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What is a Temporary Position?

A temporary position is a short- or long-term job, or work that is not permanent employment. However, there are also some temporary positions that can lead to permanent employment. Most job seekers will take on a temporary position until they find something permanent, but if the company they are doing a temporary job for sees them as an asset to the business; the employer may offer them a permanent full-time position to stay on with their firm.

Businesses generally hire temps to fill a role until they can get someone else to fill a position or will hire someone temporarily to see how well they do before actually putting them on the payroll as a full-time regular employee.

Other reasons why businesses hire temps are:

  • To fill in for an employee who is going on vacation, taking maternity leave, having a medical procedure done, or just needs some time off for any reason
  • For seasonal assistance
  • To help fulfill certain projects
  • To assist an employee who is running behind
  • To take over when someone gets fired, suddenly quits, or calls out

Those looking for temporary work can go through a temporary employment agency that matches workers with jobs they are qualified for.

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Temp Agencies Can Help You Find Accounting Jobs

How do Temp Agencies Work?

Also known as staffing and employment agencies, temp agencies can find you temporary jobs quickly so that you can earn some cash to pay bills while seeking a permanent position or earning a degree.

When applying to a temp agency, you will have to undergo an extensive application process that may have more requirements than a regular job would. Typically, you will start by filling out an application and submitting your resume. Similar to a regular job hiring process, you will then be interviewed by the agency and may be tested to see how advanced your skills are to match you with positions you are qualified for.

Additionally, the agency will run a background check on you and finally let you know if you are approved or not.

Once approved, the agency will look for a temporary job offered by an employer they have contracted with that matches your interests and/or skill sets, then contact you with some offers that you can either accept or reject. Jobs can be anywhere from a few hours to many months or more of part- or full-time work.

There is no charge to a job seeker for this service, as temp agencies are paid by employers who use their services to find someone to work for them temporarily. Moreover, when you accept a job to work for a company temporarily, it doesn’t mean you are hired by that organization; rather you work for the temp agency that also pays you your wages. If the job pays $30 per hour, most agencies will take $10 and pay you $20.

Although every agency has its own rules, they are very similar. If an employer decides to keep you on permanently, they will have to pay to release you from your contract with the temp agency first per their agreement with the agency or they may wait until the end of the contract and then bring you on full-time without paying out the remainder of your temporary contract.

Do I need experience?

You don’t need experience to be signed on with employment agencies, as there are some jobs that don’t require any; however, it depends on the employer’s preferences. Although most companies will want you to have some experience, there are some employers who will hire you for a temp position without it and others who will hire students studying in the field or who are educated in the same or a related area.

One thing that is good about these agencies is that they can help you to get your foot in the door within the industry and gain experience that you can use for a permanent position later working for another company.

Why should I get a temp job if I already have an Accounting Degree?

There are numerous reasons why degree holders may seek temporary positions. Just because you have earned a degree doesn’t mean you will get a good job right off the bat, especially since most of the better-paying jobs require at least some experience. Therefore, some may find it difficult to find a job that suits their needs right after graduating from college. While you are searching for employment, you’ll still need to earn some kind of income, since you can’t put your bills on hold.

Additionally, some people have certain responsibilities that prevent them from working a full-time job, so they take on temporary positions instead, to help earn an income to fulfill their living expenses. Temporary jobs are also good for those who wish to continue their education. While studying they can do some temporary work to help with their cash needs.

Others who may benefit by using a temp agency are graduates who have worked hard to earn an accounting degree and may just want to take a little break before hitting the pavement and then working for the rest of their life, after finding permanent full-time employment, or they may want to check out a type of firm or perhaps it’s the only job you can get in a company you’d love to work for. You can take a temp job as an opportunity to network within a specific company or industry.

These are just some of the reasons why graduates find temp agencies appealing. Bachelor’s degree holders can also get temporary jobs through these agencies, which can help them to gain some much-needed experience, earn some cash for necessities until they land the job they desire or build a network of others in the field.

How a Temp Position Can Turn into a Full-Time Position

While most job seekers will take to temp agencies to help them get short term positions until they find something permanent, the majority of businesses use temp agencies to find people to fill openings until they can find someone permanently. Therefore, temporary employees that do well while performing short-term tasks for an employer could benefit both the employer and themselves, as the company may consider putting them on the payroll permanently.

