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What is Business Administration?

The title business administrator is a catchall for anyone with any sort of supervisory responsibility in an organization. These people oversee keeping at least part of a business in order. It could be as a shift supervisor in a restaurant or as a manager of a department of a retail store. Administrators oversee people, processes, and the overall performance of the area or department they supervise. The further up in the organization a person goes, the more responsibility they will have. So, an administrator could be a shift supervisor or a CEO. Different factors come into play where advancement is concerned. The more experience and formal training a person has, the further they can advance in their careers, especially in larger organizations. In a smaller company, experience could be enough to achieve senior supervisor levels, but an education doesn’t hurt in this situation either.

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Business Administration Education in Idaho

Getting a degree in business opens many doors. For those who seek to become managers of a company, a degree in business administration is something that should be considered. It enables a person to understand how a business operates and, depending on a person’s specific interest, offers an education in that area. In Idaho, the largest industries are real estate, tourism, and education, so a person who wants to manage in these industries would be best serves to get a business degree and specialize in one of those areas. But, since there are businesses of all kinds in the state, whatever interest a person might have, there is likely a business administration position available to them. For those who want to be their own bosses, a degree in business administration is also helpful because these people can learn the tools they need to successfully run a business and then have their own employees.

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Managers on average make $78,000 pre year according to the US Bureau of Labor statistics. And the demand for managers is expected to increase between now and 2029. There is not a better time to pursue a degree in business administration and land the management job of your dreams. If this is an area of interest for you, there is information on your next steps below. And remember, the more education you have, the further you can go in your career, especially once you have some work experience to add to your education.

Associate Degree in Business Administration (ABA)

A two-year degree in business is a good start, and is definitely better than no formal education. Students will study introductory concepts of business and get an overall idea of how different businesses operate and the issues that those who run them might face.

An example of the courses included in an associate degree program include:

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Intro to Management
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting

These degrees are designed to be completed in four semesters over two years, but some students finish faster, and others take longer. For those who are not currently working, this degree could be adequate to gain an entry-level in a larger company, or even higher in a smaller company.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA)

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is where many people who aspire to become a CEO start. Many schools allow students to choose specializations for their business degrees, so students who are interested in marketing career could specialize in market research, someone who wants to become a CPA could specialize in accounting, etc. Along with their specialization, students will complete general education courses, unless they have already completed these in an associate degree program.

Their core courses may include:

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Intro to Management
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Payroll Accounting

Idaho has a booming real estate industry. For students who want to enter this industry, they might also take the following courses:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Selling Real Estate

Bachelor’s degree programs are designed to be completed in four years, eight semesters, or 16 quarters, but some students need more or less time to complete a program.

Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

For those who aspire to hold a senior management position in a company, the next step after the bachelor’s degree is a Master’s in Business Administration, aka an MBA. A person can start their managerial career with a bachelor’s degree, but senior managers may need additional education to manage people and companies effectively. MBA programs pick up where an undergraduate level education stops by adding additional critical thinking and analytical courses Some of the additional courses graduate students will study, as well as more in-depth education in areas already covered include:

  • Advanced Business Communication
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Projections
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Quantitative Business Analysis

With an MBA and several years of work experience, a person could be tapped for middle-management positions and, in some cases, upper-level management positions could be available to them.

PhD Degree in Business Administration (DBA)

For those who seek to become subject matter experts or teach, a doctorate in business administration is an option worth considering. Not only will graduates be qualified for the highest levels of management at major corporations and organizations, but they could be tapped for advice by those seeking further information about your field. And it can also set graduates up to become tenured professors at colleges and universities.

Those who pursue this degree will study the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Human Development (in an organization)
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operational Management
  • Organizational Leadership

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Become a Business Administrator in Idaho

To find their way to the top tier as a business administration professional in Idaho, a person needs a combination of a good education and work experience. In some cases, you can achieve both at the same time. For example, if you are already employed in your desired industry but lack the education, keep working and also attend school to earn a degree. If you’re in school but not working in your preferred industry, you can continue your education and search for jobs that match your interests or investigate internships that are part of your major’s program.

The more education you have, the further you will be able to advance in your career. Decide what your career goals are and find out the level of education needed to achieve it. For example, if you want to be a CEO and all the other CEOs of similar companies have master’s degrees, plan on attaining your graduate degree. If you want to set yourself up as an expert in your field or plan to teach someday, prepare to get your doctorate. Once you know what you want to do, keep working and striving for the education to match your goals.

Another option is to start your own business. If you have the passion and motivation to build a business from the ground up, this is a way to set yourself up as the boss and a subject matter expert. An education is still required, but it may be easier for you because you can set your own pace and decide what you need study to further your own business. When your business is successful, you will not only be seen as an expert in your industry, but people will also want to know what you think about trends and other issues that are occurring in your industry. And you can help training the next generation of workers who had the same aspirations as you.

Careers for Business Administration Graduates

Business administration careers offer a variety of options because there really isn’t just one industry in which a person can thrive. Below is a small sampling of the types of jobs a person who wants a career in business administration can consider. The big takeaway is that, whatever industry holds your interest, there are position in administration that will be available to you, so long as you have the education and experience to fill the role.

  • Maintenance Manager
    A maintenance manager oversees the maintenance crew for a company. It might seem like it’s a glorified cleaning position, but there is a lot more to it than having the key to the supply room. Companies need to be clean at all times, and it’s the maintenance crew that ensures that the floors are spotless, the carpets are clean, and the windows are sparkling. The manager of this department has to make sure there are enough workers to keep the building looking pristine, as well as fully functioning. This person gathers the work orders for repairs to office equipment as well as structural issues and other needs the building and the people working in it have. They may also negotiate contracts with outside agencies that take care of equipment or items the company maintenance team aren’t prepared to maintain, such as outside window washing, power washing of the building, and maintaining scaffolding or lighting. The maintenance manager maintains the department’s budget and has to account for all purchases made by the department.
  • Team Supervisor, Call Center
    A team supervisor in a call center runs a team of customer service representatives. A customer service rep’s job can be stressful because many times when people are calling customer service it’s because they have an issue, are confused, or don’t like something that happened. In other words, they aren’t happy. So, a supervisor of these workers has to be part boss and part cheerleader. This is why many supervisors are former customer service reps themselves. Supervisors ensure that the team is well trained and working at peak capacity. The supervisor is in charge of making sure the team meets their metrics and the clients are happy with their performance. Supervisors meet with team members and review their performance and offers tips on how they can improve.

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  • Financial Advisor
    Financial advisors help people invest their money. The work with stocks, bonds, 401ks, and other financial investment tools to help people build portfolios that can be used to finance a variety of things, from college tuition for the kids to a home purchase or retirement. Financial advisors understand the stock market and how other futures work and find ways to invest money for people so that their portfolios grow.
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director
    Advertising and marketing has changed over the years, and with those changes have come new ways to market. The newest form is digital marketing. Unlike the old days, when a business would take out an ad in the paper or create an ad for television or the radio, much marketing is now done online on websites, blogs, and social media sites. A company can have a dozen different marketing campaigns going at once, and someone has to manage all of it. That’s where the digital marketing manager comes in. This person is in charge of the creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns. They write copy (or manage a team that writes it), upload it to various social media sites, and send it to websites and blogs who allow ads on their sites. They also follow the progress of the marketing and lead the engagement with customers.

Other areas where a person can find their dream job in business administration include:

  • Non-Profit Director
  • Public Services/Works Director
  • Accounting Associate
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Branch Manager, Banking
  • Chief Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager

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