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What is Business Administration?

A business administrator is a respected professional who oversees the operations of a company, making sure that everything is always running smoothly. The best business administrators ensure that a company consistently meets its business goals.

During a typical day, business administrators have many responsibilities that they handle, though some of the specifics will depend on your specific job title, the industry in which you work, and the size of the company where you are employed. Business administrators are often supposed to improve employee performance, monitor budgets, communicate with suppliers, promote optimal efficiency, recruit staff, and coordinate business meetings. Most business administrators work closely with a company’s senior-level executives.

These professionals generally need the following skills to be successful: teamwork, general administrative, communication, organization, problem solving, budget management, and technology.

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Business Administration Education in Louisiana

In Louisiana, professional and business services is ranked as one of the state’s top three industries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Not only are professional business services an extremely lucrative industry in the state, but the field is also experiencing steady job growth during these uncertain times.

To ensure that recent business graduates meet the demand for the steady increase in jobs, many colleges in Louisiana are offering business administration degrees with a wide variety of concentrations. When students enroll in a business administration degree program in this state, they can choose one of the following as a concentration: economics, finance, general business, management, marketing, business analytics, international business, or entrepreneurship.

Though the state may experience some job market changes in the coming months and years, students who receive a business administration degree from a Louisiana college will be prepared to excel in a number of positions in the professional and business service industry.

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Associate Degree in Business Administration (ABA)

The primary purpose of an associate business administration degree is to introduce students to the business world, preparing them for many entry-level employment opportunities. Associate degrees are usually 60-credit hour programs taken by business students who will complete classes in business communication, internet technology, financial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and software applications.

When students graduate with this degree, they’ll be able to operate office equipment, manage databases, generate reports, develop spreadsheets, and collaborate with vendors. After providing support for managerial personnel for a few years, business professionals with an associate business administration degree will probably have the necessary skills to get into administration.

Many colleges and universities that offer these degrees in Louisiana also offer online associate business administration programs or courses. Whether they complete this degree online or on campus, business students who graduate from these programs will be able to pursue a bachelor’s business administration degree at a four-year public university.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA)

A bachelor’s business administration degree is the preferred choice for business students who want to obtain a management position after working in the business field for a few years or less.

These programs emphasize operational management, microeconomic analysis, administrative policy, dividend analysis, legal/ethical issues, and information systems. In addition, the program will provide students with practical business skills, from customer service, ethical decision-making, and management to problem solving, consulting, and negotiation. Bachelor’s business administration degrees are available as on-campus and distance education programs in many higher education institutions in Louisiana. Students will need to complete 120 credit hours to receive this degree.

Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

The overarching objective of a master’s business administration degree or MBA is to provide a premium graduate education for students who would like to enter management. A master’s business administration degree or MBA from a graduate school are equivalent programs that can successfully prepare business students for a wide range of careers in management, from healthcare management to project management and much more.

Over the course of these graduate programs, business students may take important courses such as Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Global Perspectives in Management. These courses ultimately prepare business students to become extremely knowledgeable leaders who engage in ethical decision-making.

PhD Degree in Business Administration (DBA)

While a PhD or doctorate degree in business administration isn’t a requirement for a management position, business administration professionals who have a strong desire to work in academia or research should definitely consider pursuing one of these graduate programs. The graduate programs of this type in Louisiana feature many doctoral faculty members who have been widely recognized for their incredible research.

During the course of these excellent graduate programs, students will have the opportunity to serve as research and teaching assistants. These opportunities will ensure that students are prepared to perform groundbreaking research and teach many business administration topics when they complete their degree.

Students who receive a PhD/doctorate degree in business administration will be able to publish their research in academic papers. They will also be qualified to serve on prominent editorial boards.

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Become a Business Administrator in Louisiana

These are the specific steps to becoming a business administration professional in Louisiana.

  • Complete a Business Administration Degree in Louisiana

    The first step to becoming a business administration professional in Louisiana is to obtain a business administration degree. An associate business administration degree typically only takes a couple of years to complete, and it will help students determine whether or not they will enjoy a career in the business administration field.

    A bachelor’s business administration degree is the ideal program for students who would like to quickly obtain a managerial position after working a couple of years in the business administration field. A master’s business administration degree is specifically designed for business students who want to qualify for an extensive array of careers in management. And a PhD or doctorate degree in business administration is highly recommended for business professionals with strong aspirations to work in research or academia.

