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Educators fill a vital role in teaching the next generation. You may know you want to work with children, teens, or those with special needs. No matter where you plan to apply your talents, you’re going to have to attend a fully approved teacher preparation program first. The best of these college programs are detailed below. You might be looking for a great online education degree program that’s also inexpensive, or maybe you want to know more about the size of the school itself and the student/teacher ratio to make sure you can get the most out of your classes. Either way, we’ve provided all the information you need to decide where you’ll begin your journey as a teacher.

Purdue Global University
Online - Certificate, Bachelor's, Master's in Education

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From associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees to teacher-certification pathways, we offer flexible online education programs to help you pursue a career in teaching or early childhood development and child care, enhance your current skills, or advance in your education career. Graduate education programs are offered in convenient 12-week terms.

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Ashworth College
Online Career Diploma: Childcare Provider, Online Associate's, Bachelor's, Undergraduate Certificate: Early Childhood Education

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Put your imagination and talent to good use with a career doing something you love. Ashworth College careers for creative people cover a multitude of industries, including home-based businesses. We help you develop artistically while also providing the business-framework and essentials you need to succeed. Learn from an online, accredited school at your own pace from one of the most affordable schools of its kind.

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Grand Canyon University
Online - 78 degrees in Education

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Pursue a career in education with a grad or undergrad degree from GCU. Start your journey today. Apply to one of GCU's many online education degree programs. Manage & Engage Classroom. Servant Leadership. Level-Specific Education. Innovation & Service.

