University Headquarters Presents a New Approach to College Degree Student Resources

University Headquarters is a new website, recently released, which is a one-stop resource where students discover and research a wide range of degrees, careers, funding sources, colleges, and even salaries. The encyclopedic site covers degree choice and career path with clarity and specific, actionable information that seeks to inform and prompt students to reflect on what mattes to them. The site answers all the questions students have about their future and gives them ways to achieve their educational and career goals. From the full range of healthcare occupations to cutting edge technical and business careers, covers it all.

The site sets itself apart by not only providing the hard facts related to achieving a degree or license, which it does in great detail, but it shows the human side of education. One of the chief characteristics of each section in the website is the focus on continuing education. The site also presents students with educational options including online degrees, technical and career schools, the full range of academic degrees, and professional certifications.

Focus on Lifelong Learning

The site prepares students for the reality of continuing education to maintain a certification, and the inevitability of graduate school. It presents these as options and opportunities rather than foregone conclusions. After reading through the information on the site, students will see that they can create a career that reflects their personal desires and goals.

University HQ is the result of months of research, writing, and editing on some of the most important questions students have. For instance, students can discover why they should consider being an elementary school teacher and then they can discover how to go about obtaining a certification or license in their state. The site also prompts student self-reflection on their desires and motivations for each profession.

A University Headquarters writer, said about the site, “It is comprehensive. We dug deep into the licensing requirements for professionals in the United States.” He continued, saying, “Not only will students discover how to enter a profession with a license, but they will discover why they should pursue that path. We took a closer look at the human side of degrees and careers. After all, not everyone will find happiness as a Forensic Accountant, Nurse, or Systems Analyst.”

State by State Information

University HQ breaks down college choices according to state. Students in all 50 states can research the most popular degrees in their peer group and the careers associated with those degree options. The site also provides information that leads them to the best schools for those degrees.

Once students have an idea of what degree and school to pursue, the site presents creative ways to reduce college costs while maximizing educational value. For instance, University HQ includes information on degree-specific scholarships, tips for taking community college courses, and ways to build a career in steps, gradually adding education with experience to build the best possible career. There is even a comprehensive guide to federal student loans and additional ways to pay for college.

A Holistic View of Education

Since students are excited to start studying, learning, and growing, the site provides in-depth information regarding coursework and even elective courses that could benefit a budding professional. For instance, the entry on Systems Analysts encourages students to not only study the analytical side of their job, but how to communicate knowledge in written and verbal ways.

The goal is to provide a holistic view of education. It always helps to have a well-rounded and interdisciplinary approach. That’s the next wave in higher education.

When it comes to finances, University Headquarters is there for students. The site provides detailed information regarding entry level, mid-career, and late career salaries in a wide range of occupations. The site’s authors also include university costs that are broken down to include tuition, books, and living expenses. On top of this, school listings include average graduate salaries.

University HQ will stand as the ultimate resource for college students. Site manager, Christian Jacobs plans to keep the site updated with fresh information regarding degrees, careers, and student aid as the company moves move forward. First seen published on PRWeb for University Headquarters.