55 Best Cyber Security Schools and Universities in the U.S.

Best Cyber Security Colleges and Universities

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Are you looking for the best possible school from which to earn your education? If you’re looking to earn a degree in cyber security, these are some of your best options. Whether you want something that’s accredited by ABET or as a Center of Academic Excellence, somewhere that will offer you a 100% online cyber security degree experience, or just the least expensive school offering the degree you’re most interested in. We’ve got all the information you need to choose the best school for you.

The rankings are weighted to allow you to find schools that are located all over the country (in case you’re looking for a more hands-on, in-classroom experience), across a spectrum of prices, and with as many available programs as possible. All of the information we’ve used has been presented with each school so you can make your choice based on what is most important to you. We’ve ranked them, but only you can make this most important of decisions.

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Stanford University

This private university is located in Stanford, California, in a large suburb just south of San Francisco and northwest of San Jose. This four-year university offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students from within CA or from out-of-state pay the same tuition at around $53,500. First-year students have a 99% rate of retention and can look forward to very small class sizes since the university has a student-to-faculty ratio of 5 to 1. Students who graduate from Stanford earn an average salary of $106,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$53,529
    • Out-of-State:$53,529
  • Net Price:$17,271
  • Retention Rate:99%
  • Graduation Rate:94%
  • Total Enrollment:17,381
  • Undergrad Students:7,087
  • Graduate Students:10,294
  • Student-to-faculty:5:1
  • Grads Salary:$106,000
  • Stanford University

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon is located in the middle of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Students attending Carnegie Mellon pay the same tuition, regardless of whether they are in-state or out of state: $57,100. The school is a private, not-for-profit institution offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as post-graduate certificates. Graduates of Carnegie Mellon University earn an average salary of $98,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$57,119
    • Out-of-State:$57,119
  • Net Price:$30,847
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:89%
  • Total Enrollment:14,029
  • Undergrad Students:6,589
  • Graduate Students:7,440
  • Student-to-faculty:10:1
  • Grads Salary:$98,000
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is located near downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It’s excellent reputation and high educational standards means that students who want to major in cyber security can be sure they will benefit from knowledgeable professors. Both in- and out-of-state students pay around $55,400 for tuition and can likely expect great class sizes considering the student-to-faculty ratio is 7 to 1. Even with over 26,000 students, that translates to engaging classes and a great retention rate; which for full-time students is 97%. Graduates of Johns Hopkins University earn an average salary of $86,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$55,350
    • Out-of-State:$55,350
  • Net Price:$27,868
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:93%
  • Total Enrollment:26,152
  • Undergrad Students:6,064
  • Graduate Students:20,088
  • Student-to-faculty:7:1
  • Grads Salary:$86,000
  • Johns Hopkins University

The University of Texas at Austin

Located on a picturesque campus in Austin, Texas, The University of Texas at Austin offers a Computer and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree program to students, as well as more advanced degrees in that and Computer and Information Systems Security, or Information Assurance. Attending students Texas pay about $10,800 in tuition, while out-of-state students pay closer to $38,300. Retention rates for students attending full-time is 95% and graduates earn an average salary of $75,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$10,824
    • Out-of-State:$38,326
  • Net Price:$14,156
  • Retention Rate:95%
  • Graduation Rate:83%
  • Total Enrollment:51,832
  • Undergrad Students:40,804
  • Graduate Students:11,028
  • Student-to-faculty:18:1
  • Grads Salary:$75,000
  • The University of Texas at Austin

Brigham Young University - Provo

Located in Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University is a private, four-year institution offering. In their off-time, students at BYU can enjoy the beautiful vistas and nearby mountains visible from campus. Students majoring in cyber security at the bachelor’s and master’s level will find degree programs in information assurance, computer science, computer/information technology services, and information technology. BYU students pay around $5,800 for tuition and fees, regardless of whether they are in-state or out-of-state students. Graduates of BYU earn an average salary of $75,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$5,790
    • Out-of-State:$5,790
  • Net Price:$13,120
  • Retention Rate:88%
  • Graduation Rate:86%
  • Total Enrollment:34,499
  • Undergrad Students:31,441
  • Graduate Students:3,058
  • Student-to-faculty:20:1
  • Grads Salary:$75,000
  • Brigham Young University - Provo

