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The largest industry in New Mexico is the healthcare sector. It has added nearly 15,000 jobs in recent years and is also predicted to grow more than any other sector in New Mexico in the coming years. Specific healthcare organizations that have grown the most include Presbyterian Health Systems (PHS), New Mexico Veterans Affairs Health Care Systems, and Lovelace Health Systems.

The retail industry also still has a large presence in the state, even after it experienced recent shrinkage. Even with the loss of dollars, the retail trade industry is still one of the five strongest industries and is also predicted to grow throughout 2020 and beyond.

No matter what industry you are interested in, a business degree will prepare you for any number of positions. You could find yourself working in HR for a drilling company or a regional manager for a well-known retail chain or in marketing as a consultant working for a variety of industries. An education in business can prepare you for any industry and a huge number of specific positions, so all you need to do I discover your interests and aim for that.

As mentioned before, business professionals can work in pretty much any industry. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to tell you what the day-to-day duties of the average business professional will be. Those who work in HR will spend time dealing with personnel issues, whether those are disputes or problems setting up or using benefits. Those who work in accounting may have basic duties, like recording transactions in the general ledger, or they may need to assist in the performing of an audit or close out the books at the end of the month.

Business professionals need to have a variety of important qualities such as solid teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills, and they should have impeccable ethics. While an MBA is not required, it may help these professionals to gain promotions and carry out their roles as leaders and managers in their organizations or departments. However, the graduate degree you choose will often depend upon the industry you are already involved with.

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Online Business Education in New Mexico

Some schools offer hands-on learning during your academic career, which can help you get into the industry you prefer. The University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management is connected with several strategic partners, helping different groups of business professionals. The African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce provides support for Black-owned businesses and the New Mexico Biotechnology and Biomedical Association works closely with New Mexico’s bioscience industry. There are plenty of places you can rely on to help you succeed in whatever position you find yourself in.

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Online Associate Degree in Business (AS)

In an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in Business, students can often fulfill both freshman and sophomore class requirements before they apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree program. This can save you money in the long run and provide you with an education that can help you find a job or internship while you complete your bachelor’s. Many community college associate degree programs are suitable for, and even created to facilitate, transfer to bachelor’s degrees within the state. However, students should be careful about associate degree classes with non-traditional or non-transferrable credits, which may not be accepted by the receiving university.

An online associate degree program not only allows for transfer to higher education, but also provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for employment immediately after graduation. Potential job titles upon graduation include recruitment and placement specialists, insurance sales agents, personal financial advisors, bookkeepers, marketing specialists, and more. Graduates may work in non-profit, private, or government organizations or agencies.

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Online Bachelor's Degree in Business (BS)

New Mexico students who are considering earning a bachelor’s degree in business will have plenty of options throughout the state. You could earn a business and technology management (BTM) degree at a tech-focused college or attend a program where you can focus on HR, marketing, or some other business field.

These programs give students the opportunity to learn business management principles and data analysis skills. Once they graduate with a bachelor’s degree, students should be prepared for either graduate degree programs or immediate employment in a business or management position.

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Online Master's Degree in Business (MS)

Graduate students who want to earn a master’s degree that will help them in their business career might consider a master’s in business analytics or in management information systems. Students can likely find online or in-person throughout the state. Some programs are easier to find than others and you might need to look outside the state if you are looking for a very specific type of program.

In most degrees at this level, students develop both their analytical and quantitative skills. They learn about deriving value from data and modeling, developing a business advantages in various industries and markets, and data-driven analyses and decision making. While these subjects are touched on in a bachelor’s program, graduate-level programs teach these concepts in-depth, in a way that should help graduates perform better in leadership positions at all levels.

If a professional is not looking for a degree that is focused on a particular area, such as information technology, it might be a good idea to earn an MBA instead. These provide in-depth business knowledge and students can choose a field in which to earn a specialization, such as HR or marketing, which can boost their chance of gaining promotions and moving up within their company or into a new position. Graduates should have accumulated knowledge in organizational structures, strategy, finance, accounting, leadership, and many other processes.

You can find concentrations in:

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Operations
  • Film and Digital Media
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • General Management
  • Finance
  • And More
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Online PhD Degree in Business (PhD)

There is at least one Management PhD program in New Mexico, and there are other business-related degrees around the state that are offered at this level. All doctoral programs are academically rigorous programs. While a management program will focus on areas of research in operations management, organizational behavior, strategy and policy, and human resource management, other programs will focus on their most relevant topics.

