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What is Marketing?

There are a variety of marketing colleges and degree programs from which to choose. The most important factor in choosing a program is what you hope to gain from it. Do you want a general introduction to marketing or do you have specific goals in mind?

Some programs focus on teaching students how to use digital marketing tools, while others may place more emphasis on traditional marketing methods. If you’re interested in working for a big company, then you’ll want to consider a program that has a strong business focus.

Marketing colleges and degree programs in North Carolina offer students a variety of degree level options and concentrations to choose from. Students can earn an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree in marketing from one of the many schools in the state. The curriculum of these programs typically includes courses in advertising, public relations, market research, and digital marketing, among others. Many schools also offer internship and cooperative education opportunities that allow students to gain real-world experience working in the field.

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Marketing Education in North Carolina

Marketing professionals are responsible for planning and executing the marketing strategy of a company. This can include developing plans to create and promote products or services based on market research, as well as working with other departments within the company to ensure that all marketing efforts are coordinated. Marketing professionals must be able to think creatively and must have a strong understanding of both digital and traditional marketing channels. They must also be able to track data and analyze results to determine how well their campaigns are performing.

A marketing professional drives sale through market research and analysis, develops marketing strategies, and manages budgets. They should have a passion for marketing, a strong sense of branding, and an ability to extrapolate data. Because they have to interact with clients from all different industries, a person must be pleasant and able to communicate well with others. They also need to be patient and have good organization and deductive reasoning skills.

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It's the responsibility of a marketing professional to develop and implement marketing plans and campaigns. In order to achieve their goals, they identify the needs of clients and create strategies to meet those needs. Marketing professionals must be well-versed in both the principles and latest technologies of marketing, which is where your education will come into play.

Online Associate Degree in Marketing (AS)

It's no secret that marketing is a critical component of any business. However, many small businesses don't have the budget to hire a full-time marketing professional. That's where an online associate degree in marketing can help. An associate degree in marketing will give you the skills you need to create and execute effective marketing campaigns for any business, regardless of size or budget, though you are more likely to find part-time or short jobs for smaller companies looking to punch up their advertising with a short campaign around a holiday or a new logo or something similar. In an associate degree program, you'll learn how to identify your target market, develop effective marketing strategies, and track the success of your campaigns. And, since most online associate degrees can be completed in just two years or less, you'll be able to start putting your new skills to work right away.

These programs can prepare students for management positions in various industries. In addition to business principles and regulations, students also take courses in international marketing, media production, and information literacy. Students can also specialize in retail management, entrepreneurship, or social media marketing.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing (BS)

Anyone who has ever worked in the marketing field can attest to the fact that it is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Marketing professionals need to be constantly up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in order to create successful campaigns. For those who want to pursue a career in marketing, or who want to further their education in the field, an in-person or online bachelor's degree in marketing may be the perfect option.

A bachelor's degree in marketing can provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of marketing. They will learn how to create effective marketing plans and campaigns, as well as how to measure their effectiveness. In addition, students will gain experience working with different types of media and digital platforms. This type of education can be extremely valuable for those seeking careers in advertising, public relations, or other fields within marketing. Additionally, a bachelor’s is the most commonly required education to get started in entry-level careers in this field. Though an associate degree may help you get your foot in the door, it may not let you work for the largest or best-known companies.

Online Master’s Degree in Marketing (MS)

An online master's degree in marketing will provide you with advanced knowledge and tools for a career in the field. Graduates will have expanded career options and higher pay than those with a bachelor's degree alone. Many master's programs also teach students how to oversee subordinates and communicate effectively so that they are well-prepared for a managerial role. They may also pursue a niche within marketing for those who wish to focus on digital, social media, or another specific form of marketing.

A marketing master's degree will prepare you to take on leadership roles in a company or organization. Many business settings require experts to analyze market trends and gather data, and a master’s can prepare you for those tasks. A specialization in new media, on the other hand, will prepare you for new ways to engage consumers, such as through social media. New media specialists may find employment in advertising, copywriting, or campaign management.

Online PhD Degree in Marketing (PhD)

The field of marketing is a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. As businesses continue to adapt to the digital age, the need for qualified marketing professionals continues to grow. While not considered a requirement for most positions, it’s possible that earning your PhD in marketing could help you stay ahead of the curve and become a leader in this field.

A PhD in marketing can provide you with the education and credentials you need to gain the next level of expertise in the field, which could help you work as a consultant, open your own marketing firm, and more. With this degree, you will again update your knowledge of all aspects of the marketing field, from advertising and public relations to market research and digital marketing. You will also gain important skills in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and excellent research capabilities.

A PhD in marketing can help you advance your career and open up new opportunities for you in the world of marketing. With this degree, you can pursue positions such as marketing director, brand manager, market research analyst, or E-commerce manager, among others.

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Online Marketing Certifications

When it comes to marketing, there are a variety of areas in which you can specialize. There are also many different marketing certifications that you can earn to prove your expertise in a certain area. Earning a certification is not required for many jobs, but it can help you stand out from the competition and lead to better job opportunities.

There are many different types of online marketing certifications available, and the one you choose should fit your specific career goals. The most common types of marketing certifications include digital marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Each certification typically has its own curriculum and exam requirements.

How to Become a Marketing Professional in North Carolina

If you're looking to start a career in marketing, North Carolina is a great place to do it. With a growing economy and plenty of industries, the state offers opportunities for marketing professionals at all levels. Here are some tips on how to get started in the field.