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles, is a private university offering four-year degree programs. USC is located in a large city offering a wide range of recreational activities, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and near Disney Land. In-state and out-of-state students pay the same amount for tuition and fees: around $58,200. First-time students have a 97% retention rate and USC graduates have an average salary of $83,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$58,195
    • Out-of-State:$58,195
  • Net Price:$36,161
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:92%
  • Total Enrollment:47,310
  • Undergrad Students:19,907
  • Graduate Students:27,403
  • Student-to-faculty:9:1
  • Grads Salary:$83,000
  • University of Southern California

Purdue University - Main Campus

Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue is a public, four-year university that offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees to its student. Those interested in cyber security will find several options available. In-state students pay $9,992 in tuition and fees. Out-of-state students pay $28,794 in tuition and fees. The student-to-faculty ratio is solid at 13 to 1 and full-time students will enjoy a 92% retention rate. Graduates of Purdue University earn an average salary of $76,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$9,992
    • Out-of-State:$28,794
  • Net Price:$11,898
  • Retention Rate:92%
  • Graduation Rate:81%
  • Total Enrollment:44,474
  • Undergrad Students:33,735
  • Graduate Students:10,739
  • Student-to-faculty:13:1
  • Grads Salary:$76,000
  • Purdue University - Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus

Located on the northern side of the city of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a public institution offering mostly STEM degree programs, though others, such as Communications, are also offered. The school’s 32,000+ students can expect to pay around $12,700 in tuition if they are in-state students or $33,800 if they are out-of-state students. Full-time students hold a 97% retention rate and can expect larger class sizes, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 18 to 1. Graduates of the GIT earn an average salary of $85,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$12,682
    • Out-of-State:$33,794
  • Net Price:$16,950
  • Retention Rate:97%
  • Graduation Rate:87%
  • Total Enrollment:32,723
  • Undergrad Students:16,049
  • Graduate Students:16,674
  • Student-to-faculty:18:1
  • Grads Salary:$85,000
  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Rutgers beautiful New Brunswick campus is located at the north edge of New Brunswick, near the edge of the Raritan River. The university is a public, four-year institution offering computer science and cyber security undergraduate and master’s degrees. In their off-time, students can explore this smaller city or make their way to the coast or about 45 minutes northeast to New York City. Students from within the state of New Jersey pay around $15,400 for tuition, while out-of-state students pay up to $32,200. First-time students pursuing bachelor’s degrees can expect to experience a 93% retention rate, meaning they are likely to be able to graduate with the same students they start their college career with. Graduates of Rutgers University earn an average salary of $72,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$15,407
    • Out-of-State:$32,189
  • Net Price:$16,295
  • Retention Rate:93%
  • Graduation Rate:80%
  • Total Enrollment:50,254
  • Undergrad Students:36,039
  • Graduate Students:14,215
  • Student-to-faculty:16:1
  • Grads Salary:$72,000
  • Rutgers University - New Brunswick

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Located downtown in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina State University is a public institution, offering a wide selection of degrees to its students including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as postgraduate certificates. As the capital of NC, Raleigh offers many points of interest and even free-to-enter museums for students to enjoy. In-state students pay $9,100 in tuition and fees, while out-of-state students pay around $29,200. Graduates of NCSU earn an average salary of $72,000.

  • Tuition
    • In-State:$9,101
    • Out-of-State:$29,220
  • Net Price:$14,771
  • Retention Rate:94%
  • Graduation Rate:81%
  • Total Enrollment:35,479
  • Undergrad Students:25,199
  • Graduate Students:10,280
  • Student-to-faculty:14:1
  • Grads Salary:$72,000
  • North Carolina State University at Raleigh
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