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Overview of a Bachelor’s in Business Education

Business education is a fantastic profession that you can enter after you successfully complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. You'll spend your days teaching eager young minds that range from middle school through 12th grade in classes such as accounting, business honors, finance, etc. with a bachelor's in business education. Your lessons will be informed not only by your knowledge of pedagogy but also the subject matter itself, which is why business education majors take business and teacher education courses for their business education degree programs, such as courses in effective classroom management. However, it's good to know that most business teachers actually earn a bachelor's in business degree - whether that's in human resource management, project management, business administration or business management or other related business degrees - and then they work as business professionals before teaching at the college level after earning an online master's degree.

When you decide that business education is the special endorsement you want for your teaching certificate, be sure to research which schools offer this. It's not a typical offering, but students may find an education major and support this career goal with a secondary business degree. If you have a long tenure in business, or a business degree, you might be able to pass the appropriate PRAXIS examination, though you'll still need to complete the appropriate teacher education courses from a state university or college with program accreditation to become a business teacher.

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Completing a bachelor's business education program is a terrific way to launch a career as a vocational teacher at the secondary level or to get closer to teaching business administration, human resource management, project management, and other courses at the college level. Teachers need to be well-versed in their subject matter so that they can pass the state-approved subject area test, not to mention being able to convey valid information to students. With a Bachelor of Education in Business Education, students can pursue careers as business teachers, but an undergraduate degree might also be helpful if you wish to transition out of education later on and into a business career. That is, your knowledge of business and the skill set a teaching career demands may be useful in the business world, both in dealing with issues and business and in gaining strong analysis skills, understanding marketing strategies, human resources, and more. Business students can earn a business degree through online business schools or local business programs.

Most importantly, your bachelor’s degree will allow you to attain state licensure and become a business teacher in both public and private schools, though you'll need a business education master's to teach business majors or other students at a state university or college teacher education programs.


One of the chief negatives to graduating with a bachelor’s business education degree is that your job opportunities will be focused almost exclusively on teaching as a business teacher, which is a less common opportunity than teachers in science or mathematics. Some students complete their student teaching experience at the end of their education major only to determine that teaching isn't for them.

On the other hand, those who love their jobs find that they still need to achieve a master's degree if they wish to earn the money they would like or teach business administration, business management or other business degrees at a state university. Teachers also need to keep up with their Continuing Education Units to maintain their license. That can mean added expenses, plus the time and energy to take the courses every few years.

Another downside to a bachelor’s in business education degree program is that the field can be quite narrow. Where many high schools may have many science, literature, and history teachers, they might only have one business education teacher. That may lead you to pursue additional endorsements, which is an added burden of money, energy, and time with less financial aid available at each progressive level.

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Certificate vs. Bachelor's

What Business Education Bachelor’s Degrees are Available Online?

  • Online Bachelor of Science in Education – Business Endorsement:
    A BS degree is a four-year degree that tends to focus on hard, scientific data. These degrees may cover many of the same topics as a BA, but the course content is bound to emphasize hard statistical numbers related to education. This degree type might be preferable to those with a mind for business.
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Education – Business Endorsement:
    A BA in Education is a four-year degree that should help prepare you for a state teaching credential. This degree is much like a BS and will cover much of the same material. However, your BA courses might emphasize group projects, experiential learning, and philosophical ideas over hard statistical data.

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Business Education Admission Requirements

Every online business education degree or program has its own admissions requirements. Some online programs only rely on the larger institution's admission requirements, but then enforce GPA minimums for all students when they send in their high school diploma. However, you should always strive for the highest possible GPA in high school and even when you are completing your business education associate degree. Generally speaking, you should consider a 2.5 GPA as a minimum. If you maintain that level of academic achievement, you should be able to attend a good online education program.

If you are an adult returning to school, you may need to account for your time out of school by presenting a resume along with your admission packet. You should also be prepared to submit any and all academic transcripts. The best part about an online business degree is that you can fit it in around your other personal and professional obligations.

How long does it take to earn an online Business Education Bachelor's?

It should take you approximately four years to complete your online bachelor’s degree in business education. However, these days, undergraduate students tend to take more time than that, often six years or more. If your online business degree program will allow such a protracted time in school, you might consider that, but we recommend against it. Rather, try to complete your degree in a timely fashion. If you have added responsibilities, such as work and family, create a plan of action prior to admission. You may need to set aside time and even cut back on work hours so that you can complete your degree in a reasonable time frame. After all, your degree will open the doors you really want to pass through, and nobody can ever take your education away.

Potential Careers in Business Education with a Bachelor’s

  • High School Teacher:
    This is the job you are probably aiming for when you set out to complete a business education bachelor's degree. High school teachers conduct classes for secondary school students in general and specialty areas, such as business. You might teach up to 150 students during a single day at your high school.
    High school teachers earn an average salary of $49,000.
  • Middle School Teacher:
    Middle grades is generally a three-grade period between sixth and eighth grade. Students tend to range in age between 12 and 14 and are in transition from elementary to high school. Your job will be to deliver the state curriculum for your subject area, such as business or science.
    The average salary for middle grades teachers is $48,000.
  • Education Paraprofessional:
    Paraprofessionals might also be called teacher's aides. This is generally not a licensed position, but state regulations vary on this matter. This is a great position to take if you don't yet have your full teacher's credential or if you are seeking a job where you can use your full teacher's credential. Paraprofessionals can specialize in specific age groups and many work with special education children who are included in mainstream classrooms.
    The average salary for paraprofessionals is $20,000.
  • Special Education Teacher:
    Special education requires special people. The field can include students with visual or hearing impairments, children who are ADD, dyslexic, or who have more pronounced cognitive disabilities. SPED teachers tend to have fewer students, but they spend more time with them and must complete individualized education plans (IEP), which are very work intensive.
    The average annual salary for a SPED teacher is $50,000.
  • Technical Writer:
    This is a good alternative career for education majors and some teachers take technical writing work to supplement their income. The job title covers a wide array of writers who produce instructional documents. Some write software instructions and others write grant proposals. Business education teachers might even help people create business proposals.
    The average annual salary for a technical writer is $59,000.

