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What is Business Administration?

Choosing to attend a business administration college is a big decision. It’s important to know what degrees you could eventually earn, what the curriculum is like, and what type of career you can expect after graduation.

If you're looking for a business administration college in North Carolina, you have plenty of options. There are dozens of schools throughout the state that offer degree programs in business administration. And, while the programs may vary slightly from school to school, they all cover the same basic subjects. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of business administration, these programs also provide students with hands-on experience that is essential for success in the business world.

Business administration programs offer a broad foundation in the fundamentals of business. Students attending these programs will learn how to manage a business, develop leadership skills, and explore the many different areas of business. Graduates can choose from jobs in finance and accounting, as well as real estate, marketing, and human resources. Some even earn professional credentials and pursue graduate school. And, if you're an entrepreneur, a business administration degree can lead to many exciting opportunities.

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Business Administration Education in North Carolina

There are many jobs for graduates of business administration programs, and the number of opportunities you will have access to increases with experience. Graduates in this field can work in a variety of industries including consulting, energy, healthcare, technology, and finance. The highest demand for MBA graduates is in the energy, healthcare, and consulting industries. Other options include roles in financial services and accounting. This sector includes businesses such as CPA firms and bookkeeping services, as well as other accounting-related services. Professionals in financial or accounting business administration may manage companies, assist with tax preparation and auditing, and influence management decisions.

This profession involves a wide range of professional roles, and you may be able to find work in nearly any industry. Partially because of this, the field requires a strong understanding of global trends, ethical decision-making, and other essential elements of business. A graduate of business administration should also have exceptional analytical skills, including problem-solving and critical thinking. Professionals in this field typically have a bachelor's degree in business administration, but some higher-level positions will require a master’s degree.

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Online Associate Degree in Business Administration (AS)

There are a variety of associate degrees available in business administration and business management. This is one of the more popular degrees in business as it prepares you to move into management as soon as possible. The curriculum is generally the same across various colleges and universities, though they can decide their own courses and requirements, so it’s important to compare any schools you are considering. Those looking to earn an associate degree will likely need to complete general education courses, such as English and mathematics, before they can move on to their major coursework. Core curriculum courses may include those in management, accounting, economics, marketing, human resources, and IT. Some programs offer concentration learning tracks that students can choose from, such as entrepreneurship or business law, though these are less common at the associate degree level. Many of these programs are also available online, and online programs are a good fit for students who are working or have other commitments.

The curriculum for an Associate of Science in Business Administration includes basic business concepts and it's designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in business. Associate degrees typically include fewer general education credits than bachelor's degree programs, and they tend to focus more on business-specific classes. As a result, graduates may not be able to transfer as many credits to bachelor's degree programs as those earning other degrees. However, the curriculum can help prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, and even transferring half the credits earned can help you start your bachelor’s as a sophomore instead of a freshman.

Online Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (BS)

Earning a bachelor's degree in business administration can open many doors for students, both in and out of the workplace. These degree programs provide the training and experience necessary to enter a wide variety of positions in a number of industries. After all, every industry needs leaders. A degree in business administration will help you gain a broad range of business knowledge, open up other educational opportunities, and develop leadership, critical thinking, and management skills. There are many online programs available in this field, and you can choose from a variety of specializations.

A bachelor's degree in business administration will require around 120 credit hours of coursework, as do most bachelor’s, with forty to sixty credits in business-related courses. Students who enroll in an online bachelor's degree in business administration program will also find that they have flexibility and increased earning potential (if they choose to work while they complete school) as a result of flexible class schedules and a variety of learning opportunities.

Online Masters Degree in Business Administration (MS)

Obtaining a master's in business administration (MBA) can be a convenient and affordable way to advance your career. This degree can provide you with the skills you need to move up the corporate ladder or even start your own business. By choosing an accredited program, you can be assured that the coursework will meet the highest standards and be recognized by all employers all over the country.

