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If you're in search of a degree, but don’t want to spend four years studying traditional programs, an accelerated degree could be just what you need. These degree options offer a faster track toward earning your diploma and starting your career sooner in this fascinating field.

Here, we'll look at some of the top accelerated computer science degrees available, whether online or otherwise, including their advantages and requirements for admission. Whether you are just beginning your higher education journey or seeking to advance it with a master's degree, we have everything you need for making an informed decision.

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What is an Accelerated Computer Science Degree?

An accelerated computer science degree program offers students the ability to complete a bachelor's or master's degree more quickly compared to traditional programs, providing a faster route into the workforce. Accelerated degrees are designed to reduce the time required for completion by providing students with an intensive curriculum, one which requires them to take more classes each semester or term. This allows students to cover similar material in less time compared with a traditional program, but it does mean that these degrees will require practically all your time while you are taking courses.

There are several advantages to pursuing an accelerated computer science degree:

  • Fast-track to Career:
    By completing the degree in a shorter amount of time, you can enter the job market sooner and start your career earlier.
  • Intensive Curriculum:
    Accelerated programs often provide a more focused curriculum that is tailored to the skills and knowledge needed in the computer science industry
  • Time and Cost Savings:
    Earning your degree quicker means less time spent on education, which can save you both time and money on tuition fees.

Accelerated programs can be an ideal fit for students who are motivated and committed to an intensive study schedule. If you possess exceptional time management abilities and can handle heavier workloads, an accelerated computer science degree could be a fantastic way to get through your education and get started on your career.

Why an Accelerated Degree?

An accelerated degree program in computer science offers numerous benefits that make them attractive options for ambitious students. You could use one either to quickly enter the job market, save time and money during education, or simply achieve your personal goals quicker.

Here are some of the key reasons why an accelerated degree program may be the right choice for you:

  • Earn your degree faster:
    One of the main advantages of an accelerated degree is the ability to graduate in a shorter period of time. By completing your computer science program quickly, you can enter the workforce sooner and start building your career. This can be especially beneficial in a fast-paced field like computer science where entry-level job opportunities are abundant, and some people get their head start by forgoing formal education in favor of certificates.
  • Start earning a higher salary sooner:
    With an accelerated degree, you can begin earning a higher salary at an earlier stage in your career. By entering the job market sooner, you can start gaining valuable work experience and climbing the professional ladder. This can lead to increased earning potential and greater financial stability in the long run as you will be able to lean on your degree when you start looking to move up.
  • Save time and money:
    Accelerated degree programs often offer cost savings compared to traditional four-year programs. By completing your degree in a shorter time frame, you can save on tuition fees and other educational expenses. Additionally, you can save on living costs and start earning a full-time salary earlier, reducing the overall cost of your education.
  • Stay competitive in a rapidly evolving field:
    The field of computer science is constantly evolving, with new technologies and advancements emerging regularly. By completing an accelerated degree, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure your skills and knowledge are up to date. This can give you a competitive edge in the job market and increase your chances of success.
  • Flexible learning options:
    Many accelerated degree programs offer flexible learning options, including online courses. This allows you to balance your studies with other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities. Online learning provides the convenience and flexibility to study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Online Computer Science Degree Options

These days, computer science degrees have become an increasingly attractive option for students. Choosing to complete accelerated degree programs online provides students with an efficient and flexible means of earning degrees while managing other obligations. There are numerous advantages associated with earning one this way and it should certainly be considered when pursuing an education and career in this area.

One of the primary advantages of earning your degree online is its flexibility. Online learning enables you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule, giving you access to course materials and lectures at any time - perfect if you are juggling studies alongside work or parenting duties! With so much flexibility available to them, professionals, new students, and parents who seek their degrees online have everything they need for successful completion.

With online learning comes the freedom of study from anywhere. An accelerated computer science degree program can also make this possible with online options: you don't have to move around as much or rely on local universities' programs for quality computer science courses. Online options offer endless possibilities and give you more freedom when choosing what program best meets your needs and interests.

Online computer science degrees also offer various formats of synchronous and asynchronous learning to accommodate various learning styles. Some programs feature virtual classes where you interact directly with peers while attending virtual classes live, while other provide access to course materials and assignments at your convenience (asynchronous). With such a range of online learning formats available to choose from, there's sure to be one suitable for your preferred learning style.