Salary by Occupation

Occupations Entry-Level Mid-Career Late-Career
Teacher $44,000 $48,100 $61,600
Trainer (HR) $41,600 $54,900 $60,300
Assistant Professor $58,000 $60,000 $65,000
Professor $60,100 $69,500 $99,900
Consultant $62,500 $74,200 $88,900
Marketing Consultant $41,400 $71,900 $81,100
IT consultant $62,100 $85,600 $112,700

Options to Advance

To advance your career as a teacher, you should consider working towards a graduate degree, attaining new endorsements, or becoming an administrator. Most teachers tend to use their experience as a chief means of increasing their earnings. You can also combine an advanced degree and your experience to attain a new job teaching future teachers at the college level.

Find Online Business Education Schools

Other educators branch into special areas such as tutoring, or they might apply their special content knowledge to the private sector. A business education teacher might decide to enter the business community in training positions or even other, higher-level jobs. However, though you might need to attain more business courses, many employers appreciate the high level of organization and knowledge teachers must have to do their jobs. Thus, teaching can be a terrific job that leads to great things later.

Best Online Bachelor of Science in Business Education Programs

  • Seton Hall University
    South Orange, NJ

    Seton Hall offers a Bachelor of Science degree that is evidence-based and seeks to prepare teachers for a classroom that celebrates diversity. The curriculum emphasizes collaboration and practical applications that bring academic theories to life. You'll need to study hard to meet the program's GPA requirements, but it will all be worth it.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Secondary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Elementary and Special Education
  • Frostburg State University
    Frostburg, MD

    Frostburg's secondary education program for business education has been approved by the Maryland State Board of Education. Once you complete your degree requirements, you can move on to take the PRAXIS in your chosen subject area and then seek your first license.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Grand Canyon University
    Phoenix, AZ

    Grand Canyon University offers a bachelor’s degree in education through its traditional classrooms. The Arizona State Board of Education has approved GCU to prepare future teachers for a business classroom. Their program is the only undergraduate teacher-prep program that will qualify you to teach business education.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Education for Secondary
    • Bachelor of Science in Math for Secondary
  • Central Washington University
    Ellensburg, WA

    If you want to become a certified Washington educator, you can start at Central Washington University. Their program can help you become certified to teach business and marketing education. They also offer a full range of education degrees that cover the full range of public-school needs. Their endorsement programs are also wide ranging.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Secondary Education, Business or Marketing Endorsement
    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Elementary Education
  • West Texas A&M
    Canyon, TX

    West Texas A&M can prepare you for a long career in secondary education. They are specially approved by the Texas Education Agency to issue endorsements in business and finance for grades 6-12. West Texas also issues graduate level degrees when you're ready to take the art of teaching to the next level.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Secondary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Education – Elementary Education

Traditional Schools Offering a BS in Business Education

  • Western Governors University

    Western Governors University bestows undergraduate degrees in education, including preparation for secondary educators. They don't offer a specific endorsement for business education, but you might consider a mathematics focus and then prepare for your PRAXIS by taking a few business courses as electives.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science – Secondary Mathematics Education
    • Bachelor of Science – Middle Grades Mathematics Education
  • Drexel University Online
    Philadelphia, PA

    Drexel University's online preparation program for secondary teachers is designed for post-baccalaureate students who wish to change gears into teaching. They certify teachers to attain licensure in the standard academic areas, though not business. However, if you have a degree or experience in business, you can likely still pass the PRAXIS subject test and teach the curriculum you love. If you wish, your credits will apply to a graduate degree.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Teacher Preparation
    • Master of Science in Teaching
  • Northcentral University

    Northcentral University offers a degree for every sort of aspiring educator. You can emerge from your undergraduate work with a focus in elementary, middle grades, secondary, or special education. Though they don't offer a specific business education endorsement, you can use your electives to provide the knowledge needed to pass the PRAXIS subject area exam.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Education
    • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Arizona State University – Online

    ASU offers students an online option for their education degrees. You can conduct the majority of your learning from your laptop, but you may have to help coordinate a student teaching experience to round out your degree. This degree is designed to give you a foothold in secondary education. You can build on your credentials with additional coursework or successful PRAXIS examinations.

    Degrees Offered:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to earn a master’s in business education?

There are some high schools that offer their students basic courses in business. However, many students who need to learn these things are already in college, and it can be difficult to find a place where you can teach college courses with only a bachelor’s degree. That means that, if you want to ensure that you will be able to continue teaching in this field, you may eventually need to earn a master’s degree. However, there are already requirements for teachers to continue their education throughout their career, so if you focus on earning the appropriate credits as you complete required continuing education credits each year, you should be able to earn a master’s degree piecemeal without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time.

Is a business education degree worth it?

There are some who question whether or not there are enough roles to make a business education degree worth earning. And, while it’s true that high schools that teach business to students are less common, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities in business education. After all, there are hundreds of business colleges and universities and even community colleges that offer their students business courses every year. A bachelor’s business education degree is the first step to being a part of one of these vital programs. Business is one of, if not the, most common major in the whole country, and someone needs to teach all those courses every year. So, even if there aren’t a huge number of roles in lower-level, high school classes, there are plenty of higher-level roles. And you must earn a bachelor’s degree if you plan to go on to earn a master’s. Thus, these degrees are more than worth it.

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