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What is Marketing?

New Hampshire is a small state with a big economy. It's top industry these days is real estate, quickly followed by business services, social services such as education and healthcare, and manufacturing. The state also has a very individual personality that is distinctive in the New England region. Thus, New Hampshire has a need for marketing professionals that understand, not only the businesses they represent, but also the cultural landscape they inhabit.

Indeed, marketing is a field that fuels every other industry. Offshoots of marketing, such as public relations, are likewise a big part of governmental and political successes. Thus, while many press for increased STEM education, states need to heed the importance of marketing. That is, software engineers may develop the next industry-disrupting piece of software but that code will lie flat until a marketer discovers how to sell it.

A marketing professional is a businessperson who specializes in promoting the products and services their company offers. There are two general types of marketing professional: analytical and creative. Analytical marketing professionals deal with market statistics. They crunch the numbers and seek to determine what consumers are eager to buy. At times, such statistical analysis has resulted in a wider variety on the shelves, as consumers were interested in more than just one variety of a particular product.

Most of us are perhaps more familiar with the creative marketing professionals. These artists and creators make the television, print, and internet advertising that peppers our daily experience. This side of marketing is also concerned with coordinating marketing events including conferences, grand openings, and in-store promotions, such as taste-testing tables in the grocery store. Thus, this side of marketing can involve administration skills, creative talent, or both.

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Online Marketing Education in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's colleges and universities work hard to develop the very best marketing departments they can. Online college students who graduate with marketing degrees from a New Hampshire school enter the New England business landscape ready to make firms thrive not only in the Northeastern United States, but nationally, as well.

New Hampshire's marketing departments thus seek out marketing faculty who have experience in the New England economy. Since NH has been influenced by neighboring Massachusetts, often they will recruit top professors from that state. They also seek out instructors from the local economy. An MBA who has years of experience achieving success in the New Hampshire or larger New England economy will have specialized knowledge to impart to their students. They may, for instance, have special insights into particular obstacles students may face in reaching a New Hampshire consumer or how to best navigate the state’s regulatory landscape. While textbooks may be of great use, there is little substitute for hands-on experience.

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Furthermore, since data science is increasingly important to marketing a product or service, New Hampshire online schools, ranging from affordable community colleges all the way to the state's best online universities, are making sure that students have access to the best instruction possible. New Hampshire students who are studying mathematics or computer science can duck into a marketing course and learn to focus their talents on selling on top of their pure analytical skill.

Online Associate Degree in Marketing (AS)

For those who want to pursue a marketing career but aren't yet ready to commit to a full bachelor’s marketing degree, New Hampshire community colleges have a solution. An associate marketing degree is the perfect way to dive into the field. This two-year degree will require all the core college curriculum usually taken in the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, as well as marketing and other business courses. Students thus are prepared to land their entry-level marketing job or move into a bachelor’s degree in this or a related field.

Associate marketing degrees are practical for other reasons, too. Not only do they provide a degree in two years, but they come with an attractive price point. Community college credits are far cheaper than those at any four-year institution, including New Hampshire's public colleges and universities. Thus, if a student opts for two years in a community college prior to finishing a bachelor’s degree in a university, they will have saved themselves thousands of dollars.

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Online Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (BS)

A four-year bachelor’s marketing degree from a New Hampshire college or university is probably the best way to launch a career in marketing. Four-year marketing degree programs typically have more to offer students academically, and employers always prefer a higher-level degree.

Bachelor’s marketing degree programs are often large enough to support studies for students who are interested in a deep dive into the analytical side of marketing. These students can augment their studies with courses in the computer science and math departments, where they will learn more about big data analysis.

Creative marketing students can likewise delve into their art, whether that be in video production, illustration, or copywriting. Creative individuals might choose to major in art with a minor in marketing or vice versa, depending on their desire. Since so many art students do end up working in marketing, it's advised that they at least complete a minor concentration in the field if they already know they’re interested in a marketing career.

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Online Master's Degree in Marketing (MS or MC)

An MBA is increasingly important in the business world. This degree is most often divided into two distinct years. In the first year, students complete a general business curriculum, though at a rigorous, graduate level. Their second year is then akin to an undergraduate major, where marketing students focus only on their field. Given the rigor of an MBA concentration, students should consider their field of study with great care. That concentration will determine the course of their career.

Marketing students who are more interested in the analytical side of the field might consider a different concentration altogether. Some may choose to focus on computer science, while there may even be MBA programs that offer data science as a concentration. Yet another option is a dual MBA where students can finish a master of science in data science alongside their MBA, with a concentration in marketing.

