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What’s an Online Job Board?

These days, we turn to the Internet for everything, but one of the revolutionary advances of the early internet was the job search site. With the new technology, you could easily sift through tons of job listings. If you were considering a move, you could even search for jobs in your new town, without even reading their newspaper.

Now, we hardly think of using printed classified ads as part of our job search. Rather, we upload our resumes to one or more job search sites and await the results. We can stipulate whether we want a remote working job, standard office work, or any other stipulation we might have. The convenience appears miraculous, as we can filter out many jobs that probably wouldn't suit us. However, there are so many job search websites these days that we need a way to sort through them all. This page is dedicated to helping you in your online job search.

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Consider Using “Advanced Search Options”

Search engines have become more and more robust. While many still allow you to search by job type and city, thus providing the most comprehensive jobs list possible, you should consider using the advanced search option that most offer. These options allow you to narrow things down so that your search results are tailored to your needs.

For instance, if you do not want to travel for work, some search engines allow you to indicate your willingness to travel. Since there are a million variables involved in job searches, some allow you to add keywords to further customize your search. For instance, you might be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, but you need to indicate that you only need results regarding acute care. Advanced searches allow you to enter keywords that indicate your specific job needs. Consider looking up simple Boolean search modifiers to allow you to make the most of this.

Online Job Search Tips

  • Be Specific:
    You know what you want. You've been in your field for a multiple years. When you sit down to search an employment website, make sure your search criteria are specific enough to capture what you need. On the other hand, consider opening up your criteria to allow a few jobs that you might not otherwise consider.
  • Create a New Email Account:
    This strategy will help in a number of ways. Your new address ensures that your email address is professional and that you won't inadvertently end up with loads of spam in your personal account. If you don't wish to be burdened with switching accounts, you can set the new account to automatically forward to your personal account. When you land your dream job, all you need to do is change the forwarding setting and use the account only when you mount a new job search.
  • Tailor Your Resume According to Job Type:
    Some sites allow you to set up multiple profiles for different jobs. That is, your skills and experience might fit multiple job descriptions, so you'll need to tailor your resume to best fit each job type. You can likely give each profile a title that reflects its specific goal.
  • Sharpen Your Skills:
    It's never too late to learn or sharpen skills. If there are skills in your "toolkit" that you haven't used much in recent years, consider taking an online course to get back up to speed. You might also learn something new.
  • Computer Skills Pay:
    These days, computer code is everywhere so look into learning at least one computer language. HTML is a great place to start. It is relatively easy, there are many cheap and free educational resources available, and you will likely find that it's useful when putting together a website for work or fun.
  • Personal Website:
    Your resume tells part of the story, use a website to flesh things out a bit. You can write blog posts relative to your industry or specialty. Plus, you can add a personal touch by reviewing your favorite movies or vacation spots.

Best Job Search Websites


  • Monster:
    They were among the earliest job search engines on the World Wide Web. Monster has a good, advanced search engine and a positively enormous jobs database.
  • CareerBuilder:
    Another of the older job search sites, their search feature is rather basic, but their overall popularity should result in comprehensive search results.
  • FlexJobs:
    This is a pay subscription service that tends to attract highly motivated candidates. The site offers skills tests, a comprehensive advanced search feature, and loads of helpful tools and information.
    This site is touted by many as the #1 job search site around. You can filter search results according to location, salary, experience level, and more.
  • LinkedIn:
    This site is used for many different purposes, including blogging and social media. However, you can also find top employers in your area. What was once a networking site has naturally evolved to a virtual recruiter.


    A site that allows you to search for internships based on a variety of criteria that can help you find the perfect internship in your area, or wherever you are bound after college. While there are a number of websites that can help you find an internship, this is often considered the best.


    If you are an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary, or law clerk, you can find a great job with this specialized resource. If you're in the legal services industry, this site just might be for you.
    You can search for your next legal job by practice area, location, and specific title. No matter if you are an experienced patent attorney or a docket specialist, you will find jobs here.

IT/Technology-focused Professionals

  • TechCareers:
    This is specifically for software developers, programmers, and other high-tech workers. The advanced search function should weed out the gigs you don't want and help you land your dream job.
    This site takes the random chance out of your tech job search. This site is more than just a search site, but an industry resource. This site also offers both informative blog posts and educational resources to keep you advancing in your career.

Professional Careers

Accounting Professionals

    Accountants from all specialties and with any experience level can search this specialized database and find the next perfect job.
  • AccountingJobsToday:
    Accounting Jobs Today is more than just a job board, we’re a place where accounting and finance professionals come together to share ideas, get the latest career tips, information and resources all in one place.

Teaching Professionals

  • HigherEdJobs:
    If you are a college professor, or wish to teach in a college, this is the site for you. You can find all sorts of teaching opportunities, including online, community colleges, adjunct, and part-time, too.
  • TopSchoolJobs:
    If you are seeking the full scope of education jobs, private and public, in any school district nationwide, this is the resource for you. If the job is in the educational sector, this site has it.

Healthcare Professionals

    No matter what part of the healthcare industry you work in, this site will have a position for you. Their database is quite comprehensive and covers not only all job types, but very small markets, too.
  • HealtheCareers:
    Clinicians of all sort use this comprehensive database to find jobs. The search function allows you to sort results according to specialty, location, benefits packages, and even specific employers.

Sales Professionals

    This job search site is for sales professionals across all industries. Enter your keywords and your desired location and the search engine is bound to find multiple job prospects for you.
  • SalesGravy:
    You can search sales jobs nationwide on this specialized website. You won't need to worry about inaccurate search results. These leads are hot!

The Gig Economy

What is Freelancing?

Freelancer is a term used for an independent contractor. Freelancing offers workers lots of freedom and flexibility in their working lives. They can forge specialties that they can apply to full-time, scheduled jobs, or they might travel the world as remote workers. While many freelancers work online to a certain degree, others work more hands-on jobs such as dog walkers, painters, or photographers.

What is a freelance Jobs Website?

A freelance jobs website is a job search site that caters to short-term or non-employee workers. Some specialize in specific areas, such as information technology or writing, while others are more general. Some sites that are favored by freelancers also post jobs for long-term, permanent employment.

There are also sites that screen and work with freelancers. These operate more on an employment agency model. If a company has a project for which there is no employee available, they might post the project and let independent workers post bids. The key to landing a bid is not necessarily the lowest prices, but also evidence of high-quality work.

Various Specialties

There are sites that cater specifically to particular types of work, such as writing, graphic arts, IT, accounting, or photography. Often these sites provide multiple services, such as writing and editing, that offer clients added assurances. Clients can often search these sites to find the workers who will best suit their needs.

If you are a member of a professional association, you should check out their website. Many associations include proprietary job listings. If you send your resume to an employer from this site, they will automatically know that you're a member of the association, which should work in your favor.

If you are looking for work, most general job search sites allow you to refine job searches and even save those searches. For instance, an accountant might have searches saved that focus on tax accounting, another for forensic accounting, and a third for logistics.