  • Obtain an Internship

    A great way to gain an extremely competitive edge in the business field is to complete an internship in the field. Students who are enrolled in a business administration program usually have many opportunities to participate in internships. Many colleges partner with local companies so that students can easily receive on-the-job work experience.

    In addition to providing students with practical work experience, an internship can give them academic credit. Many students have also obtained professional connections and professional development by completing an internship.

  • Select a Career in the Business Administration Field

    Once students acquire their degree and/or on-the-job experience, they should start thinking about their ideal careers in the business administration field. When it comes to business administration, there are many different industries that have positions which fall under this umbrella. Many business administration graduates work for non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and in the private sector. As business administration professionals, they can also work as entrepreneurs.

    While business students should definitely have a dream career in mind before searching for a job, they should know that many business fields intersect with each other, so it may be relatively easy for them to switch careers in the future.

  • Acquire Industry Certifications

    Depending on their dream career, future business administration professionals may need to acquire certain certifications. In order to become a financial planner, business students need to obtain the certified financial planner certification. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. currently awards qualified candidates with this prominent certification.

    The Project Management Professional Certification is recommended for people who want to become a project manager in Louisiana. Business administration professionals with this certification have the necessary skills to lead and manage projects successfully.

    A digital marketing certificate is designed for business administration professionals who want to set themselves apart from the competition. One top Louisiana college offers specialist certificates in Facebook digital marketing. For aspiring accounting associates, a certificate in accounting will definitely lead to many job opportunities. Students must successfully complete several courses to qualify for this certification.

    A Certified Administrative Professional certification is for experienced business administrative professionals who want to advance in their career. The certification can be obtained through the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

    No matter your professional goals, you should research available certifications and see if any of them will help you achieve success in your chosen field.

  • Join Professional Business Administration Organizations

    The most successful business administration professionals are involved with professional organizations. Here are just some of your options within your state and national options.

    • The Louisiana Federation of Business & Professional Women is the ideal organization for female business administration professionals who want to connect with a diverse group of women. The organization truly wants its members to be extremely successful, whether they work for a company or own a small business.
    • The Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business is another organization that female business administration professionals can join. The primary mission of this organization is to encourage its members to be leaders in government and business.
    • The American Society of Administration Professionals is committed to helping business administration professionals thrive. The organization offers many professional development opportunities for business administration professionals who want to enhance their career.
    • The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals offers many resources for business administration professionals. Members of this excellent organization can search for jobs, stay abreast of trends, go to the annual conference, and utilize professional development resources.

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    Along with joining professional organizations for business professionals, it’s also a great idea to attend many business networking events in Louisiana. The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce offers several networking events throughout the year. Business administration professionals can also network with other professionals in the business field at the New Orleans Career Fair.

Careers for Business Administration Graduates

  • Administrator Coordinator:
    Administrator coordinators are professionals who run the offices of a company, so they must have excellent organizational and communication skills. They may be responsible for hiring employees, delegating tasks, implementing budgets, generating reports, supporting staff, responding to emails, preparing meeting spaces, and improving office policies. Many business coordinators work with the human resources and accounting department and they can also collaborate with outside vendors.
  • Financial Advisor:
    The overarching goal of financial advisors is to assist people with managing their money. These professionals are extremely passionate about ensuring that clients meet their financial goals. As a result, financial advisors communicate with their clients on a regular basis. They typically help their clients with budgeting, investing, retirement saving, estate planning, and paying off debt. The top financial advisors even offer tax-saving advice. Many financial advisors are also viewed as financial planners.
  • Accounting Associate:
    Accounting associates strive to provide the best support to accountants and auditors. The responsibilities of accounting associates often include a wide variety of administrative tasks such as preparing invoices, managing projects, helping with tax filing, overseeing account deliverables, and predicting budget requirements. They are expected to work well with all employees and customers.
  • Supply Chain Manager:
    As the job title suggest, supply chain managers are primarily responsible for supply chain management. They oversee a business’s supply chain strategy. To excel as a supply chain manager, business professionals need to be to know everything about supply chain processes.
  • Non-profit Director:
    A respected leader of a non-profit, a non-profit director can have many duties. The best non-profit directors ensure that the organization is upholding its mission by promoting board development, launching fundraising events, maintaining ethical decision-making, and collaborating with community members. Most non-profit directors work closely with every department of the organization. They are always expected to practice effective leadership.

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