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What is Project Management?

Nevada is a state that is known for many things, though gambling usually sits at the top of the list. However, though hospitality, entertainment, and recreation sit at the top of their economy, Nevada has a lot more driving its total economy. Further, the $28 billion that comes from this top economic sector boosts other aspects of the economy. For instance, Nevada's #2 economic sector is real estate, which can be directly tied to tourism and all the glitz of Las Vegas and Reno.

A project manager is a business professional who focuses their work on individual jobs. Where other management professionals work with no foreseeable end in sight, project managers have specific start and end dates to their work. For instance, project managers might oversee a team of IT professionals who are tasked with installing a new network for a client. Project managers find the most qualified IT experts, surmises the scope of the project, and then determines a budget. Along the way, the PM keeps open lines of communication with both the team and the client to ensure that the project stays on track and that everyone is satisfied.

Project managers can work in-house for firms that have a series of one-off jobs. Or they might also work as consultants and seek out a project that they manage for a commission. They can focus on IT, natural science, construction, and more.

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Online Project Management Degree Levels for Nevada Students

The third strongest sector in Nevada, professional and business services, generates $19 billion each year. This sector includes waste management firms, commercial laboratories, and management consulting firms. These firms have an impact on the Las Vegas Strip and sleepy towns in remote areas of the Nevada desert. In fact, one key part of that super sector, project management, is vital to the growth and development of the entire state.

For example, Las Vegas has exerted a lot of effort to prepare for a Formula One race in November. They had to decide which streets to block, how to route all sorts of emergency contingencies, where to put grandstands, and more. To ensure that Vegas' Formula One experiment is a success, the city needed to work with project managers.

Outside of the glitzy casinos in Las Vegas, the state has growing interests in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, tech, and more. To ensure the success of each of these economic drivers, the state needs a strong cadre of project managers who are armed with the best techniques for ensuring that all the jobs are finished on time and within budgetary constrictions. Thus, the Nevada state legislature fully funds its public colleges and universities.

These schools use their funds to attract the best PM experts that academia can provide. They also look to hire master’s level project managers who have experience in the Nevadan economy that will inspire young students. With a balanced faculty, Nevada's colleges and universities can continue to provide a steady stream of highly qualified project managers for the state's economy.

Online Associate Project Management Degree (AS)

Those who are interested in a career in project management may consider starting their path with an associate degree. A two-year degree in project management introduces you to the core concepts involved in the field as a project manager, while also requiring them to complete the core, general education college curriculum. This way, graduates can start a career at the entry-level while having the academic background to move forward with a bachelor's degree.

Nevada students who enroll in local community colleges have several advantages after completion of the program. For one thing, community colleges charge far less per credit hour while you earn an associate degree or applied science degree. Graduates who then finish their bachelor's at a four-year college or university may end up with far less debt than those who start with a four-year institution. Further, community colleges tend to feature small course sizes, and the instruction is often on par with any school in Nevada. Just be sure that you attend a regionally accredited institution so your credits transfer later.

Online Bachelor’s Project Management Degree (BS)

A four-year bachelor's project management degree is probably the very best way to start a career. During the course of a four-year PM program, you will be able to dive deep into the field. After they complete general education requirements and move into the third- and fourth-year courses, students will have the opportunity to focus their work on special topics courses such as IT, construction, or special events project management.

Those in a four-year degree program will also have the opportunity to expand their learning with courses in other, complementary departments. Those who are intent on being IT project managers might want to complete a minor concentration in IT or computer science. Others who are interested in managing construction projects might take engineering courses. This way, they can administrate a project with the benefit of personal insight into the field.

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Online Master’s Project Management Degree (MS)

Nearly every professional can benefit from a master’s degree, and project managers are no exception. For project management, there are a few options such as a MS in project management, an MBA with a PM concentration, or a dual MBA program. The MS option is for those who want to expand their knowledge of the field without worrying about any other concerns.

An MBA with a project management concentration is a good option for those who aspire to rung their own firm or move up into the C-suites of their organization. The first year of an MBA program is dedicated to a general business education, though at the master’s level. The second year can be dedicated to PM.

The dual-MBA option brings everything to the next level. A dual-MBA is an intense program that allows project managers to earn their MS in project management along with an MBA. Those attending can then choose an MBA concentration area that complements their PM career. For example, IT project managers might choose IT for their MBA concentration. These programs allow you to take only three years to complete two master’s programs. However, students are often unable to work until the completion of these intensive programs.

Online Project Management PhD Degree

A PhD in project management may not be in high demand by corporate recruiters, but it is a degree that can have a positive impact on one's career. Many corporate executives tend to think that a doctorate relies too much on theories and scholarly research, while they want someone with a more pragmatic, experienced approach. Nevertheless, project managers who earn a PhD may still find success.

