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The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York is probably one of the best-known military academies in the US. The academy is located on the outskirts of Hudson Falls, a relatively small town. Both West Point and Hudson Falls lie close to the shore of the Hudson River, which runs north-south through New York State.

Overview of United States Military Academy

Because Highland Falls is such a small town, cadets from West Point won’t have a wide menu of recreational options from which to choose unless you’re interested in walking the trails nearby. Or, if you want to take a whole weekend, you’re only 1.25 hours from New York City itself.

The US Military Academy, a public university, was founded in 1802 in order to allow young men to become US Army officers. The academy boasts these graduates: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George S. Patton, John J. Pershing, Omar Bradley, and David Petraeus.

Campus housing is provided for the cadets. Student enrollment is 4,589, and all students are undergraduate cadets. Males make up 77% of the student body, while females make up 23%. The student-to-faculty ratio is a quite low 7 to 1.

General Information

School Type Public
Campus Setting Town: Fringe
Campus Housing Yes
Student Faculty Ratio 7:1
Graduation Rate 85%
Year Founded 1802

Student Enrollment

Total Students4,589


Undergraduate Student

Male 3,534
Female 1,055

Graduate Student

Male NA
Female NA

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Top Rankings For United States Military Academy



Male 8,919
Female 3,375


Male 1,070
Female 338

Acceptance Rate11%

Male 12%
Female 10%

Enrollment 1,163

Male 989
Female 1,023
Application Fee -
High School GPA Recommended
High School Rank Required
High School Transcripts Required
College Prep Courses Recommended
Recommendations Required
SAT/ACT Required
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Required
Application Deadline February 28
Common Application Accepted No

Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

Because the United States Military Academy is a federally funded military institution, every cadet’s expenses (room, board, tuition, and all applicable supplies) are paid for by the US Army. All graduates of West Point are required to serve a minimum of 5 years in the US Army in return for the costs of their educations at West Point.

This means that there is no average net price for the cost of attendance. Financial aid, as it is normally known, is not awarded at West Point. Families and their cadets/students don’t have to pay for the costs of their education.

Average net price 2017-2018
Net Price -
Average Total Aid -
Students Receiving Financial Aid -
Room & Board -

Sticker Price

  • Tuition In-State - NA
  • Tuition Out-of-State - NA
  • Books and Supplies - NA
  • Room & Board - NA
  • Other - NA


The retention rate at West Point is 97%, meaning that 97 out of 100 first-year students return for their second academic year of instruction. The 4-year graduation rate is 81% and the 6-year graduation rate is 85%. The rigorous education requires some cadets to stay at West Point for an additional two years so they can complete their degrees satisfactorily, but this is part of a national trend rather than a problem at this particular institution.

Neither evening nor online classes are available. Students must be in the classroom to attend this school. This means that cadets are not allowed to hold jobs that would take them away from their classes.

Degree programs offered at West Point include area, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies; biological and biomedical sciences; business, management, marketing, and related support services; computer and information sciences and support services; engineering (chemical, civil, electrical and electronic, environmental/environmental health engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, operations research, and systems engineering); engineering technology and engineering-related fields; English language and literature; foreign languages, literatures, and linguistics; history; legal professions and studies; mathematics and statistics; military technologies and applied sciences; multi/interdisciplinary studies; natural resources and conservation; parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies; philosophy and religious studies; physical sciences; psychology; and social sciences.

Student Population Total

Student Population 4,589

Evening Classes : No
Distance Learning : No

Most Popular Programs & Majors

(# of Diplomas Awarded by Subject)

All Engineering Majors 294 Total Graduates / 29%
Mechanical Engineering 81 Graduates
Systems Engineering 58 Graduates
Civil Engineering, General 45 Graduates
Operations Research 33 Graduates
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 25 Graduates
All Social Science Majors 152 Total Graduates / 15%
Economics, General 49 Graduates
International Relations and Affairs 43 Graduates
Sociology 21 Graduates
Geography 19 Graduates
American Government and Politics (United States) 9 Graduates
All Business Majors 73 Total Graduates / 7%
Business Administration and Management, General 73 Graduates
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 72 Total Graduates / 7%
Chinese Language and Literature 16 Graduates
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other 16 Graduates
Russian Language and Literature 12 Graduates
French Language and Literature 11 Graduates
Arabic Language and Literature 9 Graduates
All Computer Information Science Majors 53 Total Graduates / 5%
Computer and Information Sciences, General 35 Graduates
Information Technology 18 Graduates
All Other Diplomas 37%

Outcome & Salary

Because West Point cadets don’t pay out of pocket for their education at the academy, they will benefit from a fantastic return on investment (ROI) once they complete their education. The average salary of a West Point graduate is $100,000; their early-career salary is $83,500 and their mid-career salary is $155,000. This makes their 10-year salary earnings potential $1,000,000 and their 20-year salary earnings potential $2,550,000.

High school graduates who don’t go on to college earn a national average salary of $38,792. Their 10-year projected income is $370,600 and their 20-year projected income is $775,840.

Graduates Salary
College Grads Early Career Salary $83,500
College Grads Average Salary $100,000
College Grads Mid Career Salary $155,000
Return on Investment (ROI)
10 Year Salary Earnings Potential $1,000,000
20 Year Salary Earnings Potential $2,550,000
Cost of Education (Net Price) 4 Year -
10 Year Projected ROI -
20 Year Projected ROI -
No College Education Salary Comparison
National Average Salary $38,792
10 Year Projected Income $387,920
20 Year Projected Income $775,840

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