Students in these programs benefit from high-quality opportunities in collaboration with professors. Candidates and professors work together to produce research articles and presentations of the highest quality. Candidates also gain both classroom and online teaching experience. Throughout the duration of these programs, candidates gain expertise in areas of their choosing, via a variety of classes and mentorship from experts on-faculty.

Graduates may land high-quality positions in educational facilities, as experts in their field with consultancies, and more.

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Become a Business Development Specialist in New Mexico

Through business skill development, perfected in online education and certification programs, professionals can continue learning, a vital requirement for those in fields that are highly technological and those in management. It’s important to point out that professional certifications are different from certificate programs. Certificate programs are generally offered by colleges and universities as one way for students to earn additional credits and learn material specific to their career interests. For instance, students with accounting backgrounds may earn a professional certificate in accounting, which gives them the knowledge and skills to lead an accounting department but will not be requested by a company for a job position. Certifications, on the other hand, may be required by a company looking to hire for a specific position. They may need to be sure that you have whatever skills the certification covers and require that you have proof of certification to be considered for an interview.

Here are just some business certifications available to those who need them.

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

    This certification, offered by APICS, focuses on supply chain management. They do this to ensure qualified supervisors, operators, and leaders in the field. This certification teaches concepts in supply chain and technology, as well as strategies for end-to-end functions, which run from the supplier to the organization and to the consumer.

    Supply chain professionals should have business degrees and this certification requires a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of one other approved certification.

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
    This certification is offered by a cloud database software company (Oracle) and is used for several business functions. This certification allows certified professionals to use it in their present positions or successfully apply to a new position.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    PMI offers this certification, which is one of the most recognized in the business world. Requirements for entering this certification program are stringent. You must have a high school diploma or associate degree, more than 7,000 hours of experience in project management, and 35 hours of PM education, a , 4,500 professional hours of project management experience, and 35 hours of education in project management.

Careers for Business Graduates

  • Human Resources Specialist
    This human resources professional may be responsible for recruiting, screening, and interviewing applicants for positions. They place new workers in open positions and may also take care of compensation and benefits, training new employees, and handling employee relations.
  • Team Leader
    Team leaders head their team of workers, monitor their work, and offer supervision and training. They are responsible for meeting goals to help the organization grow. The team leader offers motivation to their team, inspire them and create a work environment which encourages positive communication, and more.
  • Account Manager

    Account managers ensure that each department meets client and customer needs. They take care of any customer complaints and find solutions to their issues while also working to maintain a positive relationship between the organization and customers for future business interactions.

    Effective account managers are effective communicators, knowledgeable about the organization’s services and products, and provide customers with solutions that ensure they are happy.

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  • IT Director
    An IT director takes charge of everything technical. They have to know how the organization’s networks function and how to manage IT projects well. It’s their responsibility to ensure that projects are completed correctly and they may create and establish IT policies and systems, which help support the launch of strategies which have been decided upon by upper management.
  • Marketing Manager
    A marketing manager is all about promotion of businesses, products, services, and brands. They create new marketing and pricing strategies, follow and generate new business leads, supervise staff, managing marketing budgets, and analyzing marketing trends.
  • Financial Analyst
    A financial analyst tracks an organization’s financial performance and they analyze the organization’s performance and market conditions. From this, they create forecasts and assist senior management personnel to make good strategic and tactical decisions. They also write reports periodically.
  • Entrepreneur
    An entrepreneur innovates. They develop new business ideas, services, or goods, as well as ideas for businesses. Small business owners are critical to any economy. By using their initiative and skills, they can anticipate needs and bring new ideas to the marketplace. Entrepreneurs take huge risks in starting new businesses, but they also benefit from profits and new growth opportunities.
  • CEO and Other C-Suite Positions

    Several top executives may occupy the C-Suite, which are top executives in a company.

    Some of these positions include the following.

    • Chief data officer
    • Chief diversity officer
    • Chief executive officer
    • Chief experience officer (CXO)
    • Chief financial officer
    • Chief human resource officer
    • Chief legal officer
    • Chief marketing officer
    • Chief information officer (IT)
    • Chief technology innovation officer (CTIO)
    • Chief knowledge officer (CKO)
    • Chief operating officer
    • Chief product officer (product development)
    • Chief security officer
    • Chief sustainability officer
    • Chief technology officer
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