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What is Public Administration Manager?

Aspiring to impact society through effective governance and community leadership? Your journey to become a public administrator in Oklahoma begins with the right education. Universities in Oklahoma deliver comprehensive public administration degree programs that are the keystones to a future in public service. This academic path is not just about studying; it's a transformative process that equips you with a robust skill set, covering critical areas like government operations, public policy, and financial management.

A Bachelor of Arts in Public and Non-profit Administration can pave the way for your engagement with Oklahoma's vibrant public sector. If you're ambitious and proactive, you might fast-track your education with accelerated online programs that could culminate in a respected Master of Public Administration (MPA) or a Master of Arts in Political Science within just five years. These graduate programs are tailored to foster not only your academic growth but also your professional evolution into roles that shape public policy and drive purposeful public service.


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Understanding the Role of Public Administration

The fabric of public administration is integral to Oklahoma's governance and societal well-being. As the bridge between the government and the public, administrators play pivotal roles across various sectors, charging forward with responsibilities that directly affect both the community's growth and the effectiveness of governmental and non-profit organizations.

Core Responsibilities in Government and Nonprofit Sectors

In both governmental and nonprofit sectors, professionals well-versed in public and nonprofit management work diligently to implement and oversee programs that benefit the public. These sectors demand a unique blend of skills, including strategic policy development and meticulous budget management, which are often essential components of a comprehensive nonprofit management bachelor's degree. Administrators are tasked with ensuring high operational standards in delivering community services, which directly reflects the efficacy of public administration.

Impact on Community Development and Policy Making

Public administrators in Oklahoma leverage their expertise in public relations and community service to drive significant improvements in local and state policies. The influence they wield in public policy development is crucial for fostering environments where communities can thrive. Through careful analysis and engagement with community stakeholders, these professionals ensure that the policies enacted serve the best interests of the public effectively and fairly.

Graduates from esteemed institutions enter the workforce ready to engage with these challenges head-on, equipped with the necessary tools to make a measurable difference in their communities through informed public administration.

Online Educational Pathways for a Public Administration Degree in Oklahoma

Pursuing a career in public administration in Oklahoma offers a variety of educational tracks tailored to different professional goals and stages. From foundational degrees to advanced training, accredited public administration programs are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Online Associate Degree in Public Administration (AS)

An associate degree in public administration acts as a gateway to higher education, setting a solid foundation in the basics of public administration, policy, and management. These programs take two years to complete and can typically prepare students for further study or entry-level positions in public service.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration (BS)

A Bachelor of Arts in Public and Nonprofit Administration can help you get started in public administration, or you can choose to earn a degree directly in public administration, public policy, or public services or human services. These degrees provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the organizational, managerial, and policy issues of public administration and nonprofit sectors, optimizing your readiness to serve effectively in public service roles.

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Online Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MS)

For those aiming for higher positions within the field, a graduate program in Oklahoma can offer specialized education in public administration. These degrees not only show your dedication to the field, but they also enhance leadership capabilities for those in government and nonprofit roles.

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Online PhD in Public Administration (PhD)

For public administration professionals aiming to enter academia or high-level consultancy roles, pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in the field can be a strategic move. Doctoral studies involve rigorous research and advanced study, preparing you to contribute to the field through scholarly work and sophisticated policy analysis. However, they can also take several years to complete, so it’s best to be sure it will benefit your career before getting started.

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Online Public Administration Certifications

In addition to formal degrees, you can also find a variety of certification programs that provide specialized skills in areas like budget analysis, ethical leadership, and strategic governance. These certifications can be crucial in advancing your career and improving your effectiveness within various roles in public administration.

Online Public Administration Programs

The flexibility and depth of online public administration programs are becoming indispensable in today's educational sphere. The shift toward digital learning environments is evident across the country, with online graduate programs adjusting to meet the needs of professionals seeking to enhance their credentials without sacrificing their current roles.

Comparing Online and On-campus Education

In Oklahoma, while you won't find many NASPAA-accredited graduate degree offering institutions, there are a couple. The University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma are both options that can provide you with the highest-quality accredited education at the graduate level. Across the country, institutions have stepped up offering comprehensive public administration courses and online MPA programs. These online options ensure that you have access to quality education with flexibility. MPA programs are continually evolving to cater to varied professional schedules and commitments, whether they are accelerated MPA programs or certification courses.

Online public administration degrees in Oklahoma present a practical alternative to traditional on-campus programs, offering the same rigorous curriculum and specialist knowledge areas. As you navigate your options, consider how each program's structure aligns with your personal and professional goals, ensuring you choose a path that not only meets educational standards but also fits seamlessly into your life.

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Funding Your Education

Embarking on a public administration or MPA program can be financially demanding. Understanding your options for funding your degree can alleviate some of the stress associated with tuition costs. Typically, sources of financial aid and public administration scholarships are plentiful, offered by both institutions and private organizations interested in fostering future leaders in public administration.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

To effectively fund your studies, initiating an in-depth exploration of available financial aid early in your application process is crucial. Various financial resources are offered to students to encourage their academic and professional growth.