Online students benefit from accessing an abundance of resources and support systems designed to enhance the online learning experience and ensure they get the guidance they need to be successful. Most programs provide dedicated online learning platforms where students can access lectures, readings, interactive learning materials, and discussion boards; furthermore, they may have opportunities to connect with professors through discussion boards, email, or virtual office hours - these support systems aim at optimizing students' success online.

Available Degrees, Courses and Tuition Costs

Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

An accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science is designed for those just beginning their higher education journey, providing a thorough grounding in its concepts and skills in less time.

Tuition Cost

When considering an accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science, tuition cost should be taken into consideration. Tuition rates will differ depending on your institution of choice, the program and degree level you are completing, whether the program is online, etc. However, on average, an accelerated bachelor's degree ranges between $30k- $50k for the whole program.

How Long to Graduate

Completing an accelerated bachelor of computer science typically takes around 2 - 3 years. Since bachelor’s degrees usually take 4+, this enables graduates to enter the workplace faster and gain valuable experience as opposed to traditional programs.


The specific requirements for admission into an accelerated bachelor's degree program in computer science may vary depending on the institution.

Generally, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong academic background, particularly in mathematics and science
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement or essay

Typical Courses

The curriculum of an accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and skills in the field. Students will cover various topics related to programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks, and others. Some typical courses you may encounter include Introduction to Computer Science, Software Engineering, Database Management, and more. Here are some other subjects your courses might focus on:

Data Structures This course introduces students to various data structures and algorithms used in computer science, including arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees. Students will learn how to implement and analyze these data structures.
Programming Languages This course provides an in-depth study of programming languages including their syntax, semantics, and principles. Students will explore various programming paradigms and gain hands-on experience in coding.
Algorithms This course focuses on algorithm design and analysis techniques. Students will learn how to develop efficient algorithms to solve computational problems and analyze their time and space complexity.
Computer Networks This course covers the principles of computer networking including network architectures, protocols, and security. Students will gain an understanding of how data is transmitted and exchanged across networks.

Typical Salary for Professionals with This Degree

Professionals with a bachelor's degree in computer science can expect competitive salaries in the tech industry. The exact salary can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and industry. On average, computer science professionals with a bachelor's degree earn annual salaries ranging from $70,000 to $100,000.

Typical Jobs & Employers

Earning an accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science can open many exciting opportunities in this industry. As an experienced computing professional with an undergraduate degree, you will possess all the knowledge and skills needed to thrive across various roles within tech.

With a strong foundation in computer science, you can pursue careers such as:

These roles enable you to contribute to the creation of innovative software solutions, analyze complex data sets, design, and maintain websites and systems, and shape the future of technology through your expertise and problem-solving skills. As a computer science professional, you will play an essential part in shaping its evolution.

Upon graduating with an accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science, you will have access to a wide range of job opportunities in various sectors.

Some typical job titles for computer science professionals with an undergraduate degree might include:

  • Software Engineer at Google
  • Data Analyst at Amazon
  • Web Developer at IBM
  • Systems Analyst at Microsoft

These are just a few examples of the many job possibilities available to you with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Employers across industries recognize the value of computer science professionals and actively seek them out for their knowledge and skills.

Accelerated Computer Science Dual Degree Programs

Here, we’ll look at dual degree programs available to computer science students. These programs allow aspiring professionals to obtain two degrees simultaneously while enjoying many advantages within this discipline. So, let's examine what exactly these programs entail and how they operate.

Dual degree programs, also referred to as double or combined degree programs, enable students to pursue two separate degrees at once. When applied to computer science degrees, this allows students to pair them with another field such as business, mathematics or graphic design and give themselves an edge in the job market by developing multiple skill sets simultaneously.

Graduating from dual degree programs varies based on both program and university factors. Due to additional coursework requirements, dual degrees typically take longer to complete than traditional single degree programs - typically an extra year or two to obtain both degrees based on factors like credit transfer policies and course availability. However, earning both degrees this way is often faster than it would be to complete a bachelor’s degree and then go back to school for a master’s.

Dual Degree Program Duration
Computer Science and Business Administration 5 years
Computer Science and Mathematics 4-5 years
Computer Science and Graphic Design 5 years

Accelerated Master’s Degree in Computer Science

For students already holding a bachelor's degree, an accelerated master's degree in computer science offers a fast track to acquiring advanced knowledge and expertise. These programs aim to build upon foundational concepts learned at undergraduate level and to explore more specialized fields. For computer scientists, an accelerated master's degree can open exciting career prospects and give you an edge in the job market. By studying for this advanced degree, you will acquire valuable specialized knowledge and skills that will make you highly sought-after professionals within the industry.