A doctorate in project management that's paired with business experience may be a great background for someone interested in starting their own consulting firm. Their broad and deep view of PM can help them train and develop their team. They can also put their credentials on the corporate masthead. While many executives shy away from hiring a PhD for their own team, they do like to hire contractors and consultants who have advanced degrees. Finally, a PhD is the best credential for someone who wants a career in academia. A doctorate will qualify them for a full-time, tenure track position.

How to Become a Project Management in Nevada

Nevada is a growing state that is always in need of top-notch project managers. Anyone who looks at how Las Vegas is in a state of perpetual flux can see that that town alone needs experts who can bring a project to fruition in a timely and cost-effective manner. The construction of a single casino, for instance, needs project managers to oversee the casino area, hotel rooms, lobby design, and the pool areas, to name just a few parts of that mega project.

To become a manager in this field Nevada, you can get started early. Even in high school, students can take leadership positions where they complete various projects. For instance, a student who manages a bake sale to fund their AV Club has effectively started their PM career. To help hone those project management skills and tools, you might seek to perfect their approach to interpersonal communication, knowledge of the project management skills involved in jobs, and their general organizational skills.

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When it comes time to find a bachelor's project management program in Nevada, you should investigate each program's curriculum. Since project managers can have any sort of focus for their career, it's vital that you find project management programs that offer the focus areas or industry knowledge that interests them the most. They might also look at what the school has to offer in terms of complementary programs. Those who desire a career managing IT jobs might investigate their school's IT department to make sure it can accompany their major concentration.

After college or graduate school, PM professionals should look for certifications to bolster their credentials. However, they might wait until landing their first entry-level position before taking this step because many employers are willing to pay the membership dues for a certifying professional association in order to gain more expertise on their team. Furthermore, new project managers can learn which credentials are the most desired for their specific area.

As one's career advances, it will eventually be necessary to earn a master’s. Those who are interested in the C-suites should certainly consider an MBA with a concentration in project management. They might also consider a dual-MBA. However, those who have completed an MS in PM are also likely to do well.

Potential Project Management Careers

  • General and Operations Managers:
    These management professionals tend to have specific experience in one area of their firm, including management experience. They also have training that covers all other aspects of their firm. They have a broad view of their firm and can thus see how each moving part impacts the other. Their goal is to achieve maximum efficiency for the whole operation.
  • Project Management Specialists:
    These management professionals focus their work on one project at a time. While other managers see their work in a broader scope, project managers are only concerned with staffing, funding, and completing a single project at a time. For the best possibility of success, project managers will hold certifications for their specialty such as construction, IT, or special events.
  • Marketing Manager:
    Marketing is divided into two general camps: the analytical and the creative. Marketing managers tend to have more experience on one side than the other. However, their knowledge of the whole marketing field enables them to manage marketing campaigns from the first market study to the final television advertisement.
  • Business Sales Manager:
    These managers work with the sales team of a given company. They need outstanding leadership skills and business sense. Most sales managers have been successful salespeople themselves but then move into management to earn a regular paycheck rather than relying on commissions. Sales managers may also be rewarded with a bonus when their sales team meets or exceeds sales targets.
  • Public Relations Manager:
    Public relations is like marketing but has more to do with bigger picture issues related to branding and public perception. Public relations managers organize a team of PR professionals who create and release timely press releases, orchestrate media events, such as press conferences, and seek to create a positive view of their client for the public.
  • Fundraising Manager:
    The non-profit world runs on fundraisers and donations. A fundraising manager seeks out new and effective ways to bring revenue into their organization. Depending on the size of the organization, they might organize massive fundraising dinners, formal dances, or sports events.
  • Facilities Manager & Leader:
    These managers are in charge of brick-and-mortar facilities such as a convention center, apartment building, or office building. Depending on the property, they might be concerned with its landscaping, HVAC systems, or keeping its windows clean. Facility managers may also be responsible for collecting rents from tenants, and some are responsible for seeking new tenants when units are vacant.
  • Database Administrators:
    These IT workers oversee the databases for their employer or client. Database administrators often manage the permissions for their firm's employees, ensuring that everyone has access to job-appropriate areas of the data and that the data itself is secure and up to date.
  • Software Engineer/Developer
    These computer science experts work on various software packages. Developers tend to have an area of specialty such as mobile games, financial software, or cyber security applications. Because of this, each developer will likely be an expert in their own set of focused programming languages. Some developers work on software packages from scratch, while others are involved with updating and maintaining a specific application.

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