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What is Marketing?

Marketing careers come in many different forms. The overall goal of any marketing executive is to deliver a product or service to market in the most effective way possible. To that end, marketers research what their target market or demographics desire from the product. They also help determine exactly who that market is and even try to expand the consumer base to span multiple demographics.

While most of us encounter marketing in the form of clever and creative advertising, the field also has a very analytical side. Marketers conduct surveys to determine how the public perceives their products and what the same group might desire in the future. They also work with big data sets that must be crunched by data experts and even data scientists. The creative marketing team then takes the conclusions of this analysis and creates engaging campaigns which translate into sales and revenue for their firm.

To become the best marketing professional you can, it's vital to study hard in the best possible marketing degree program. To that end, we have conducted exhaustive research to find the very best marketing colleges and degree programs in Arizona. While students often have their own subjective measures by which they judge marketing degree programs, we strive to present only the most objective analysis of Arizona's marketing degree programs.

We have taken into consideration Arizona's specific needs with regard to marketing and we've made efforts to target the programs that meet the needs of that particular economy. We also look at educational research as aggregated by the U.S. Department of Education. Specifically, we target data points such as a school's admission rates, retention numbers, and the percentage of students who actually receive a diploma. Once armed with this objective analysis, students can weigh it against their personal preferences, needs, and desires for their future lives as marketing professionals.

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Marketing Education in Arizona

A marketing professional is a businessperson who works to promote their company's products and services. The marketing world is comprised of many such professionals who perform a wide range of tasks. Some are deeply involved in market analysis and are thus concerned with statistics and trends. Others work on advertising campaigns, sales strategies, public relations, and event planning.

A marketing team may use analytical data to determine the target market for a product. They then devise the messages, packaging, and other means of communicating their product's features. This means that marketing professionals may rely on skills that range from statistical analysis to sales to art and design. They also include those with journalism or even literature backgrounds.

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Thus, while there are marketing degree programs that help students land jobs in top marketing firms or departments, a marketing professional can come from nearly any bachelor’s degree program.

Associate Degree in Marketing (AS)

Arizona marketing degree students can start their careers with an associate degree in marketing. Community colleges can provide excellent training that students use to land their first jobs in the marketing world. This degree level will also ensure that students complete the core college curriculum. Those core classes can be later applied towards a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on marketing.

Arizonans can use their associate degrees in marketing to start careers with entry-level positions. Those who excel in statistics and mathematics might start out analyzing the results of market surveys. Others might begin work as account representatives in advertising or even helping to organize and execute marketing events. Some of these jobs might involve hands-on work that might even involve tasks such as distributing flyers, inflating balloons, and making endless phone calls. All of this experience will prove valuable as one's career in marketing gets off the ground.

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Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (BS)

A four-year baccalaureate degree in business or marketing would be a terrific way to kick off a career in marketing. During the course of the four years it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree, students can explore many different facets of the field. Those who are interested in the creative side of marketing, for instance, can take additional courses in art, web design, and creative writing while also learning about the analytical side of the field. Students can also study vital subjects like statistics, economics, and even management while still focusing on marketing as their primary concentration.

Bachelor’s degree marketing students also have ample time to pursue part-time marketing jobs over the summers. They may also have the opportunity to earn credits through internships, which allow them to earn credits while also accruing valuable experience. On the other hand, online marketing degree students often land jobs in marketing while they still work on their academics.

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Master's Degree in Marketing (MS or MC)

For professionals who wish to bring their marketing career to the next level, an MBA with a marketing concentration is just the ticket. Students who complete this rigorous degree find that their pay increases, they have more opportunities, and they move up the ladder of success. While some enter an online MBA degree program straight out of college, others choose to wait until they have more experience. Either way, the business community always admires and rewards MBA degree holders.

For those who concentrate on marketing for their MBA degree, their programs might offer the opportunity to focus their studies on a specific industry. It's all but certain that any marketing concentration will allow students to choose their own industry as the focus of research and study. Students should certainly investigate an MBA program before they enroll, as some focus more on topics like promotions, advertising, or market analysis. Thus, students need to find an MBA program that will help them achieve their individual goals.

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PhD Degree in Marketing (PhD)

While this degree is somewhat rare in the business community, a PhD in marketing can indeed help professionals achieve their career goals. While a PhD in marketing will graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of the field, they will also spend a great deal of time focusing on one specific topic for their dissertation. This dissertation topic often colors much of their professional life from there on. Thus, firms who need an expert in that area will find a PhD candidate highly valuable.

