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What is Business Administration?

When it comes to the professional and business services industry in Mississippi, it has been ranked as the 5th top industry, according to its annual revenue. Since the professional and business services is a top industry in Mississippi, the state requires a wide variety of business professionals to meet the needs of clients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state had over 1 million people working in a business and financial operations occupation within the last few years.

The good news is that, when it comes to the best business administration schools in Mississippi, there are plenty to choose from. Many of these schools offer business administration degrees with an extensive array of concentrations. Depending on the school and business administration program, students can choose one of the following focus areas: sports management, human resources management, accounting, general business, marketing, healthcare management, management information systems, finance, and more.

As a result, the many schools in Mississippi are able to meet the state’s demand for a wide variety of extremely knowledgeable business administration professionals.

Business administrator are extremely important professionals within a wide variety of industries. They are responsible for making sure that companies run smoothly.

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Online Business Administration Education in Mississippi

In order to succeed as business administrators, you must have knowledge in finance, accounting, human resources, management, marketing, and leadership. The main duties of business administrators often include developing company goals, overseeing a company’s daily activities, managing employees, hiring managers or other team members, approving business agreements and contracts, helping with project management, monitoring budgets, and communicating with senior executives.

Business administrators can work at non-profit organizations, manufacturing firms, service industries, retail stores, government agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, financial institutions, and other small and large businesses throughout the state.

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The most successful business administrators are equipped with excellent critical thinking, problem solving, communication, organizational, and leadership skills, which many of these skills can be taught and learned through a strong business administration degree program.

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration (AS)

The school of business and technology at several colleges in Mississippi offer associate business administration degrees. An associate business administration degree will enable students to transfer a bachelor’s business administration degree program at a four-year college or get right into the workforce in entry-level positions.

The objective of an associate business administration degree is to give students the opportunity to explore the business world. Over the course of these programs, students will become familiar with key topics including intro to business, marketing principles, business statistics, legal environment of business, and principles of accounting.

When students graduate from these program, they’ll be able to obtain entry-level positions, but they probably will not yet have access to higher-level administration jobs. Once graduates excel in roles such as an administrative/executive assistant, store manager, or a sales supervisor, they may eventually be able to climb the corporate ladder to attain an administrative position, but more education can speed the process.

Here are the schools that offer an associate business administration degree program in Mississippi: Northwest Mississippi Community College, East Mississippi Community College, Hinds Community College, Copiah Lincoln Community College, Jones College, Pearl River Community College, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BS or BBA)

The primary mission of a bachelor business administration degree is to offer students foundational knowledge in business economy, accounting, management, and technology, which will ultimately prepare them for entry-level management positions and possibly even senior management positions once they have some experience. Many students who receive this degree go on to become business development managers, business management associates, entrepreneurs, human resource managers, and marketing managers.

A college of business at a Mississippi school may offer a bachelor’s business administration degrees with academic concentrations such as non-profit management, management information systems (MIS), accounting, general business, marketing, general management, data management, human resources management, sports management, real estate, and healthcare management.

Students of bachelor’s business administration programs with one of the above focus areas will explore key topics including business economics, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and international business. These programs also often offer internship opportunities for students who would like to use their knowledge to gain real-world experience.

The best business administration schools for a bachelor’s business administration degree in the state are Belhaven University, Mississippi College, The University of Mississippi, Mississippi Valley State University, Alcorn State University, Mississippi State University, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Mississippi University for Women.

Online Master's Degree in Business Administration (MS)

A master’s business administration degree, or MBA, is specifically designed to prepare students for management positions right after graduation. When students graduate from this program, they’ll be equipped with the necessary skills to excel in top managerial positions at financial institutions, non-profit organizations, government agencies, hospitals, and small businesses.

Many schools offer in-person and online programs in business administration, and several of them offer concentrations like human resources, healthcare administration, finance, sports administration, public administration, information systems management, and leadership.

These programs offer an impressive scope of business courses such as Managerial Economics, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Systems Project Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Marketing, and many more. In addition to exploring key business administration topics, students will also learn excellent critical thinking and leadership skills.

A master’s business administration degree and an MBA are equivalent programs, so students can choose either one if they’re interested in obtaining a position in upper-level management.

