of possibility.

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Scholarships Available Based on Degree Types

  • Academic Merit Scholarship
    Amount: $5,000
    Deadline: Varies

    This is for a student with a GPA of 3.4 or greater who is in a degree related to transportation, travel, or tourism. You must submits a 500-word essay. Two scholarships will be granted. Students are encouraged to apply if their declared major is close to the desired degree listed in the description.

  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute Fellowships
    Amount: $5,000-$15,000
    Deadline: Varies

    These scholarships are for graduate students who intend to earn their graduate degree in order to teach. Candidates must exemplify the philosophy that an educated populace will choose freedom and liberty. Writing necessary to apply for the award includes a five- to 10-page autobiography, a CV, a response to an essay question, and a five- to 10-page academic writing sample.

  • Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship
    Amount: $10,000
    Deadline: Mid-April

    This scholarship is for graduate students whose studies will lead to future work in a career field that will allow them to be a partner in protecting wildlife. Potential graduate programs that will be funded are natural resources management or public policy. Candidates must be currently enrolled in a graduate program and have demonstrated academic excellence. They must also demonstrate a commitment to long-term preservation of wildlife in the United States.

  • Bright Futures Scholarship for Early Childhood Teachers
    Amount: $1,000
    Deadline: Varies

    This scholarship is for prospective and current teachers who are in community colleges, four-year institutions, and graduate school programs that focus upon early childhood education. They award 29 scholarships per year. Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and provide writing samples detailing their career goals and a commitment to ECE. Candidates must also provide strong letters of recommendation.

  • Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program
    Amount: $9,000
    Deadline: Varies

    This program by the state of Massachusetts provides scholarships for current early childhood educators enrolled in community college, or state or private ECE programs. The award winners must continue to teach ECE in the state of Massachusetts or must pay back their grants.

  • U.S. Department of Education TEACH Grant
    Amount: 9 credit hours per year (paying the full cost of the credit hours)
    Deadline: FAFSA deadline

    This grant pays educational expenses for prospective teachers in order to allow them to get their teaching credential. In return, the teacher agrees to teach for four years in a high-need field at a low-income school, as defined by the Department of Education. If the awardee fails to meet the teaching requirement, the grant is converted to a federal student loan and must be paid back.

  • American Cancer Society Doctoral Degree Programs in Cancer Nursing
    Amount: $30,000 (Over 2 years as a $15,000/year stipend)
    Deadline: October 15

    These awards are for graduate students engaged in a doctoral program of cancer nursing research. The career goal of such candidates is careers as nurse scientists. The awards are for two consecutive years and the award may be renewed for another two years. The application process is online.

  • DAR - Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship
    Amount: $2,500
    Deadline: February 10

    This organization provides a one-time award for students in an accredited nursing program. A letter showing enrollment in an accredited program or transcripts are required. You will need to provide a letter of financial need as well. This organization has a few nursing and medical scholarships available.

  • American Meteorological Society Freshman Undergraduate Scholarships
    Amount: $1,000-$25,000
    Deadline: Varies

    This society provides a number of undergraduate fellowships and scholarships for varying amounts. The student must be preparing to study atmospheric or a related science program at their university. Applications require various materials like transcripts, letters of recommendation, and SAT or ACT test scores.

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