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Are you considering enrolling in an online college degree program in Delaware? Regardless of the state you live in, earning an in-person or online degree will significantly increase the number of employment opportunities you qualify for. College graduates are considered more competitive candidates during job searches and have higher salary potentials.

Delaware graduates will also have many opportunities for employment. While Delaware is the second smallest state in the nation, it still saw a significant job increase from May 2020 to 2021. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state added 40,100 jobs throughout the year. This is comparable to many of the smaller northeastern states such as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and West Virginia. Industries with the highest number of jobs include trade, transportation, utilities, education and health services, professional and business services, and government. In November 2021, the state’s civilian labor force totaled 490,300, with 5,100 unemployed. As of this date, Delaware’s unemployment rate was at 5.1.

College graduates can also expect to earn standard wages in the state. In 2020, Delaware had a mean hourly wage of $20.72 and an annual mean wage of $56,700. The national annual wage is $56,310, making earnings for Delaware workers average. It is worth noting, however, that the state’s mean hourly wage is quite a bit lower than the nation’s hourly mean wage of $27.07.

It’s also important to recognize that salaries vary depending on the career field selected. Some employment options offer significantly higher pay than others. From 2018 to 2028, the occupations with the most job openings are expected to be food preparation and serving workers, personal care aides, and retail salespersons. Occupations with the most annual openings due to growth include retail salespersons, food preparation and service workers, registered nurses, and medical secretaries. Occupations with the most annual openings also include cashiers, waiters and waitresses, customer service representatives, and laborers.

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Online Higher Education in Delaware

The total student population in the state was 59,741 in the 2020-2021 academic year. This includes 48,851 undergraduate and 10,890 graduate school students. For residents, the average cost of tuition and fees to attend a Delaware college is $9,321 per academic year. The average cost for out-of-state students is $22,059 per academic year.

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One way to mitigate overall costs is to enroll in courses remotely. Online academic programs tend to be cheaper than most traditional options, which usually include many additional expenses. Distance learners do not have to worry about paying any fees associated with attending classes and living on campus such as room and board, meal plans, and parking. Non-traditional students do, however, still have to keep housing and food expenses in mind when finalizing their academic plans. Prospective students considering online programs should also remember to complete and submit FAFSAs, as they often qualify for the same financial aid opportunities available to on-campus students.

Delaware is home to 19 colleges and universities, five of which are public institutions and 14 of which are private schools.

The most inexpensive colleges that offer online higher education programs in the state include:

  • Wilmington University
  • Delaware Technical Community College – Terry
  • Strayer University – Delaware
  • Delaware State University

Our School Rankings Methodology

Online rankings can help you determine which academic program is best suited to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. They often provide valuable insight that makes it easier to decide between potential schools and programs.

When developing our list of top online programs in Delaware, we were incredibly thorough in our investigations and assessments. We focused our data collection process only on colleges and universities offering online courses and carefully considered overall quality and affordability before releasing our findings. Additionally, only institutions with proper accreditation are included.

To ensure accuracy and applicability for students of all kinds, we utilized a proprietary ratings system to rank colleges and universities with the best online college programs in Delaware.

Some of the data types utilized to generate our rankings include:

  • Graduation Rate
  • Net Price
  • Average Graduate Salary
  • Retention Rate
  • Reputation
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio

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Delaware Technical Community College-Terry

Score: 100

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $4,965
    • Out-of-State: $11,828
  • Net Price: $7,777
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 61%
  • Graduation Rate: 20%
  • Total Enrollment: 11,726
  • Undergrad Students: 11,726
  • Graduate Students: N/A
  • Grads Salary: $38,400
  • Student-to-faculty: 12:1
  • Delaware Technical Community College-Terry

Best Online Colleges in Delaware

  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $10,314
    • Out-of-State: $20,250
  • Net Price: $11,886
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
  • Retention Rate: 75%
  • Graduation Rate: 45%
  • Total Enrollment: 5,826
  • Undergrad Students: 4,996
  • Graduate Students: 830
  • Grads Salary: $77,000
  • Student-to-faculty: 16:1
  • Delaware State University
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  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $16,080
    • Out-of-State: $39,720
  • Net Price: $18,044
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Retention Rate: 91%
  • Graduation Rate: 80%
  • Total Enrollment: 24,039
  • Undergrad Students: 19,482
  • Graduate Students: 4,557
  • Grads Salary: $81,000
  • Student-to-faculty: 15:1
  • University of Delaware
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  • Undergraduate Tuition
    • In-State: $12,330
    • Out-of-State: $12,330
  • Net Price: $14,089
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Retention Rate: 56%
  • Graduation Rate: 20%
  • Total Enrollment: 14,020
  • Undergrad Students: 9,091
  • Graduate Students: 4,929
  • Grads Salary: $74,000
  • Student-to-faculty: 12:1
  • Wilmington University
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