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Stanford University, located in a large California suburb, is a private, not-for-profit university offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs. The university was founded in 1885. Located in a picturesque community, Stanford University houses almost 17,500 students, ranging from undergraduate to graduate. Stanford is not technically one of the Ivy League schools, but is comparable to the Ivy colleges with a very high retention rate of 99% and an overall graduation rate of 95%. Stanford has a very low student-to-faculty ratio of 5 to 1 and provides over 69 major fields of undergraduate studies. Average graduates salary from Stanford is around $109,000 according to Payscale.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$56,169
    • Out-of-State:$56,169
  • Net Price:$20,023
  • Retention Rate:86%
  • Graduation Rate:95%
  • Rank: #1
  • Total Enrollment:15,953
  • Undergrad Students:6,366
  • Graduate Students:9,587
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$112,000
  • stanford_university_logo
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Harvard's School of Education offers master's and doctoral programs for educators who wish to pursue excellence. If you are not a student on the Cambridge, MA campus, you can take their courses online without having to apply. Though the university doesn't list an undergraduate minor, students at this esteemed institution frequently form their own degree path, so as long as you work with the education department, you can set your own goals at this institution.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$55,587
    • Out-of-State:$55,587
  • Net Price:$18,037
  • Retention Rate:76%
  • Graduation Rate:98%
  • Rank: #2
  • Total Enrollment:30,391
  • Undergrad Students:8,527
  • Graduate Students:21,864
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$96,000
  • harvard-university-logo
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At Duke University, you'll be attending school in Durham, North Carolina, part of the Research Triangle and known for its technology companies and higher learning institutions. Duke is a mid-to large-sized university, with an enrolled student population of nearly 16,700. The student-to-faculty ratio at the school is excellent at 6 to 1 and their retention rate and graduation rate are both excellent. Their retention rate is 98% and the graduation rate is 96%, which means that there is a very good chance you will graduate with the same friends you start school with.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$57,633
    • Out-of-State:$57,633
  • Net Price:$26,932
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:96%
  • Rank: #3
  • Total Enrollment:16,172
  • Undergrad Students:6,717
  • Graduate Students:9,455
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$93,200
  • duke_university_logo
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Founded in 1701 to teach Congregational ministers, Yale University is a private, Ivy League university located in New Haven, Connecticut. It is the third-oldest university of higher education in the US. More than 13,000 students enjoy small class sizes with the 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio and access to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Their degree offerings cover humanities and sciences in architecture, mathematics, philosophy, physical sciences, theology, performing arts, and much more. As most of the Ivy schools, Yale has a retention rate of 99% and an overall graduation rate of 96%.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$59,950
    • Out-of-State:$59,950
  • Net Price:$17,511
  • Retention Rate:65%
  • Graduation Rate:96%
  • Rank: #4
  • Total Enrollment:12,060
  • Undergrad Students:4,703
  • Graduate Students:7,357
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$93,000
  • yale_university_educations_logo
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Rice University is a private research university located in Houston, Texas. The school was founded in 1912 and focuses on research and the education of undergraduate students. Known for creating innovative collaboration opportunities that work towards the betterment of the world, the school is ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities. It is also the second most internationally diverse university in the United States. A leading research university, RU stands for responsibility, integrity, community, and excellence. It has a reputation for fostering an environment in which students and faculty can discover, create, and innovate. Together, they rise to every challenge and work to solve real-world problems that have a measurable global impact. As of fall 2019, enrollment included nearly 4,000 undergraduate and just under 3,200 graduate degree-seeking students.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$51,107
    • Out-of-State:$51,107
  • Net Price:$19,215
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:94%
  • Rank: #5
  • Total Enrollment:7,643
  • Undergrad Students:4,076
  • Graduate Students:3,567
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$86,000
  • rice-university-top-100
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Located in New York City, Columbia University is a larger institution. With the university being located in a large urban center, students are able to find various activities or locations to enjoy close by. Columbia University was founded in 1754, well before the colonies won their independence from England. Their 30,000+ students enjoy a 6 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, a 99% retention rate, and an amazing 96% overall graduation rate.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$61,671
    • Out-of-State:$61,671
  • Net Price:$22,126
  • Retention Rate:95%
  • Graduation Rate:96%
  • Rank: #6
  • Total Enrollment:30,135
  • Undergrad Students:8,148
  • Graduate Students:21,987
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$87,000
  • columbia_university_education_logo
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University of California-Los Angeles is a large private, not-for-profit university located in sunny Southern California. UCLA has a remarkable history of achievement in a wide-range of human endeavors. Its faculty have received many Nobel prizes and it was one of the pioneering institutions for creating the Internet. It has been a leading research and technology hub whose work has created and supported large numbers of industries and companies. The University of California campus in Los Angeles offers education across fields and areas of study that include the sciences, the humanities, and technological fields.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$13,249
    • Out-of-State:$43,003
  • Net Price:$16,474
  • Retention Rate:96%
  • Graduation Rate:91%
  • Rank: #7
  • Total Enrollment:44,589
  • Undergrad Students:31,636
  • Graduate Students:12,953
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$85,000
  • university-of-california-los-angeles
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Johns Hopkins University is a private, not-for-profit university, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins was founded in 1876. It’s located in a large city, where students can sightsee and visit plenty of interesting, off-campus locations. The campus itself is spacious and large - students can live in dorms and can choose to earn a certificate, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. And, despite being located in a large city, the school offers a 6 to 1 student-to-faculty ration, and 97% and 94% retention rate and graduation rate, respectively.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$58,720
    • Out-of-State:$58,720
  • Net Price:$25,241
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:94%
  • Rank: #8
  • Total Enrollment:28,890
  • Undergrad Students:6,331
  • Graduate Students:22,559
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$89,000
  • johns_hopkins_university_logo
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Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is a private, Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, PA. The institution supports approximately 10,470 undergraduate students, 10,890 graduate and professional students, and 4,720 faculty members. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the University of Pennsylvania offers students access to four undergraduate and 12 graduate schools. UPenn has a low student-to-faculty ratio of 6 to 1 and an overall graduation rate of 96%.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$60,042
    • Out-of-State:$60,042
  • Net Price:$24,167
  • Retention Rate:95%
  • Graduation Rate:96%
  • Rank: #9
  • Total Enrollment:26,552
  • Undergrad Students:11,155
  • Graduate Students:15,397
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$86,000
  • university_pennsylvania_education_logo
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The University of Michigan (U-M) is a four-year public institution located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The school was founded in 1817 is a place with deep traditions focused on creating brighter futures. Tuition for Michigan residents is around $15,900, while out-of-state students pay around $52,200. The graduation rate is 92%, with a total enrollment of approximately 48,000 students and a Student-to-faculty ratio of 11 to 1. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor features a variety of __________ degrees at several different levels of education.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$15,948
    • Out-of-State:$52,266
  • Net Price:$17,832
  • Retention Rate:96%
  • Graduation Rate:93%
  • Rank: #10
  • Total Enrollment:47,907
  • Undergrad Students:31,329
  • Graduate Students:16,578
  • Student-to-faculty:NA
  • Grads Salary:$81,600
  • university-of-michigan-ann-arbor
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