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Kettering College specializes in healthcare education and offers a variety of programs that cater to your career ambitions in the medical field. With over 50 years of history, it opens doors for you to learn from experienced faculty and engage with a curriculum designed to prepare you for real-world healthcare challenges. Located in Kettering, Ohio, the college provides a supportive environment for your studies, complete with state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and classrooms.

Overview of Kettering College

The institution is not only significant for its educational programs but also for its commitment to whole-person care, which is emphasized in the graduate and undergraduate courses available. By enrolling, you're joining a community where the focus is to service others through the healthcare profession, ensuring a sense of purpose in your vocational journey.

An extension of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's mission, the college maintains a private, faith-based approach to education, aligning you with a network of professionals driven by similar values. The first-hand experience gained during your education at Kettering College aims to equip you with the skills necessary to excel in health-related careers, whether you're aiming to enter the field directly or seeking further educational opportunities.

As a focused institution, Kettering College caters to your aspirations in health sciences, providing a blend of advanced education with a strong foundation in Adventist principles. The college supports innovative learning environments such as the Ollie Davis Medical Arts and Education Center, equipped to train the newest generation of health professionals.

General Information

School Type Public
Campus Setting Rural: Fringe
Campus Housing No
Student Faculty Ratio 15 : 1
Graduation Rate 39%
Year Founded 1969

Student Enrollment

Total Students2,297


Undergraduate Student

Male 781
Female 1,516

Graduate Student

Male 0
Female 0

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Kettering College Acceptance Rate and Admissions


Male N/A
Female N/A


Male N/A
Female N/A

Acceptance RateN/A

Male N/A
Female N/A

Enrollment N/A

Male N/A
Female N/A
Application Fee N/A
High School GPA N/A
High School Rank N/A
High School Transcripts N/A
College Prep Courses N/A
Recommendations N/A
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) N/A
Application Deadline N/A
Common Application Accepted N/A

Kettering College Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

With tuition averaging $15,672 in the 2023-24 academic year, Kettering College remains a competitive choice for your educational investment in the medical field. This figure is competitive when compared to the national average cost of tuition, which is roughly $43,477. When you are considering Kettering College for your education, understanding the tuition costs and financial aid options is crucial.

Kettering College offers a comprehensive Financial Aid program that can lessen the financial burden.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Tuition: As noted, the recent estimated annual tuition was $15,672
  • Graduate School Tuition: $25,030
  • Financial Aid: A significant number of undergraduate students, 89%, received financial aid in a recent year
  • Average Aid Received: The average grant or scholarship aid award was $11,401

The Cost of Attendance (COA) at Kettering College includes more than just tuition; it encompasses various components such as books and supplies, room and board, and other expenses. That's why it’s important to note that the COA is an estimate for full-time attendance over fall and spring semesters and may vary based on individual circumstances.

Kettering College's financial aid options could include grants, scholarships, and federal student loans, aimed at making your educational journey financially manageable. It is recommended that you explore these options early to plan your finances accordingly.

Average net price Current Year
Net Price $7,008
Average Total Aid $5,627
Students Receiving Financial Aid 81%
Room & Board $6,510

Sticker Price

  • Tuition In-State - $3,865
  • Tuition Out-of-State - $6,745
  • Books and Supplies - $1,400
  • Room & Board - $6,510
  • Other - $5,730

Popular Academic Programs at Kettering College

Kettering College tailors its academic programs to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry, ensuring that you will be immersed in cutting-edge education and training.

  • Health Sciences: Your education in these programs is designed to be comprehensive, preparing you for a variety of healthcare roles.
    • Degrees conferred include Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.
  • Physician Assistant: At Kettering College, you can join one of the longest-standing Physician Assistant programs in the United States.
    • The program emphasizes practical experience through access to a wide hospital network and professional mentorship and offers a master’s degree upon completion.
  • Kettering College offers online courses designed to provide you with flexibility and convenience without compromising educational quality.
    • Online undergraduate and graduate programs focus on health science education that adapts to your personal schedule.

Student Population Total

Student Population 2,297

Evening Classes : No
Online Learning : Yes

Most Popular Programs & Majors

(# of Diplomas Awarded by Subject)

All Business Majors N/A

Outcome & Salary

Your potential salary and career trajectory post-graduation can be strongly influenced by where you choose to study. Kettering College stands out with impressive graduate outcomes. As a recent graduate of Kettering College, you can look forward to some solid starting salaries. Within two years of graduation, the median earning for Kettering alumni is $70,700, indicating robust early-career compensation. You'll also join a high percentage (96.2%) of alumni who are successfully managing their student loan repayment, providing a strong indicator of financial stability and employment success.

Building on an already strong foundation, graduates of Kettering College who further their education with advanced degrees also do well. Their overall ranking jumps nationally when these degrees are taken into account. If you're aiming for an advanced degree, you can expect your early-career median salary to rank at 14th nationally, which speaks volumes about the college's quality of education and its impact on your professional life.

Graduates Salary
College Grads Early Career Salary $43,500
College Grads Average Salary $31,533
College Grads Mid Career Salary $61,000
Return on Investment (ROI)
10 Year Salary Earnings Potential $315,330
20 Year Salary Earnings Potential $925,330
Cost of Education (Net Price) 4 Year $28,0326
10 Year Projected ROI $287,298
20 Year Projected ROI $897,298
No College Education Salary Comparison
National Average Salary $38,792
10 Year Projected Income $387,920
20 Year Projected Income $775,840

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