If future business administration professionals want to receive a master’s business administration degree, the top schools for these programs in the state are Jackson State University, Mississippi University for Women, Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, Delta State University, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Belhaven University.

Online PhD Degree in Business Administration (PhD)

The main objective of a PhD or doctorate in business administration is to prepare students to become exceptional researchers and professors. Depending on the school, concentrations such as finance, marketing, informational systems, and management may be available. Based on their respective focus area, students may enroll in courses such as Investment Analysis, Special Topics in Management, Teaching Methods, and/or Research Methods.

Regardless of the specific focus area that students choose, the program offers many research opportunities for students. During a PhD or doctorate program, students often work with prominent faculty to perform scholarly research.

A PhD/Doctorate degree in business administration usually takes four years to complete, but some students may complete their program in five years. Students who would like to earn a PhD or doctorate in business administration should consider attending one of the following schools: Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, or Jackson State University.

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Become a Business Administrator in Mississippi

Many people want to become business administration professionals in Mississippi, but only a small percentage of them know how to accomplish this goal. There are several industries that fall under business administration including finance, accounting, marketing, government, and more. Here is a step-by-step guide to anyone who wants to become a business administrator in Mississippi.

  • Earn a Business Degree
    Most employers these days want their employees to have a business or business administration degree from an accredited school before they will hire them straight into an administration position. Those with a simple business degree might also need to gain some experience before being offered a supervisory position.
  • Obtain Business Certifications

    Once future business professionals graduate from college, they might need to obtain a certification. Just keep in mind that not all business administration careers require a certification. However, companies favor financial advisors who have received certification.

    Future business professionals should consider obtaining any of the following certifications: Certified Financial Planner, Personal Financial Specialist, Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Investment Counselor, or Chartered Financial Consultant, depending on their interests.

    For example, future school business administrators in this state will need to receive a School Business Administrator License through the Mississippi Department of Education. Future healthcare administrators may need to receive the Certified Healthcare Administrative Professional certification.

  • Get Involved with a Professional Organization

    The last step you might want to consider when becoming a business administrative professional is joining professional organizations. There are many benefits to joining professional organizations, from several network opportunities to many educational resources. The following are a few excellent organizations for business administration professionals.

    • Mississippi Society of Association Executives
      Here, you’ll gain access to many educational resources. Members can also find many job opportunities, a member newsletter, and attend the annual conference.
    • Mississippi Economic Council
      Members will have the opportunity to participate in pro-business legislature and advocacy efforts and can take advantage of networking opportunities, special conferences/events, and an e-newsletter.
    • Gulf Coast Business Council
      Members of this organization are extremely passionate about resolving economic problems and supporting initiatives for incredible opportunities in the business industry in order to improve the state’s business community.
    • National Business Association
      An excellent options for those who are self-employed, the National Business Association offers many resources to support members’ businesses such as educational resources and helpful programs, as well as health, lifestyle, business, and education discounts.
    • National Business Education Association
      This association is perfect for those in the business education field. They’ll have the opportunity to participate in events, pursue new careers, and get involved in changing the future for educators.

Potential Careers for Business Administration Graduates

Here are just some of the top career opportunities for students pursuing a business administration degree in Mississippi.

  • Financial Advisor:
    As the title suggests, financial advisors specialize in providing financial guidance to an extensive array of clients. These professionals can help clients create a budget, save for retirement, invest for the future, estate plan, prepare tax returns, and develop long and short-term financial goals.
  • Accountant:
    Accounting associates have several important responsibilities. They are typically supposed to help prepare financial documents, manage accounts, monitor business expenses, answer phone calls, complete payroll, and much more. In order to succeed as accounting associates, these professionals must also cultivate trusting relationships with clients.

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  • Marketing Manager/Director:
    The overarching goal of digital marketing managers and directors is to oversee a company’s digital platforms such as social media, website, and email. The specific job responsibilities of these professionals often include creating a digital marketing strategy, launching compelling campaigns, monitoring budget, analyzing key metrics, managing a digital marketing team, and staying abreast of emerging digital technologies.
  • Project Manager:
    Project managers can play a major role in a company. These professionals are expected to oversee a project from beginning to end. During a typical day, project managers are performing the following tasks: create project management plans, manage teams, meet deadlines, monitor the budget, solve problems quickly, and ensure optimal client satisfaction.

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