Accredited Schools & Colleges in Massachusetts

Massachusetts College Guide – What You Need to Know

Best Colleges & Universities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is not lacking for superior online higher education options. The state is home to the prestigious Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They all offer online degrees and courses. You will also find many other accredited alternatives for a reputable online or traditional education. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, College of Holy Cross, Williams College, Bentley University, Amherst College, Tufts University, Boston College, Wheaton College, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy are just some of the many options available.

You will find liberal arts schools, art and design schools, business schools, research universities, private schools, and public schools. Many of these outstanding higher educational institutions offer both online classes and traditional brick-and-mortar courses. These colleges and universities also offer a wide array of extracurricular activities, social events, alumni associations, networking opportunities, and job placement opportunities.

What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Massachusetts?

The most popular bachelor’s degrees in any state, and therefore the degrees that are on offer at local colleges and universities, depends greatly upon the needs of the nearby companies and economy. If you attend a liberal arts school, you will have a more standardized list of degree offerings. These include humanities, social sciences, political science, and creative arts. A technical school will offer more engineering and science-based degrees and a private school might have more diverse degree offerings, including the sciences, education, business, and nursing.

The most sought after bachelor’s degrees in Massachusetts include:

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Massachusetts

The earning potential between having a degree and not having a degree is quite staggering. Essentially, the higher the degree you complete, the greater the pay you will receive. With a high school diploma or its equivalent, you can make up to $10,000 more a year than without one. You can make roughly $6,500 more with an associate’s degree over a high school diploma. With a bachelor’s degree, you can make up to $17,500 more than an associate’s degree holder and nearly $24,000 more than someone with a high school diploma. If you complete a master’s degree, this increases to almost $36,000 more than a high school diploma. And a doctorate will earn you approximately $53,600 more each year than a high school graduate. If you want to earn more money earlier in life, or significantly more than your current position, you should consider getting a higher degree.

$27,040* $37,024* $43,472* $60,996* $72,852* $90,636*

Cost of Massachusetts College Education & Salaries

The total cost of your educational experience will drastically vary based on whether or not you are a resident of the state and awarded the option of in-state tuition or if your primary residence is outside of the state at the time of your application, in which case you’ll usually pay out-of-state rates, which are much higher. It will also vary depending upon the state in which you choose to pursue your higher education as some states have a significantly higher than average college tuition rate.

As you consider the cost of your education, it is important to review your earning potential upon completion of your degree program. Will you make enough money to be able to pay back any student loans you may require? Also, do you qualify for enough student loans if your parents are not paying for your schooling? You should also look into scholarships from the college or university of your choice, and apply to as many scholarships and grants locally, regionally, and nationally for which you qualify in order to help save you money.

Do not forget that online classes and community college courses typically offer pre-requisite classes for significantly less than their traditional counterparts. Many people choose to complete an associate’s degree in their field online or at a local community college to save money before they transfer to a four-year school. Keep in mind that you must attend a program that is regionally accredited for the best chance at a 100% credit transfer rate. Regardless of the way you pay for your education, it is important to know your debt to earning potential ratio before you select a college or university.

College Cost Analysis - Massachusetts vs National

Average Massachusetts Tuition & Fees at 4 Year Public Schools

In-State Tuition - $11,850

National – $9,970

Out-of-State – $22,848

National – $25,620

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid

According to the States Getting The Most (and Least) Federal Student Aid - 2018 Report, Massachusetts is the 11th highest ranking state with quite a bit of financial aid and grants provided to students. They provide federal student loans to roughly 263,100 students each year valued at an average of $10,855 per student loan recipient and 70% of all applicants are approved. You can see the federal grant and tuition information below:

Financial Aid Massachusetts Nationally
Received Federal Grants 33% 37.7%
Average $ per Recipient $7,963 $10,927

* Institutional aid represents grant and scholarship funds directly awarded by a postsecondary institution.
* Financial aid data represents 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

Massachusetts College Tuition Costs Vs Salary Potential

Helping You Maximize Your Education Earnings

Massachusetts Colleges Tuition & Fees, In-State Tuition & Fees, Out-Of-State Books & Supplies Room & Board Campus Room & Board Off Campus Graduation Rate Undergrads Median Salary
Massachusetts Colleges - University of Massachusetts $15,411 $15,411 $1,000 $13,658 $13,658 58.7% $55,800
Amherst- Salem State University $10,278 $16,706 $1,200 $14,746 $14,070 22% $47,700
Schools-Massachusetts Maritime Academy $8,398 $25,824 $1,000 $16,261 N/A 49.2% $67,200
Worcester State University- Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts $9,532 $15,612 $1,368 $14,830 $8,600 48.8% $48,400
Schools-University of Massachusetts $10,135 $19,080 $1,200 $13,300 $11,983 38.3% $43,800
Dartmouth $13,571 $28,285 $1,200 $14,508 $12,072 30.2% $52,100

**Salary after attending is a median salary, your degree and field can affect your median salary.

Best Scholarships for Arkansas

The state of Massachusetts and many private and public organizations offer some of the best scholarships and grants in the country. You can apply for scholarships that range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars each year. Eligible students can even apply to have all or part of their tuition waived under certain grant programs. In most cases, you will require a specific grade point average (GPA), meet a level of financial need, or plan to pursue a certain degree.

  • AMLS
  • KF
  • FOSF
  • VPC


Agnes M. Lindsay Scholarship
Amount: Varies based on need
Deadline: Unpublished
The Agnes M. Lindsay Scholarship is awarded to students from Massachusetts communities of 15,000 residents or less. This scholarship is based on financial need for those students who wish to attend any college or university in the state of Massachusetts. The student will receive the scholarship each year they enroll in 12 credit hours or more as an undergraduate. You can apply for this scholarship if you are pursuing a degree program or a certificate program.



Kelley Foundation
Amount: $100 to $3,000
Deadline: Unpublished
The Kelley Foundation dedicates an annual scholarship for a permanent resident of Barnstable County wishing to pursue a career in the medical field. The student must have plans to practice medicine in Barnstable County upon completion of their degree program. Applicants must require financial assistance and meet academic requirements. The foundation awards several scholarships annually. While the scholarship is not renewable, previous applicants can apply each year for the opportunity to receive the scholarship throughout their entire education until the license for medical practice is complete.


Massachusetts Public Service Grant Program
Amount: $2,500
Deadline: May 1
The Massachusetts Public Service Grant Program is a state-funded grant for any resident of Massachusetts who intends to pursue higher education at a private or public university within the state. All applicants must be a spouse or child of military personnel who went missing or were killed in the line of duty. The scholarship is renewable each year throughout the period of time in which a student is enrolled as an undergraduate. You can be either a part-time or full-time student.



The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
Amount: $10,000 - $40,000
Deadline: December 1
If you work on a golf course in Massachusetts as a caddie, course superintendent operations, pro shop operations, bag room, practice range, cart storage area, locker room, or in the on-course snack shack, you could be eligible to receive part of The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund. The scholarships are also awarded on a financial need basis. Both men and women are eligible.



Valley Press Club
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: April 1
The Valley Press Club offers five scholarships for student residents in Massachusetts. Eligible applicants must pursue a degree in the journalism field. Residents must be from the four western counties in the state. Each scholarship will be offered in a different sector of the industry, such as broadcast journalism, sports journalism, print journalism, and photojournalism. You will require letters of recommendation, an essay, the financial aid form, and a resume.