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Bismarck State College, founded in 1939 and situated in Bismarck, North Dakota, is a well-known local higher education institution that provides academic programs, workforce training courses, and continuing education opportunities to its student body. Bismarck State College stands out among colleges by its commitment to offering top-quality education in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. It prides itself on small class sizes that enable instructors to give personalized attention while building community among students. Furthermore, this college offers numerous support services - academic advising, tutoring services, career services, counseling - designed to assist in student success both inside and outside the classroom.

Overview of Bismarck State College (BSC)

Bismarck State College stands out for its expertise in technical and vocational programs that cover areas like energy, technology, healthcare, and business. Offering associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas related to these subjects gives students the skills needed to thrive in the workforce or transfer to four-year institutions.

Bismarck State College boasts not only academic programs but also a lively campus community. Offering various student activities and organizations as well as opportunities for leadership development, community service, and cultural enrichment; students at Bismarck State College can find something suitable to them from joining clubs to intramural sports or attending cultural events - there is something here for all at this college.

General Information

School Type Public
Campus Setting City: Small
Campus Housing Yes
Student Faculty Ratio 14:1
Graduation Rate 51%
Year Founded 1939

Student Enrollment

Total Students3,771


Undergraduate Student

Male 1,961
Female 1,810

Graduate Student

Male 0
Female 0

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Bismarck State College Acceptance Rate and Admissions


Male N/A
Female N/A


Male N/A
Female N/A

Acceptance RateN/A

Male N/A
Female N/A

Enrollment N/A

Male N/A
Female N/A
Application Fee $35
High School GPA N/A
High School Rank N/A
High School Transcripts N/A
College Prep Courses N/A
Recommendations N/A
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) N/A
Application Deadline Rolling
Common Application Accepted No

BSC Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

As you consider Bismarck State College (BSC), understanding its tuition costs is key to budgeting and planning your education. BSC stands out among national averages due to its competitive tuition rates.

For In-State Students:

  • Tuition: $5,195 in the 2023-24 academic year
  • Structured to be affordable against the national in-state average of $10,660.

For Out-Of-State Students:

  • Tuition: $7,279
  • This rate is lower than the out-of-state national average tuition cost of $23,630.

Financial Aid Options: BSC offers various financial aid options to assist with tuition costs. If you are eligible family member of a veteran, BSC accepts VA education benefits and will accept your Certificate of Eligibility or VA Form 22-1905 as payment for tuition costs. There are also grants, scholarships, loans, and more. A full 87% of students received some form of aid in a recent year.

Keep in mind that tuition and fees may change, with the latest information available on BSC's official website.

Average net price 2021-2022
Net Price $11,309
Average Total Aid $4,239
Students Receiving Financial Aid 87%
Room & Board $8,300

Sticker Price

  • Tuition In-State - $5,195
  • Tuition Out-of-State - $7,279
  • Books and Supplies - $1,100
  • Room & Board - $8,300
  • Other - $3,400

Popular Academic Programs at BSC

Bismarck State College, located in the heart of North Dakota, stands as a beacon of educational excellence in the region. Known for its strong emphasis on innovation and technology, the college boasts state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge programs that prepare students for success in the modern workforce. With a focus on hands-on learning experiences and industry partnerships, Bismarck State College equips its students with practical skills and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers.

Bismarck State College stands out among colleges by its dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through various initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and foster an atmosphere of sustainability among both students and staff. From energy-efficient buildings to campus recycling programs, the college leads by example in fostering eco-conscious practices throughout its community. Its dedication not only benefits the planet but also instills responsibility and awareness within students preparing them to become conscientious global citizens.

In addition to academic excellence, Bismarck State College offers a vibrant campus life with numerous clubs, organizations, and events that cater to diverse interests. Students have ample opportunities to engage outside the classroom through sports teams, cultural activities, volunteer projects, and more. This vibrant campus culture fosters personal growth, leadership development, and lifelong friendships among students who enrich their college experience beyond academics alone.

Student Population Total

Student Population 3,716

Evening Classes : No
Online Learning : Yes

Most Popular Programs & Majors

(# of Diplomas Awarded by Subject)

All Business Majors 60 Total Graduates / 100%
Operations Management and Supervision 60 Graduates
All Other Diplomas 0%

Outcome & Salary

Bismarck State College equips its graduates with both knowledge and practical skills necessary for successful careers across a range of fields. Through internships and industry partnerships, graduates seamlessly enter the workforce upon graduating. By emphasizing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities as part of its curriculum, BSC ensures its graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to meet challenges within their industries of choice.

Bismarck State College's dedication to continuous learning and career development ensures its graduates remain competitive in an ever-evolving job market. Alumni can utilize an expansive range of support services and resources offered by the college that assist in navigating career paths while staying connected with fellow graduates. Overall, graduates from Bismarck State College reflect an unwavering dedication to quality education while simultaneously helping individuals meet their professional goals.

Graduates Salary
College Grads Early Career Salary $50,700
College Grads Average Salary $44,800
College Grads Mid Career Salary $70,900
Return on Investment (ROI)
10 Year Salary Earnings Potential $448,000
20 Year Salary Earnings Potential $1,157,000
Cost of Education (Net Price) 4 Year $41,400
10 Year Projected ROI $406,600
20 Year Projected ROI $1,115,600
No College Education Salary Comparison
National Average Salary $38,792
10 Year Projected Income $387,920
20 Year Projected Income $775,840

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