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What is Web Development?

The demand for web developers is rising as employers seek a highly skilled and experienced group of developers to build all kinds of websites and applications. And degree-offering web development colleges offer training that helps graduates secure jobs in a variety of industries. These programs prepare students to enter the competitive job market and pursue careers in areas such as programming, coding, graphics, and multimedia.

Graduates of web development program should be equipped with an understanding of technology, problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. They are also able to earn multiple certifications, which are important to employers. Many schools across the country offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in information technology, including web development. Students may select from a variety of specialized concentrations such as cybersecurity, networking, or a combination of these and other options. In addition, many graduates work for large corporations or government agencies.

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Online Web Development Education in Colorado

When most people think of a web developer, they think of a person who builds websites. However, this profession also includes many other aspects. For instance, they may work with other teams within the company to build and maintain web applications. They also must understand the technology of the Internet and use specialized tools and technologies.

But it is true that the main goal of a web developer is to ensure that your website functions properly. They may troubleshoot issues that arise, test the new elements on your site, and create new content on a regular basis. Web developers may specialize in either front-end or back-end development. Front-end developers focus on the user interface of a website, while back-end developers work on the logic behind a website's functionality.

While there are no specific educational requirements, many employers prefer applicants with a degree in a related field. For example, a degree in computer science or information technology can provide a good foundation for a career in web development. There are also certifications available in the industry. These may help you stand out at an interview and demonstrate your technical knowledge.

Online Associate Degree in Web Development (AS)

An associate degree in web development is an ideal educational path for students looking to launch a career in the ever-growing world of web development. With advances in technology, more and more businesses are relying on web developers to create interactive websites and applications that suit their needs. An associate degree program provides the foundational knowledge needed to enter this field, as well as hands-on experience with emerging technologies.

At a web development college, students can expect to learn core concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. They'll also gain exposure to various design principles used in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Moreover, they'll develop a portfolio of projects that demonstrate their understanding of these skillsets.

Online Bachelors Degree in Web Development (BS)

A bachelor’s degree in web development is an invaluable asset for anyone looking to pursue a career in the web development field. With technology and web design becoming increasingly important components of many businesses, earning this degree can open up new opportunities and job roles. For those interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree, there are many colleges that offer accredited programs and even accept credit transfers for those who have already completed a web development associate degree.

When researching which college to attend, it’s important to look into online programs as well as on-campus options. By attending an online program, you can often save money and still receive the same quality education as if you were attending an on-campus program. Additionally, by completing your degree online you may be able to take classes at your own pace while continuing with your current job or other responsibilities.

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Online Masters Degree in Web Development (MS)

A master's degree in web development can help individuals gain the qualifications to become proficient in a wide range of web-related skills. With this advanced education, graduates are prepared for careers as website developers, computer programmers, webmasters, and more. Colleges and universities around the country offer degree programs that provide students with an educational background in modern web technologies.

From online courses to specialized training programs, students have many options when it comes to earning a master's degree in web development. Individuals can choose to specialize their studies in areas such as user interface design, database management, or mobile app design. Additionally, most colleges will provide classes that teach the fundamentals of HTML5 and JavaScript programming languages as well as other cutting-edge technologies.

Online PhD Degree in Web Development (PhD)

For those looking to move into a higher-level career or even into academia, a PhD in Web Development can be a great way to gain advanced skills and knowledge while preparing yourself for the classroom. Web development is an ever-growing and complex field, requiring expertise in areas such as coding languages, design principles, and system architecture. With a PhD in web development, students will become experts in their chosen field and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real world projects.

There are numerous colleges that offer programs specifically designed to help students achieve their goals of earning a PhD in web development. These degree programs provide students with the necessary skills they need to build websites and applications while also exploring topics related to security, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Depending on the college or university offering these degrees, classes may range from basic web development concepts all the way through more advanced topics like machine learning algorithms or natural language processing.

Online Web Development Certifications

Web Development Certifications are an effective way to increase knowledge and skills related to web development. Individuals interested in a career in the field of web development may want to consider obtaining a certification, as it can give them an edge over those who do not have one. It’s also beneficial for individuals already working in the industry as it helps them stay current on trends and technologies associated with web development.

Certifications are available from various organizations, including the International Webmasters Association (IWA) and Microsoft's Certified Professional Developer program (MCP). These certifications cover topics such as HTML coding, CSS design, user interface design, content management systems, search engine optimization, and more. The IWA offers courses that are designed for both beginner and advanced level students so that they can obtain their certification at any stage of their career.

Become a Web Developer in Colorado

Web development colleges offer degree programs designed to give students a strong foundation in programming and coding so they can enter the industry with confidence. Here are some steps on how to become a successful web developer.

  • Step 1: Attend an accredited college or university

    Attending an accredited college or university is the best way to pursue a web development degree. At an accredited college, students can be assured that their curriculum meets the high standards of quality and excellence set forth by professional organizations. College-level education provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and build relationships with professors, peers, and industry professionals who will help them succeed in their chosen field. With an array of flexible learning options available, including online programs and traditional classroom settings, attending an accredited college or university is a great option for those interested in pursuing a career in web development.