When looking for an online MBA program, consider the school's accreditation status, faculty qualifications, and class size. Also, make sure that the degree is tailored to your specific career goals. For example, if you want to focus on entrepreneurship, then find a program that offers courses in this area. A general MBA is one of the most useful degrees in business on its own; adding a concentration or specialization that will help you excel in your specific field is the best way to ensure that it provides you with all the education you need for the rest of your career. After all, few business positions require a higher education than a master’s, even executive, or C-suite, positions.

Online PhD Degree in Business Administration(PhD)

There are many benefits to earning a PhD in business administration, and even more when you earn it from a reputable university. If you earn the degree online, you might be able to get the education you want without paying the highest tuition and fees associated with traditional university courses. That’s part of what makes one of the best ways to earn a PhD in business administration to work toward it from the convenience of your own home.

Regardless of your current career status, a PhD in business administration program could prepare you for a higher-level position or it can prepare you to transition into academia. Work as a consultant, researcher, or professor are the most common positions gained by those with a PhD in business. Graduates who are in demand can choose from numerous specializations in business and earn a high-paying job in their chosen field.

Online Business Administration Certifications

There are many online business administration certification programs available, sometimes making it difficult to choose the right one. One of the most important factors to consider is the program’s credibility. Some programs are offered by colleges and universities, in which case, the best way to determine this is by researching the program’s accreditation. Other programs, vendor-specific certification, is usually offered by the vendors themselves, in which case this is usually the only way to earn those certifications and you need not worry about accreditation.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the program and whether or not the certification is useful in your specific role or a position you hope to gain access to. Some programs are more expensive than others, but there are a variety of scholarships and financial aid options available. However, if the certification doesn’t speak directly to your role, then there is no reason to earn it. A marketer need not consider certifications for HR specialists. There are a huge variety available, so it’s best to make a short-list of the best options before you go looking for certification education. The program’s format is also something to consider when making a decision. Programs can be completed in a variety of ways, such as entirely online or in a blended format that includes both online and on-campus coursework.

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Become a Business Administrator in North Carolina

In order to become a business administration professional in North Carolina, there are a few steps you might want to consider, though there are plenty of ways to make it into an administrative role that are more outside-the-box options.

  • Step 1: Earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field

    In order to pursue a successful career in business, it’s important to have the appropriate training and education. A bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to start or further your career in the business world, and this is the most commonly earned degree in business. Those with only associate degrees may have a harder time breaking into the business world, while those with master’s degrees may have it easier to get ahead in the long run.

  • Step 2: Gain experience in the workforce

    It’s important to gain experience if you want to work in business. This is why some internships, even ones that are unpaid, can be very competitive in this field. Through hands-on experience, you can learn about the different aspects of business and how to work with people in a professional setting. There are many jobs in this field, so you can find one that matches your interests and skills. Business administration is a growing field, so you can expect to find good job opportunities when you graduate.

  • Step 3: Get certified if possible

    If you are looking for a way to improve your business administration skills, consider getting certified. Certification can show that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to do your job, no matter what specialty you choose.

  • Step 4: Advance your career by pursuing advanced degrees or specializations in business administration

    Earning an advanced degree can give you the knowledge and skills you need to take on more responsibility in your current position, or to move up within your company. Specializing in business administration can also help you stand out from the competition when applying for jobs. By pursuing a degree or specialization in business administration, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in your career.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Business Administration?

In today's economy, it's more important than ever to have a college degree. And, for students looking to start their career in business, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a great option. A BBA can prepare you for a variety of careers in the business world. You could work as a financial analyst, market research analyst, accountant, or event planner. You could also work in marketing or human resources or you could start your own business. The best part about a BBA is that it gives you the skills you need to succeed in any career in business. You'll learn how to manage finances, market products and services, and recruit and manage employees. You'll also gain valuable experience working on team projects. No matter what you plan to do in business, this degree will get you started.

