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Business professionals have the skills needed to help any Missouri industry thrive.

These skills include the following.

  • Even a basic understanding of economics is an advantage to any sector or industry.
  • Financial accounting skills help business professionals to see how the organization is performing.
  • Business professionals who can analyze their organization’s data are becoming more and more valuable.
  • Knowing how to negotiate means a business professional can help their employer during bargaining.
  • Business professionals who have well-developed leadership skills are able to engage with employees and managers to create change and support goals.

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Online Business Education in Missouri

Business is good in Missouri but the state has its own set of top industries, as does every state. For instance, professional and business services is the top-grossing industry; it brought in $42.3 billion in revenue in a recent year. Manufacturing comes in just behind that with $18.8 billion in revenue. Real estate, rental, and leasing netted $35.6 billion while wholesale and retail brought in $21.2 billion and $18.6 billion, respectively. So, as you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes time to consider where you will work, especially if you choose to earn a business degree in the state.

For organizations within these and other industries, effective guidance and leadership are a major part of their success. Professionals in these industries and others must have a clear understanding of economics and finances so that they and upper management know where the company stands and how to make the best decisions for the company moving forward. The easiest way to ensure that you have the knowledge to succeed in any industry in the state is to earn an education that can get you to the top.

Some of the industries growing most quickly in the state include automotive suppliers. Business leaders and other professionals have helped organizations such as Chevrolet and Ford make it to the top in the industry.

Missouri also has the largest number of organizations focused on animal health research and food companies per capita. It also has the highest concentration of plant scientists. These industries receive assets for their contribution to the state.

Businesses may be likely to start or move to Missouri because the state is highly pro-business, it has a diverse economy and is tax-friendly, it also ranks within the top 10 states for regulatory environment.

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It is because of all of these reasons that Missouri state graduates can rise to the top of the business world as business leaders and CEOs. They can become college presidents, healthcare leaders, and more.

Online Associate Degree in Business (AS)

A business associates is always a solid starting point for a career. One Missouri community college offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business and others offer similar degrees from community colleges and universities all over the state. These degree programs offer business and accounting courses as well as general education courses, which round out students’ learning experiences and prepare them for work or further education. Before they graduate, students learn the technical skills common in most business jobs.

Students can also gain real-world experience with an internship. You should aim to find an internship that matches your career choice.

Schools have designed their curriculum and concentrations so that students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. For example, an accounting concentration can lead to positions in management consulting, tax services, or general bookkeeping. Other concentrations can move you more quickly into management or help you break into the industry of your choice.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Business (BS)

Students earning their business degrees at the bachelor level will graduate and be ready for entry-level roles in a huge variety of professional settings. These include public and private business sectors, as well as non-profit or governmental roles.

Missouri students are able to benefit from their university’s support of the state’s industries, which can easily lead to internships and career placement after graduation. Business degrees offer a broad foundation which benefits graduates greatly – they can learn about all aspects of the business world, from accounting to economics and human resources.

Job opportunities after graduation can be found in customer service, e-commerce, industrial sales, lending, commercial banking, credit analysis, real estate, financial services, human resources, and more.

Online Master's Degree in Business (MS)

Business students entering a graduate program where they may earn their Master of Science in Business or another related degree are definitely likely to see their career benefit. These degrees are often available through online courses, and many are designed to be interdisciplinary, giving students a broad-based educational experience. Nearly all of these programs are created to accommodate working professionals.

Some potential careers for graduates of a business master’s or MBA program include sales managers, operations research analysts, financial analysts, training and development managers, accountants, and market research analysts, among others.

If graduate students choose to earn an MBA, they will develop their skills in business competency, leadership and teamwork, decision making, and communication. Graduates will have the skills to take on leadership positions and commonly earn more and gain more promotions than those who have only completed an undergraduate degree.

Online PhD Degree in Business (PhD)

PhD programs educate students who are looking to gain even greater credibility and may eventually work as instructors or researchers. Graduates can also choose senior research positions in either government or business. Their accumulated skills allow them to contribute and make differences in business practices and fiscal policy.

Students are able to choose from a variety of areas when they start this degree such as accountancy, marketing, finance, management, and more.

PhD coursework focuses heavily on research activities including theoretical modeling, literature review and critique, computer-assisted empirical analysis, research design, and preparation of proposals and research papers.

Students may be expected to take part in regional and national academic conferences, work with faculty, develop individual research, and hone their teaching skills.

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Become a Business Development Specialist in Missouri

Luckily for those considering earning a business degree, you will not have to worry about gaining licensure in your field. Instead, you only need to gain the required education and then experience. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t credentials that could improve your resume and make it more likely for you to succeed moving forward. Below you will find some certifications that could help you throughout your career.

  • Professional Certificate in Team Leadership
    This certificate helps business professionals increase and improve their ability to lead others in the workplace. It also allows the professional to demonstrate their abilities in leadership, learn about positive communication, different styles of team leadership, how to effectively manage priorities and time, how to improve team performance, and how to lead a team through change.
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
    Offered by APICS, this certification focuses on supply chain management, concepts and technology, along with strategies for successful end-to-end operations, and movement from supplier to company to consumer.
  • SAP Certified Application Associate (CRM)
    SAP, a European multinational software program, is used by companies all around the world to manage customer relationships and business operations in marketing, human resources, supply chain, and manufacturing. This certification recognizes the professional’s abilities in understanding and using this software.

Careers for Business Graduates

  • VP Operations
    This individual manages work processes and verifies whether their organization’s objectives are being met. They are also central to shaping the values of the organization. They will select management staff members to help direct work processes and promote a fertile working environment.
  • Operations Manager
    Operations manager roles are vital in ensuring the organization is being run smoothly. In one sentence, they supervise the big picture and the entirety of the organization. They may manage processes such as purchasing, accounting, inventory, and/or human resources.
  • Human Resources Specialist
    A human resources specialist’s role is focused entirely on identifying hiring needs, interviewing applicants and checking their background and references, explaining details about the job, hiring qualified applicants, either running or helping with new employee orientation, and maintaining employment records and processing paperwork.
  • Team Leader
    Team leaders focus on supervising, continually training, and leading a group of employees. Their goal is to help their team meet metric and contribute to the organization’s growth. They will also offer motivation and inspiration to their team. They do this by creating an environment which promotes positive communication, allows flexibility, and encourages team members to bond with each other.

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  • IT Director
    An IT director’s role depends on the organization. They may lead a team of IT staffers, oversee technical infrastructure, narrow down business requirements for an organization’s IT systems, eliminate security risks, or manage the design and rollout of IT infrastructure.
  • Financial Analyst
    A financial analyst follows an organization’s financial performance, tracking it against a prior plan. They analyze business performance along with market conditions so that they are able to create forecasts. Their work helps senior management make decisions by using reports the analyst has written. Some financial analysts may measure how effective some marketing campaigns have been when considering cost.
  • Project Manager
    A project manager fills a vital role in their organization. By 2027, organizations will need around 87 million professionals who work in project management roles. The best definition of a project manager notes that they are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing to completion specific projects for their organization.

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