  • Step 2: Consider obtaining a professional certification

    If you're considering a career in web development and design, one of the best ways to give yourself an edge is to obtain a professional certification from a respected organization. Professional certifications can provide valuable industry knowledge and recognition that will serve you well as you pursue job opportunities or advance your current position. Certifications are available for many aspects of web development and design including coding languages such as HTML, Java Script and PHP; software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Dreamweaver; and general topics like website usability or search engine optimization (SEO). Earning a certification demonstrates that you possess specialized skills related to the topic you studied. Certification courses also tend to be more affordable than degree programs, making them ideal for those who are interested in learning more about web development but don't have the time or resources for full-time education.

  • Step 3: Gain experience through internships or entry-level jobs

    Internships can provide students with valuable insight into the world of web development and teach them how to apply their educational knowledge in real-world scenarios. An internship can also give prospective employers an idea of how well a potential candidate understands the technical aspects of web development and their problem-solving skills. Entry-level jobs may offer more hands-on experience than internships as they require full-time commitment.

  • Step 4: Network and build relationships with people in the industry

    Networking and building relationships is an important part of succeeding in the web development industry. Developing relationships with people inside and outside your field can open new opportunities, as well as helping you stay informed on the latest trends and advancements within the web development world. Making connections with other professionals in similar positions will create a support system for enhance learning, idea sharing, troubleshooting, and more. Furthermore, having good business contacts can also provide career advice on how to move forward in the industry. Connecting with experienced professionals who have gone through similar paths can offer valuable insight that could be difficult to obtain elsewhere. By reaching out to people already established in the industry or attending networking events like conferences or meet-ups, you’ll be able to make meaningful connections that are essential for furthering your knowledge base and advancing your career.

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What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Web Development?

A bachelor's degree in web development is a great way to kick start your career in the dynamic world of web development. With this degree, you'll have a wide range of options available to you, from building websites and apps to working as an IT consultant or even starting your own business. In addition, a bachelor's degree in this field will give you the skills and knowledge needed to work with different computer languages and platforms, design user interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, and create innovative solutions for the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career as an independent web developer or working for a company who specializes in website development; with a web development bachelor’s degree, you'll be equipped with the skills necessary for success.

Potential Careers for Web Development Graduates

  • Game Developer:

    A game developer is responsible for designing, creating, and testing video games. They may work for a larger gaming company or go out on their own to publish a labor of love.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field
    • 2+ years of experience in game development
    • Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Java, and HTML5
    • Knowledge of game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4
    • Ability to troubleshoot technical issues

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers in the US in 2021 was $109,020
    • The mean annual wage for software developers in Colorado is $120,140
  • Database Administrator:

    A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s database systems to ensure optimal performance, controlling permissions for those who use the data, and ensuring that all data accessed is accurate and up to date.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
    • Knowledge of database principles, technologies, and design concepts
    • Experience with various DBMS platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
    • Excellent problem-solving skills
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for database administrators and architects in the US in 2021 was $101,000
    • The mean annual wage for database administrators in Colorado is $98,780
  • Computer User Support Specialist:

    A computer user support specialist is responsible for providing technical support and assistance to computer users. They may aid workers in a specific department or throughout a company and they may also carry out other IT functions as part of the larger IT department.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
    • Experience in providing technical support to computer users
    • Proficiency in operating systems, network technologies, and computer software
    • Knowledge of troubleshooting techniques for hardware and software related issues
    • Excellent communication skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for computer support specialists in the US in 2021 was $57,910
    • The mean annual wage for computer user support specialists in Colorado is $65,270
  • Computer Systems Designer:

    A computer systems designer is responsible for designing, developing, and integrating computer systems to meet the needs of a variety of clients. They are responsible for ensuring the systems are secure, reliable, and efficient.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
    • Proven experience in computer system design and development
    • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++
    • Excellent problem-solving skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for computer systems analysts in the US in 2021 was $99,270
    • The mean annual wage for computer systems analysts in Colorado is $110,080
  • Software Developer:

    A software developer is responsible for writing, testing, and maintaining software applications.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field
    • Proficient in coding languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc
    • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers in the US in 2021 was $109,020
    • The mean annual wage for software developers in Colorado is $120,140
  • Front-end Developers:

    A front-end developer is responsible for creating and improving web interfaces and user experiences by coding and programming the front-end of websites and applications; this is the side that will be seen by users.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field preferred
    • 3+ years of experience in front-end development
    • Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other client-side frameworks
    • Knowledge of usability principles and responsive design
    • Experience with version control

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for web developers and digital designers in the US in 2021 was $78,300
    • The mean annual wage for web developers in Colorado is $87,310
  • UX Researcher:

    A UX researcher will be responsible for conducting user research and usability testing to inform design decisions and improve the user experience of digital products.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Sociology or a related field
    • Proven experience in conducting user research with a variety of methodologies
    • Experience in analyzing data from multiple sources (qualitative & quantitative)

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for market research analysts in the US in 2021 was $63,920
    • The mean annual wage for market research analysts and marketing specialists in Colorado is $80,980
  • Management, Technical, and Scientific Consulting Services:

    A management, technical, or scientific consulting specialist is responsible for providing clients with expert advice on business strategy, technical issues, and scientific research related to their areas of interest or need.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in business or a related field
    • 5+ years of professional experience in management, technical, or scientific consulting services
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for management analysts in the US in 2021 was $93,000
    • The mean annual wage for management analysts in Colorado is $98,670

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