Potential Career Options and Salaries for Business Administration Graduates

  • Administrative Coordinator:

    An administrative coordinator is responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support to the organization. They may create schedules and ensure that they are maintained, organize records, be the link between staff and clients who need help, manage budgets, and more.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Strong administrative and secretarial skills
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Ability to handle confidential information with discretion
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for secretaries and administrative assistants in the US in 2021 was $39,680 and executive secretaries and assistants earned $62,060
    • The mean annual wage for secretaries and administrative assistants in North Carolina is $39,000 and executive secretaries and assistants earn $62,560
  • Maintenance Manager:

    A maintenance manager is responsible for ensuring that the facilities of a business and its equipment are maintained in good working order. They develop and implement maintenance plans, schedules, and procedures and also oversee the work of maintenance staff and contractors.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Proven experience as a maintenance manager or similar role
    • Working knowledge of facilities management best practices
    • Experience in developing and implementing maintenance plans, schedules, and procedures
    • Strong organizational and time management skills
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Problem-solving ability

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for facilities managers in the US in 2021 was $97,930
    • The mean annual wage for facilities managers in North Carolina is $99,810
  • Branch Manager, Banking:

    A bank branch manager is responsible for the overall management and operation of the banking branch. This includes overseeing the teller staff, loan officers, and customer service representatives. They also ensure that all branch goals are met, including sales goals and customer satisfaction goals.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • At least 5 years of experience in a management role within a bank
    • Strong leadership and people management skills
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Customer service orientation

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for financial managers in the US in 2021 was $131,710
    • The mean annual wage for financial managers in North Carolina is $161,720

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  • Team Supervisor, Call Center:

    A team supervisor for a call center is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the call center and ensuring that all calls are answered in a timely and professional manner. The supervisor will also be responsible for training new call center agents, monitoring agent performance, and resolving customer complaints

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Previous experience working in a call center environment
    • Excellent communication and customer service skills
    • Strong leadership and organizational skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for first-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers in the US in 2021 was $79,680 and customer service representatives earned $36,920
    • The mean annual wage for first-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers in North Carolina is $104,490 and customer service representatives earn $36,850
  • Financial Advisor:

    A financial advisor is responsible for providing financial planning and investment advice to clients. They work with clients to develop long-term financial goals and create customized plans to help them achieve their goals. Financial advisors must be able to understand and analyze a client's financial situation and make recommendations accordingly.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or related field
    • 3-5 years of experience working as a financial advisor or in a related role
    • FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for personal financial advisors in the US in 2021 was $94,170
    • The mean annual wage for personal financial advisors in North Carolina is $116,030
  • Accounting Associate:

    An accounting associate will be responsible for assisting the senior accountant with various tasks such as data entry, preparing financial statements, and audits.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in accounting or related field
    • 1-3 years of experience in accounting or related field
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel
    • Detail oriented and organized

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks in the US in 2021 was $45,560
    • The mean annual wage for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks in North Carolina is $41,130
  • Chief Marketing Manager:

    A chief marketing manager will be responsible for developing and executing the marketing strategy for the company. They will oversee the marketing team and budget, and be responsible for generating leads and driving sales.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Proven experience as a marketing manager or similar role
    • Experience leading and managing a team
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or related field

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for marketing managers in the US in 2021 was $133,380
    • The mean annual wage for marketing managers in North Carolina is $141,600
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director:

    A digital marketing manager or director is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will promote the company's products and services online. This includes managing all aspects of digital marketing campaigns, developing and managing website content, overseeing social media accounts, and analyzing data to identify trends and insights. They should be a strategic thinker with strong analytical skills and a solid understanding of the latest digital marketing trends.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Strategic thinker with strong analytical skills
    • Solid understanding of the latest digital marketing trends

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for marketing managers in the US in 2021 was $133,380
    • The mean annual wage for marketing managers in North Carolina is $141,600

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