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Alabama College Guide – What You Need to Know

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The State of Alabama is one of the least populous states of the Union. It is part of the Deep South with strong rural and agricultural traditions. The educational choices for online and on-campus programs are broad and varied. The state has traditional schools with reputations for achievement and vast alumni communities. Alabama also has some of the leading land-grant and historically Black research institutions. Tuition costs are below the national average at many of the leading Alabama schools, and the costs of living in Alabama are typically at or less than regional averages. The below-listed institutions reflect the depth and diversity of higher education in the state of Alabama.

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What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Alabama?

Trends are powerful influences in degree selection and economic growth can create greater demands in one or more fields of study. The nation continues to recognize greater needs in the health professions as the population ages, and nursing and similar fields, experience increasing demands. The agriculture and agribusiness fields represent the second most common majors in Alabama; then come communications and journalism.

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Alabama?

There is a strong correlation between income and education in the US economy. In Alabama, as in the US as a whole, persons with no high school diploma have the lowest median annual earnings and those with doctoral level degrees have the highest median level of salaries or earnings. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), persons with no high school diploma earn about 38 cents for every dollar earned by a bachelor’s degree holder. The bachelor’s degree median earnings more than double the median salary of a person without a high school diploma.

The below-listed items from a LinkedIn member survey describe the relative salaries on a national scale for education and salary-level.

Education Level & National Average Median Compensation

$30,784* $38,792* $43,024* $64,896* $77,844* $96,772*

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