Short-term positions generally last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks but can continue even longer. However, jobs that last longer than roughly six weeks are usually considered long-term, which would require the employer to extend a short-term contract. Although some long-term projects may be extended for a year or more, after reaching a specific duration (usually 1,000 hours worked within a year), it is mandatory that the temp becomes a permanent employee and receive employee benefits from the employer.

The specific amount of time set between short-term, long-term, and permanent employment is determined by corporate policies, government regulations, and state laws. However, even long-term positions are often accessible through temp agencies.

What Kinds of Accounting Positions Can You Find?

Accounting temp agencies have many opportunities available for those seeking short or long-term employment, or even a permanent position, these may include:


Accountants oversee an organization’s financial transactions by performing financial calculations. Common duties may include maintaining balance sheets, managing budgets, creating cash flow and sales reports, administering payroll, conducting billing activities, taking inventory, generating income forecasts, and filing taxes.

Staff Accountant

Staff accountants work five days a week during regular business hours preparing financial reports and analyzing financial information to determine and maintain an organization’s liability, profits and losses, records of assets, tax liability, and other financial information.

Senior Accountant

Senior accountants lead a company’s accounting division and keep the organization’s finances organized. These professionals must have strong organizational and mathematics skills to be perfectly accurate with calculations every time as the tiniest mistake can be fatal to an organization’s finances.

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers are responsible for developing and implementing methods for verifying, analyzing, gathering, and reporting various types of a company’s financial information as well as scheduling expenditures, preparing and maintaining annual budgets, and taking corrective measures should an error occur.

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How Do I get the Most Out of an Experience with a Temp Agency?

Staffing firms can do a lot more for you than you may know. Not only do they let you in on unique opportunities that are not listed anywhere else, but some of them may even coach you through the application/interviewing process, help make you a professional resume, provide you with guidance, training, and feedback that will enhance your skills, and more.

Use the following tips to help you get the most out of an experience with a temp agency:

  • Be honest and follow their rules
    Honesty is still the best policy, especially when you want to maintain a good relationship with your recruiter. Being candid will help your recruiter understand your needs and know what jobs will suit you.
  • Check in with them regularly
    Check in with your recruiter on a regular basis to show you are still interested in a temp position. If you applied for jobs, be sure and follow up by calling to check the status.
  • Take advantage of what they offer
    Most staffing agencies offer free services that can be very beneficial to you, such as training courses, interview prep, resume writing, and career counseling that you should take advantage of if you have time.
  • Always look your best and act professionally
    When sent on a job, you’re basically representing the agency, so it’s important to look your best and act in a professional manner and they will continue placing you with the best jobs.
  • Don’t limit your search to just the agency
    Although staffing agencies will try their best to find a position that suits you, don’t forget that you can also look to job boards, social media, and other means for finding work.
  • Always ask questions when you are uncertain about anything
    Keep in mind that all temp agencies have their own rules. Therefore, after allowing your recruiter to explain how their process works, be sure and ask any questions you may have.
  • Only accept jobs that interest you
    While recruiting agencies have some great jobs to offer, they also have jobs that nobody wants, which they may try passing to you first, but remember you don’t have to accept just any job.

Accounting Temp Agencies in the US

Robert Half Accountemps Company

With over 325 locations, this agency makes the hiring process easier for temporary accounting and finance jobs. Accountemps utilizes cutting edge technology and matching algorithms to rapidly find the best possible candidates for every project, whether it’s short-term, long-term, or temp to permanent positions.

Frontline Source Group Accounting & Finance Recruiting Agency

Frontline offers professional contract staffing services for a temporary, temp to permanent, or direct hiring processes in many convenient locations throughout the U.S. They work closely with all their clients to identify their needs and talents before matching them with the perfect opportunity for their field of expertise.

Aerotek’s Accounting Staffing & Employment Agency

Aerotek has specialized recruiters to help connect their contracted clients with highly skilled accounting professionals across all industries throughout America. They offer flexible services to match talented, highly-skilled candidates with businesses seeking their professionalism from collections to accounts receivable and payable.

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