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Are you considering one or more online colleges or universities in Wyoming? Prospective students will have little trouble finding suitable academic programs in the state. There are plenty of institutions that offer distance learning options, with degrees available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Some schools also have professional certificate programs.

While students can choose from a wide variety of subjects for majors and minors, some content areas do require in-person instruction. In these cases, on-campus programs may be necessary. Alternatively, hybrid degrees allow students to take most classes online but require periodic short residency sessions to satisfy requirements.

Opting to enroll in an online degree program can be very beneficial, especially for individuals with part or full-time employment. College and universities tend to offer more flexible scheduling options for distance learners, who may need to attend classes at night or on weekends. Some schools even offer self-paced courses that must be completed within a specific period but have no structured times for instruction. Additionally, remote learning allows students to attend lectures and complete coursework from nearly anywhere in the world with reliable internet access.

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Online Higher Education in Wyoming

Those who graduate with online degrees often have better employment and pay prospects than people without degrees. Not only will they qualify for more positions, but they will also be more competitive in the job market, especially when compared to candidates without higher education. It’s important to note, however, that not all degree types are equal. While associate degrees are definitely beneficial, many fields require professionals obtain bachelor’s degrees. And graduates with master’s and doctorates will enjoy even more opportunities with higher earning potential.

As of March 2022, Wyoming’s civilian labor force was 290,365. Of those, 279,691 were employed and 9,878 were not. This makes the state’s unemployment 3.4%, which is down from a high of 8.6% in May 2020. The lowest unemployment rate recorded in the last 10 years was 3.3% in April 2019.

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In May 2021, Wyoming had a mean hourly wage of $25.05 and an annual mean wage of $52,110. While this is below the national average of $56,310 for all occupations, earning an online degree can help ensure a higher income. College graduates tend to make more money than those without degrees.

As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the total student population in Wyoming was 30,957. This includes 28,470 undergraduate and 2,487 graduate school students. Overall, online education is not as popular in this state as it is in others. Only 7,882 students are enrolled in online classes exclusively, with an additional 11,767 students enrolled in some online classes. While this means that just over 63% of undergraduate and graduate students will take at least one online course during the 2021-2022 academic year, a significant portion of students in the state still prefer traditional learning settings.

The cost of tuition and fees in Wyoming is very competitive, with some appealingly low rates. In 2022, the average cost for state residents is only $4,549. Non-residents will pay more, with an average cost of $11,565.

In addition to the cost of attendance, prospective students must plan to pay for books and supplies, as well as general living expenses. Average living costs are $10,325 for those staying on campus and $11,659 for those staying off campus. Notably, however, it is possible to mitigate these expenses by living with parents or sharing off-campus housing with friends. The average cost of books and supplies in Wyoming is $1,368, up only slightly from the last year. This is significant, as many states have seen a sharp rise in the amount students pay for books and other required study materials.

Prospective students should also keep in mind that enrolling in online programs does sometimes cost less. Many colleges and universities charge distance learners lower tuition and fee rates, as they require fewer resources. At the very least, students attending classes remotely will not need to pay for parking passes or in-person activity fees. Additionally, financial aid opportunities are still available. Every student is encouraged to complete FAFSA forms, which determine eligibility for government grants, scholarships, and loans. Institutional scholarships may also be available, as well as aid and loans provided by third-party organizations and banks.

Our School Rankings Methodology

While personal and professional goals vary, prospective students can use college and university rankings to help them identify the best academic programs. Utilizing rankings tools makes it easier to compare and contrast the options available without performing extensive research. The information provided streamlines the process and identifies top institutions offering the most applicable degrees, greatest value, and strongest financial stability.

Our team uses a proprietary rankings system in order to provide results that are accurate and reliable to students of all kinds. We only consider colleges and universities offering credible online programs. All institutions are also properly accredited to ensure program credibility.

Some of the data types utilized to generate our rankings include:

  • Graduation Rate
  • Net Price
  • Average Graduate Salary
  • Retention Rate
  • Reputation
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio

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The data provided is intended to help prospective students make highly informed decisions about their academic futures in Wyoming.

Top 5 Best Online Associate & Community Colleges in Wyoming


Central Wyoming College

Score: 83.19

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,680
    • Out-of-State: $10,980
  • Net Price: $5,494
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 44%
  • Graduation Rate: 38%
  • Total Enrollment: 1,923
  • Undergrad Students: 1,923
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $30,800
  • Student-to-faculty: 14:1
  • Central Wyoming College

Western Wyoming Community College

Score: 81.83

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,250
    • Out-of-State: $10,550
  • Net Price: $5,993
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 60%
  • Graduation Rate: 34%
  • Total Enrollment: 2,391
  • Undergrad Students: 2,391
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $30,100
  • Student-to-faculty: 12:1
  • Western Wyoming Community College

Casper College

Score: 81.77

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,410
    • Out-of-State: $10,710
  • Net Price: $8,451
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 72%
  • Graduation Rate: 42%
  • Total Enrollment: 3,354
  • Undergrad Students: 3,354
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $35,000
  • Student-to-faculty: 14:1
  • Casper College

Laramie County Community College

Score: 79.98

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,613
    • Out-of-State: $10,913
  • Net Price: $7,227
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 54%
  • Graduation Rate: 28%
  • Total Enrollment: 3,770
  • Undergrad Students: 3,770
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $38,600
  • Student-to-faculty: 14:1
  • Laramie County Community College

Northwest College

Score: 76.82

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,935
    • Out-of-State: $11,235
  • Net Price: $8,533
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 59%
  • Graduation Rate: 44%
  • Total Enrollment: 1,423
  • Undergrad Students: 1,423
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $30,500
  • Student-to-faculty: 13:1
  • Northwest College

Best Online Colleges in Wyoming

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $6,938
    • Out-of-State: $22,718
  • Net Price: $12,819
  • Acceptance Rate: 96%
  • Retention Rate: 75%
  • Graduation Rate: 61%
  • Total Enrollment: 11,100
  • Undergrad Students: 8,518
  • Graduate Students: 2,582
  • Grads Salary: $75,000
  • Student-to-faculty: 13:1
  • University of Wyoming
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