  • University Scholarships: Many universities provide scholarships specifically for students enrolled in their programs. These scholarships often cover a significant portion of tuition costs and are awarded based on merit or financial need.
  • External Fellowships: Look beyond your university to external organizations that offer fellowships for students pursuing a career in public administration. These are typically competitive but can provide substantial financial support and networking opportunities.
  • Government Grants: Federal and state governments frequently offer grants to students in public service fields. These grants do not require repayment, making them an appealing option for financial support.
  • Employer Sponsorship: If you are currently employed, inquire about tuition assistance programs that may be available through your employer, especially if your MPA studies align with your professional role.

Each of these avenues provides a viable route to secure necessary funding for your public administration program. By strategically exploring these opportunities, you can significantly reduce your financial burden and focus more effectively on your career goals.

Potential Careers and Salaries for PA Graduates

With a public administration degree in Oklahoma, you’ll unlock a suite of career opportunities that can drive change and champion policies beneficial to society. With Oklahoma public administration degrees, you'll be equipped with the skills to tackle varied responsibilities in numerous professional settings and public administration careers, from local governments, governmental agencies to nonprofit organizations - such as administrative services managers.

Community Service Manager:

Job Description: In the role of a community service manager, you'd spearhead programs that underpin vital social services, contributing to the welfare and improvement of communal living standards. These positions not only require a solid understanding of public administration principles but also a passion for community engagement and service. Mastering non-profit management enables you to seamlessly orchestrate operations ranging from project coordination to program funding. The financial reward for community service managers reflects the complexity and significance of their work, with public administration salary ranges expanding as experience and expertise grow.


  • Bachelor's degree, Less than 5 years work experience
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization
  • Work with community members and other stakeholders to identify necessary programs and services
  • Oversee administrative aspects of programs to meet the objectives of the stakeholders
  • Analyze data to determine the effectiveness of programs

Median Salary: $83,400

Urban Planner:

Job Description: As an urban planner, your canvas is the cityscape itself, where you'll mold the physical and environmental landscape. You’ll contribute to land use initiatives and city development, with salaries commensurate with the gravity of the role and the level of urban planning required.


  • Master's degree, Growth Potential 4% (As fast as average)
  • Develop comprehensive plans and programs for use of land and physical facilities of jurisdictions, such as towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas
  • Meet with stakeholders such as government officials, developers, and the public regarding development plans and land use
  • Gather and analyze data from field investigations and sources such as market research, censuses, and environmental studies
  • Assess the feasibility of site plans submitted by developers and identify needed changes

Median Salary: $85,940

Education Administrator:

Job Description: Stepping into the realm of academia as an education administrator entails overseeing seamless operation and strategic direction of educational facilities. Proficiency in nonprofit management may aid you in deftly managing academic programs, staff, and policies, ensuring the educational institution's goals are achieved efficiently.


  • Master’s Degree, Less than 5 years work experience
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate the academic, administrative, or auxiliary activities of kindergarten, elementary, or secondary schools
  • Ensure safety and productivity within their institution through logistics, budgets, evaluations, assessments and public relations
  • Review curriculum to meet standards set forth by the state and employ adjustments school-wide
  • Evaluate other school programs beyond academics, including athletics, arts, music, theater, and more

Median Salary: $100,720

Administrative Services Manager:

Job Description: Administrative service managers hold the reins to the crucial support functions within an array of organizations. Mastery of public and nonprofit administration principles is key to performing this role, which includes ensuring optimal operations, managing facilities, and reviewing organizational policies.


  • Bachelor's degree, Growth Potential 5% (Faster than average)
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization, such as records and information management, mail distribution, and other office support services
  • Direct or coordinate the supportive services department of a business, agency, or organization
  • Set goals and deadlines for the department
  • Prepare and review operational reports and schedules to ensure accuracy and efficiency

Median Salary: $121,200

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to become a Public Administrator in Oklahoma?

To become a public administrator in Oklahoma, you typically need to start with obtaining a bachelor’s degree in public or nonprofit administration. Advanced positions may require a graduate degree such as a Master of Public Administration (MPA) or a PhD in a relevant field. Hands-on experience through internships or work in government and non-profit sectors is also highly valuable.

What are the primary responsibilities of a public administrator?

Public administrators are responsible for implementing government policies, managing public programs, and leading nonprofit organizations. They work in community development, policy making, and play a key role in public relations. They are also accountable for the efficient and effective administration of services that meet public needs.

Can you obtain a public administration degree online in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are online options for obtaining a public administration degree in Oklahoma. These include online MPA programs and online courses geared towards working professionals or those seeking flexibility in their education. However, it's important to choose an accredited online program that meets educational and career goals. The University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma are just two possible options.

How do online and on-campus public administration education compare?

Online public administration programs provide flexibility and convenience for students who cannot attend on-campus classes due to professional or personal commitments. On-campus programs may offer more face-to-face interaction with faculty and peers. Both formats generally deliver the same curriculum and hold similar academic standards.

Are there certifications I can pursue along with my degree in public administration?

Yes, there are certifications available that can complement a public administration degree and enhance specific skills in areas such as grant writing, public budgeting and finance, human resource management, and nonprofit governance. Check with the university or professional bodies to find the most relevant certifications.

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