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However, those who earn a PhD will more likely want to enter into a position in academia. While it's possible to teach at the college or university level with only a master’s degree in marketing, the best chance of long-term success comes with a PhD. This is because higher education naturally places a high value on this pinnacle degree. Thus, a doctorate or PhD in marketing can qualify the degree holder to earn a full-time tenure track position.

Top College Programs in Arizona for Marketing

  • Arizona State University
  • University of Arizona
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Grand Canyon University

Become a Marketing Professional in Arizona

Arizona businesses are vital and growing in no small part due to the marketing professionals they employ. Marketing students and professionals thus should be able to make their mark in that state's business community. Whether they focus on social media marketing, public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), creative work, or brand management, they are sure to find professional marketing opportunities in Arizona.

To become a marketing professional in Arizona, workers might first consider the needs of the state. Just as ice makers don't attempt to sell their wares to Alaskans, a marketing executive should check that their specific experience and expertise matches the needs of Arizona businesses. For instance, Arizona is strong in the aerospace and defense industries, which have unique marketing needs. Marketing executives who have a strong understanding of those sorts of business will find their niche in the state. The state is also strong in technology, manufacturing, bio science, healthcare, and financial services. Each of these sectors has unique marketing needs, of which students should be aware before they graduate with an Arizona marketing degree.

It's important for students of marketing to focus on those industries when they choose subjects for their projects. They should also look for internships with firms that have issues similar to those found in Arizona. Keep in mind that while Arizona's economy may feature specific industries, the state is also home to many more. There are always opportunities for retail marketers, tourism experts, and more. It's also important to note that those marketing professionals whose specialty is in analyzing the data can likely find work in an industry or have an easier time transitioning between industry sectors.

Since many marketing professors come from the working world, Arizona students are sure to receive pearls of wisdom and insight into what it takes to launch a successful Arizona marketing campaign. Many marketing departments are sure to seek out experienced faculty so that their graduates are prepared for success in the Arizona business climate. While it's not imperative that faculty members have experience in the Arizona business community, this is a factor that students should consider when looking for a marketing degree program.

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Careers for Marketing Graduates

  • Chief Marketing Manager:
    These professionals are at the top of the marketing universe, at least in their own firms. Chief marketing managers have often worked their way up and many have an MBA with a concentration in marketing. From this position, many marketing managers rise into the C-suites.
  • Media Buyer:
    This position is vital to the budgeting of any successful marketing campaign. Media buyers purchase time on radio, television, billboards, and wherever advertising is found. Their purchasing decisions determine where consumers find their firm's advertising. Savvy media buyers are deft negotiations and know the exact times, days, and locations when their target market will be tuned into the relevant media outlet.
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director:
    No firm can survive without digital marketing, so this specialization is vital to the success of any firm. These professionals might employ web designers, SEO writers, and even multimedia specialists, depending on the needs of their campaign. These days, digital marketing managers and directors must also have a mastery of social media, in-app advertising, and even ensuring that their firm achieves viral status.
  • Brand Manager:
    Brand managers understand the nebulous notion of brand. They understand how to keep a suite of products on brand and thus maintaining a singular identity despite individual differences. They thus know what sorts of marketing strategies will work best for their products. Once a brand is established, brand managers also monitor and provide oversight to the marketing team.
  • Advertising Coordinator:
    These marketing executives are experts at managing the logistics of a marketing campaign. They act as administrators who coordinate the social media messages, media purchases, and other events in the life cycle of a campaign. They also conduct market studies to verify how well the campaign was able to generate sales or has otherwise achieved its objectives.
  • Marketing/Research Analyst:
    Nowadays, this job is becoming ever more complex. The era of Big Data is upon us, and it's imperative that firms employ marketing research analysts who know how to deal with incredibly large data sets. In fact, this position may soon require a master’s degree, if not a PhD in data science.

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  • Product Manager:
    These business professionals work with a product throughout its life span. They help maintain the quality and character of their product line. They need to be able to respond to the needs of the market. For instance, they might help devise a variety of spaghetti sauces in order to capture the whole sauce market. They can also consult with the brand managers to ensure that the products remain on-brand.
  • Public Administrations/Relations Specialists:
    PR execs are expert at helping their client build and maintain a positive public image. They help them arrange media events such as press conferences, interviews, and press releases. Public relations experts are often needed to help allay any negative press or to otherwise help protect their client weather any undue negativity. PR campaigns cover social media, print, television, and the totality of digital media.

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