  • Step 1: Obtain a degree in marketing

    Obtaining a degree in marketing can help individuals learn the necessary skills to pursue a successful marketing career. Marketing degrees at all levels can provide students with focused knowledge of topics such as advertising, market research, public relations, and digital marketing. Additionally, many marketing programs offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and practicum courses. Graduates with a marketing degree often have a variety of job opportunities available to them including positions in advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, and retail businesses.

  • Step 2: Gain experience in the field by working for a company that specializes in marketing

    Working for a company that specializes in marketing can help you gain experience in the field. By working for a marketing firm, you will learn how to apply various aspects of marketing to your own job and throughout your future career. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry.

  • Step 3: Network with other professionals in the industry

    Networking with other professionals can be extremely beneficial in any industry, including marketing. This is because these other professionals may have insight and knowledge that can help you improves your own marketing strategies. And it can help you build relationships and create partnerships that lead to future opportunities. When networking, it’s important to be genuine and authentic. Networking also requires effort and ongoing communication, so be sure to keep in touch with the people you meet.

  • Step 4: Keep up with trends in the marketing world

    In order to be successful in the marketing world, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends. This can be done by reading industry blogs and attending marketing conferences, among other things. By staying current on the latest trends, you will be able to create more effective campaigns and better understand your target audience.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Marketing?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing can lead to an exciting and rewarding career. Marketing professionals are responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans and campaigns that promote products or services. There are many opportunities for marketing professionals and, with the right skills and experience, they can work in a variety of industries. Some common job titles for marketing professionals include marketing manager, advertising executive, market research analyst, and public relations specialist.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing provides students with a strong foundation in marketing concepts and strategies as well as giving them a chance to study business administration, communication, and statistics. This preparation allows students to understand the broader business landscape and develop effective marketing plans.

Potential Careers for Marketing Graduates

  • Special Events Manager:

    A special events manager is responsible for the successful execution of all special events. This could include weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, and corporate events. They will work closely with the event coordinator and other staff members to ensure that all details are taken care of and that the event runs smoothly. These professionals can also work with non-profits or other companies to run fundraising and other special events, such as product releases and more.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • A minimum of 2 years of experience in event planning and management
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for meeting, convention, and event planners in the US in 2021 was $49,470
    • The mean annual wage for meeting, convention, and event planners in North Carolina is $53,330
  • Marketing Coordinator:

    A marketing coordinator is responsible for planning and executing marketing initiatives to promote the company and its products/services. This includes developing marketing strategies, creating and managing promotional materials, coordinating marketing campaigns, conducting market research, and managing social media accounts.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or related field
    • 2-4 years of experience in marketing or related field
    • Strong communication and writing skills
    • Creative thinker with good organizational skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the US in 2021 was $133,380
    • The mean annual wage for marketing managers in North Carolina is $141,600
  • Merchandising Manager:

    A merchandising manager is responsible for planning and executing all aspects of the company's merchandising strategy. This includes developing merchandise plans, managing inventory, negotiating contracts with vendors, and overseeing visual merchandising.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • A bachelor's degree in business, merchandising, or a related field
    • 5+ years of experience in retail merchandising or a related field
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the US in 2021 was $133,380. Merchandise displayers and window trimmers earned $32,060
    • The mean annual wage for marketing managers in North Carolina is $141,600. Merchandise displayers and window trimmers earn $34,310
  • Media Buyer:

    A media buyer is responsible for planning, negotiating, and purchasing advertising space and time on behalf of their company or client. They work with advertising agencies and media outlets to get the best rates and placement for their ads. Their job includes researching demographics, making recommendations, and preparing reports.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, or related field
    • 2-4 years of experience in media buying or related field

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for buyers and purchasing agents in the US in 2021 was $63,470; media and communication workers (all others) earned $49,900
    • The mean annual wage for buyers and purchasing agents in North Carolina is $66,740; media and communication workers (all others) earned $50,820

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  • Research Analyst:

    A research analyst will conduct research and analysis on assigned projects, compile findings, and present recommendations. In marketing, this most often means tracking test marketing results such as info gathered from focus groups, paid surveys, and more.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor's degree in relevant field
    • Strong research and analytical skills
    • Ability to communicate effectively

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for operations research analysts in the US in 2021 was $82,360. Market research analysts and marketing specialists earned $63,920
    • The mean annual wage for market research analysts and marketing specialists in North Carolina is $71,510
  • Account Manager:

    An account manager is responsible for overseeing and managing a portfolio of accounts. They work closely with these clients to ensure that their needs are being met and that they are satisfied with the products and services being provided. They may also be responsible for developing new business opportunities.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or related field
    • 3-5 years of account management experience
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to build and maintain relationships with clients

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for sales managers in the US in 2021 was $127,490
    • The mean annual wage for sales manager in North Carolina is $133,880
  • Senior Project Manager:

    A senior project manager will be responsible for leading and managing projects from inception to completion. This includes developing project plans, coordinating with cross-functional teams, and ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. They will also be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction by effectively communicating project status and risks.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Proven experience as a project manager
    • Strong leadership and organizational skills
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for project management specialists in the US in 2021 was $94,500
    • The mean annual wage for project management specialist in North Carolina is $98,970
  • Digital Marketing Director:

    A digital marketing director is responsible for spearheading the company's digital marketing strategy and executing campaigns that promote the company's products and services online.

    Necessary Requirements:

    • Proven experience leading a digital marketing team and executing successful digital marketing campaigns
    • Solid understanding of digital marketing tools and technologies
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Strong communication and project management skills

    Estimated Salary

    • The median annual wage for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the US in 2021 was $133,380
    • The mean annual wage for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in North Carolina is $148,780

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