When holding a master's degree in computer science, one can expect to assume leadership roles and work on complex projects that demand advanced technical expertise. You will have the chance to delve deeper into specialized areas like artificial intelligence, cyber security, or software engineering and use your in-depth knowledge of these subjects to provide innovative solutions, advance technological progress, and contribute to organization expansion across various industries.

Tuition Cost

When contemplating an accelerated master's degree in computer science, tuition cost should be factored into your decision-making. Costs will depend on the institution and length of program but, long-term investment can lead to higher earnings potential and career advancement opportunities. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid options may help make tuition payments more manageable.

How Long to Graduate

Accelerated master's degree programs usually take less time to complete than traditional ones, depending on the specific program and course load you select. You should expect to complete it sooner and start making an impactful statement about computer science to the world at large. Since most master’s programs take around 18 months to complete, you might find an accelerated option that allows you to complete the whole degree in one year or 10 months. It depends on the programs available to you, but you should be careful about checking how long each week you will be expected to devote to your studies as very fast programs may not leave you much time for anything else.


Each institution varies in their admission requirements for entering an accelerated master's of computer science program. Among the more frequently required prerequisites may include holding a bachelor's degree in a related field with at least a minimum GPA, letters of recommendation and statement of purpose, as well as years working in a related field. Some programs also require proficiency with certain programming languages or technical skills as prerequisites for admission.

Typical Courses

As part of an accelerated master's degree in computer science, you can expect to take advanced courses that explore cutting-edge topics within the field such as machine learning, data mining, computer graphics, software engineering and network security. Your curriculum is intended to give you both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in this area of computer science.

Advanced Algorithms This course focuses on advanced algorithmic techniques and their applications. Students will study topics such as dynamic programming, graph algorithms, and randomized algorithms.
Machine Learning This course introduces students to the principles and algorithms of machine learning. Students will learn how to develop models that can learn from data and make predictions or decisions.
Data Mining This course explores techniques for discovering patterns and extracting knowledge from large datasets. Students will learn data preprocessing, association rule mining, and clustering algorithms.
Computer Vision This course focuses on the theory and applications of computer vision. Students will learn image processing techniques and how to develop algorithms for object recognition and scene understanding.

Typical Salary for Professionals with This Degree

Earning potential is considerable for professionals holding an accelerated master's degree in computer science. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual wages for computer and information research scientists who typically hold such degrees was estimated at $122,840 as of May 2020.

Typical Jobs & Employers

With an accelerated master's degree in computer science, graduates may pursue advanced career opportunities such as data scientists, AI engineers, software architects, and cyber security analysts. They may also find they have access to highly sought after roles among employers seeking professionals with these degrees in leading technology companies, research institutions, government agencies, consulting firms, and academia.

A master's degree in computer science can open doors to various job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Some common career paths include software engineer, data scientist, systems analyst, research scientist, and computer network architect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Accelerated Computer Science Degree?

An accelerated computer science degree program allows students to complete their bachelor's or master's degree faster compared to traditional programs, usually featuring an intensive curriculum with more courses taken per semester or term and more courses taken each year; its purpose is to help earn your degree faster and enter the workforce sooner.

What are the Advantages of an Accelerated Computer Science Degree?

An accelerated computer science degree allows students to enter the job market more quickly and start their careers earlier, while providing more focused curriculum tailored specifically for industry needs and making graduates more competitive in job searches. Earning this degree more quickly also means lower tuition and savings on education expenses.

Are there online options for accelerated computer science degrees?

Absolutely! Many accelerated computer science programs are offered online to give students maximum flexibility between studying and other commitments. Online programs often utilize innovative learning technologies and platforms for course materials, lectures, and assignments delivery.

What degrees are available for accelerated computer science programs?

Accelerated computer science programs can be found both at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. There may even be associate degrees that can be completed more quickly than is usual. Students looking to begin higher education may select any program they wish - each providing them with knowledge and skills essential to excelling in computer science.

What kinds of roles can I pursue with an accelerated bachelor's degree in computer science?

Earning a degree in computer science opens numerous career options, from software developers and IT analysts to web designers and database administrators - each position offering exciting career prospects!

What Are Dual Degree Programs in Computer Science?

Dual degree programs allow students to concurrently pursue both bachelor's and master's degrees within an expedited timeline, saving both time and tuition costs while potentially expediting learning processes.

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