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Online PhD Degree in Marketing (PhD)

A PhD in marketing is a terrific achievement. While the business community hasn't historically sought workers with a doctorate degree, that may be changing. Because the MBA is so popular, workers may soon seek to distinguish themselves with a doctorate. This may be particularly true for those who specialize in data science. Since that field is so rigorous and requires a far more scholarly approach than the more creative side of marketing, employers may be more likely to seek a doctorate with a focus on big data analysis.

In this light, marketing professionals might choose to focus on computer science or mathematics for their doctoral work. After they complete their coursework, it may be possible to land a position with a research firm or a company that employs top minds for big data analysis. This degree might also open up more diverse job offerings. That is, since data scientists are in high demand in most every industry, a graduate might be able to name their price in the job market.

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Become a Marketing Manager in New Hampshire

Marketing is a very popular field. This is because it's not only diverse enough to appeal to both analytical people as well as their creative cohorts, but it's also a necessary part of every industry. There are marketing jobs available that range from dispensing free samples in the grocery store to crunching gigabytes of data using proprietary scripts written by in-house data scientists. Thus, the task of becoming a marketing professional in New Hampshire may seem daunting. However, it's easily achievable, provided students take the appropriate steps.

First off, it's vital to determine that the field is appealing to you. For a math whiz, this may involve a fascination with statistics and probability. Computer lovers may find that they like parsing data using scripts written in Python or R. Creative artists may fall in love with graphic design, video production, or web design. Others may be more gifted with interpersonal communication and thus love engaging with customers to sell a product or service. Each of these individuals may then determine that the best use of their talents involves selling products to the public.

With rare exception, each budding marketing professional must receive appropriate education before launching their career. This can start in high school with advanced mathematics or art classes. Some may really begin their path to marketing success in a summer job, where they can see the power of marketing up close and personal. Their boss may release a coupon that they see redeemed every day in the cash register. They may also be taught how to approach customers on a sales floor so that they can cajole more money from the consumer wallet.

Every marketing professional must then advance their learning with a degree. Ideally, they will aim toward a bachelor’s marketing degree as a means of landing the all-important entry-level position. Some, however, will start with an associate marketing degree, which can help them gain some experience before returning to school for their bachelor’s.

Finally, after a bit of experience, marketing professionals should aim to earn an MBA. That top graduate degree is a defacto requirement for those who want to reach upper management. Those who move directly from undergraduate work into graduate school may be recruited by top consulting firms. Thus, while marketing is an accessible field in general, those who desire the most success should also aim towards earning a top degree.

Careers for Marketing Graduates

  • Special Events Manager:
    Marketing depends on more than media advertising. Special events engage the public on a personal level and are considered vital to many marketing campaigns. After all, one of Apple Computer's top marketing events was a live presentation where they would unveil a new iMac or iPhone, etc. Special events managers need to have expert organizational skill, not to mention the creative savvy to attract a huge crowd.
  • Social Media Manager:
    This position requires quick thinking and a strong talent for written communication. Since social media is where so many products take off, fail, or falter due to lack of exposure, a social media manager must be savvy enough to attract attention. They must also be able to address customer concerns and field all of their questions.
  • Account Manager:
    These business professionals are most often associated with marketing firms where they attract and service clients. Account managers often act as a liaison between the marketing team and the client. They convey the client's needs and pitch the team's marketing solution to the client. This position requires a high level of communication savvy as well as a keen sense of business and how to sell in the contemporary climate.
  • Operations Manager:
    Operations managers are concerned with the day-to-day operations of their employer's firm. Some may work for manufacturing concerns where they oversee the activities on the factory floor. Others work in an office where they maintain supply inventories, computing hardware, and even oversee software purchases and upgrades.
  • Senior Project Manager:
    Project managers oversee workers who are engaged in various business activities. Often, project managers are brought in on software development projects, but they can also be a part of a construction project and other activities. To succeed in this field, professionals need to have very strong organizational skills and a supreme knowledge of their industry and its specific needs.

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  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director:
    The internet rapidly transitioned from a benign communications medium to a marketplace. Every firm these days needs to pay attention to its digital marketing strategy. After all, consumers are far more likely to search the web for a product than browse a store hoping to find an appealing item. Digital marketing managers and directors have strong skills when it comes to web design, development, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Business Development Director:
    All firms need to continually seek new ways to develop and grow. Thus, they need a development director who can evaluate the options and determine the best path forward. This can involve deep knowledge of the market landscape and strong leadership abilities to help turn their vision into a reality.
  • Media Buyer:
    While many think of marketing in terms of the creative end-product, little thought is given to where and how those marketing messages are delivered. Media buyers are expert at evaluating the media landscape and negotiating the best price for time on the radio or television airwaves, billboard space, or website banner ads. Without an experienced, effective media buyer, even the best product or marketing campaign may falter and land on deaf ears.

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