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Alaska College Guide – What You Need to Know

Best Colleges & Universities in Alaska

Alaska is a huge landmass, but it has one of the smallest populations in the United States. It's no surprise then that they have so few colleges. There is the rather small University of Alaska system that maintains three campuses, and then Alaska Pacific University, which is a small private institution. If you wish to expand your educational horizons, you can take advantage of the Western Undergraduate Exchange, which provides out-of-state tuition to students from member states at a reduced price. Through WUE, you can attend college in California, any state on the western seaboard, and twelve other states. You can even study in Guam or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

What are the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Alaska?

Alaskans are seeking the same thing that students in other states desire: satisfying, stable careers. Their academic opportunities reflect the needs and desires of both incoming students and the state in general. For instance, you can find an associate degree in Outdoor Leadership at Prince William Sound College or you could get a degree in Alaska Native Studies from Kenai Peninsula College. Both degrees can be springboards to brilliant Alaskan careers. That said, some of the most popular bachelor's degrees in Alaska are not unlike what you might find in the Lower 48 or elsewhere. Here's a brief list:

Some of the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in Alaska include:

How Much Can You Make by Having a Degree in Alaska

$23,480 $36,100 $52,830 $72,830 $68,090 $103,820

Cost of Alaska College Education & Salaries

Before you embark on a college education, you want to make sure that the money you are spending will be worthwhile. This is all the more important when you will probably have to repay this money with interest starting about six months after graduation. The statistics would indicate that education expenditures are indeed worthwhile. That is, the more you spend on education, the higher your salary rises, and the likelihood of job satisfaction also increases.

In fact, some professions are absolutely unapproachable if you don't have an education. Health Science careers, for instance, are almost entirely dependent on your educational level. You'll also need to pass state board exams and otherwise qualify for licensure, but you can't begin to think about that without meeting some minimum academic standards, often a master's degree.

You can mitigate some of your costs, however, by attending community colleges for your core curriculum and applying for scholarships. Since many of the Western States have sparse populations and thus few colleges, they have an agreement where you can attend an out-of-state institution for a reduced rate. Schools that fall under the Western Undergraduate Exchange can only charge a maximum 150% of in-state tuition to Alaskan students. By comparison, if you attend a public university outside of those states, you could pay 200% or more of their standard in-state tuition.

College Cost Analysis - Alaska vs National

Average Alaska Tuition & Fees at 4 Year Public Schools

In-State Tuition - $12,970

National – $14,262

Out-of-State – $15,246

National – $18,451

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid

Alaskan students receive federal student aid at higher rates than the national average. However, each individual student doesn’t tend to receive quite as large a boost from their financial aid as the seen around the rest of the nation. This means that, while you might be able to get approved for financial aid, you need to be proactive in looking for scholarships and other aid right from the start.

Financial Aid Arizona Nationally
Received Federal Grants 47% 37.7%
Average $ per Recipient $9,538 $10,927

College Tuition Costs Vs Salary Potential

Helping You Maximize Your Education Earnings

Alaska Colleges Tuition & Fees In State Tuition & Fees Out Of state Books & Supplies Room & Board Campus Room & Board Off Campus Graduation Rate Grads Median Salary
University of Alaska Anchorage $12,680 $12,680 $1,608 $11,962 $11,728 24% $45,400
Alaska Pacific University 18413 18413 $1,200 $7,900 $15,100 50% $40,200
University of Alaska Southeast $6,828 $19,533 $1,400 $9,200 $10,872 20% $36,000
University of Alaska Fairbanks $6,262 $19,183 $2,000 $8,730 $12,500 27% $38,700
Alaska Career College $15,340 $15,340 n/a n/a $13,030 71% $31,200
Ilisagvik College $3,820 $3,820 $800 $13,000 $11,750 34% n/a

**Salary after attending is a median salary, your degree and field can affect your median salary.

Best Scholarships for Alaska

To help defray the cost of college, seek out a scholarship that can ease the strain on your finances. If you have good grades, good character, and some interesting public service, or other extra-curricular activities, it's worth it to apply to as many as you can. For one thing, many people won't take the initiative to seek scholarship money. Then, even if you win a small sum, you can add the award to your resume. Recruiters and hiring managers will be impressed, and they don't need to know that the scholarship barely covered the cost of books for a semester. Here is a brief list of scholarships to help you earn an Alaskan degree:

  • APCS
  • RPMS
  • RHS
  • EM


UAA Alaska Kidney Foundation Scholarship
If you are attending University of Alaska Anchorage with the intention of becoming a nurse, you should consider applying for this scholarship. The Kidney Foundation seeks to support budding nurses in hopes that they will provide safe and effective kidney treatments to patients suffering from kidney disease. You will need to have been an Alaska resident for three years prior to applying and be fully enrolled in a nursing degree program that will result in an RN license.



Alaska Press Club Scholarships
Budding journalists who are attending a University of Alaska school should apply for this scholarship. Not only will it help defray tuition or other costs from your education bill, but when future editors see this award, they are sure to be pleased. Even editors in other states may recognize the name and bring you in to interview. To apply, all you need is to demonstrate merit, need, and some outstanding achievement in a specialized field.


Roy Pedersen Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship awards up to $2,000 to a student who has a minimum 2.0 GPA and who is ideally a graduate of an Alaska high school. This is a sports scholarship, however, and you must demonstrate skill in cross-country skiing as well as a desire to be an intercollegiate competitor for UAA.


Roger Hickel Scholarship
Construction Management students are eligible to win this $1,000 award. You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be attending UAA.


Kay Fanning Memorial Journalism Scholarship
If you endeavor to the noble calling of journalism, this scholarship can offset a minimum sum of $5,000 per year for 4 successive years. You can maintain the scholarship for the duration of your college career, provided that you maintain a 2.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and remain in the school of journalism and communication. The award does not have a limit on the number of recipients, so they will receive many applications.


Excellence in Music
Incoming first-year students to University of Alaska Anchorage who are enrolled in a Bachelor of Music, Performance, or Education program can apply for this $500 scholarship. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate musical ability, motivation, as well as leadership potential. This demanding scholarship will be a tremendous feather in any student's cap long after graduation.

There are many, many more scholarships available through the University of Alaska Anchorage and other Alaskan schools and professional organizations. There is likely one that suits your particular academic interests, financial needs, and leadership goals.