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Students arrive on the campus of the University of South Florida with lots of things on their minds. But in one thing they are not likely to be disappointed: classes. Since USF is home to 14 colleges that support a whopping 180 undergraduate majors; when you also consider all the graduate, doctorate, and specialist programs, USF can cover nearly any academic need. Indeed, merely scrolling through their undergraduate offerings is almost overwhelming. USF students aren't all business, however. After all, one's undergraduate years should include interests and activities that broaden the mind and whole person. Thus, USF students will love the seemingly limitless campus resources that span athletics, social activities, and cultural events.

Overview of University of South Florida (USF)

For the athletically inclined, USF offers students loads of opportunities to exercise and play. The Tampa campus alone offers two gymnasiums, racquetball and squash courts, an indoor pool, and an indoor track. For those who seek a bit of competitive fun, the intramural sports program engages students across multiple campuses. USF also supports club sports such as cricket, cycling, fencing, rugby, and water polo, among many other sports. Finally, for those who prefer to compete while seated in a comfy chair, USF hosts E-sports.

There are also cultural events that provide thoughtful entertainment, but also pure fun. All in all, USF hosts over 300 events that include lectures, concerts, masterclasses, festivals, and all sorts of exhibitions. There is never a dull week on the USF campus.

General Information

School Type Public
Campus Setting City: Large
Campus Housing Yes
Student Faculty Ratio 23:1
Graduation Rate 75%
Year Founded 1956

Student Enrollment

Total Students44,246


Undergraduate Student

Male 14,708
Female 17,976

Graduate Student

Male 5,203
Female 6,359

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USF Acceptance Rate and Admissions


Male 14,725
Female 22,261


Male 7,068
Female 10,685

Acceptance Rate48%

Male 48%
Female 48%

Enrollment 5,148

Male 2,174
Female 2,974
Application Fee $30
High School GPA Required
High School Rank Recommended
High School Transcripts Required
College Prep Courses Required
Recommendations NA
SAT/ACT Required
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Required
Application Deadline April 1
Common Application Accepted Yes

USF Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

All students and their families are keen to learn what sort of educational costs are involved with a USF bachelor's degree. Since USF is a public institution, Florida residents face far lower tuition rates than their out-of-state peers. In fact, the in-state costs for tuition, books, and fees are only around $7,500. Meanwhile, non-Florida residents pay a gross cost of around $18,000. Once living expenses, including rent and food, are tallied, the gross costs for in-state students rises to between $21,000 and $24,000, depending on where they choose to live. Non-residents pay between $32,000 and $35,000 for a year at USF.

The gross cost is only part of the financial story at USF. Once the financial aid office applies its magic, students can see their net price (the cost to them after financial aid is applied) come in at a very affordable level. The average net price for a year of classes, books, and living at USF comes to a mere $9,800. For the lower income households represented on USF campus, that average net can fall to under $4,000 for a year. Even the top earning households with students at USF pay a mere $15,000 for a full year. Thus, USF students receive a top-notch academic and educational value that doesn't burden them for years.

Average net price 2018-2019
Net Price $9,787
Average Total Aid $11,016
Students Receiving Financial Aid 93%
Room & Board $12,256

Sticker Price

  • Tuition In-State - $6,410
  • Tuition Out-of-State - $17,324
  • Books and Supplies - $1,100
  • Room & Board - $12,256
  • Other - $4,100


When searching for the best college, students weigh many factors. More often than not, students are relying more on their personal proclivities than other educational factors. For instance, many choose a college or university because their family has a legacy of attending or because they admire the sports program. However, it's vital to investigate the true academic value of the school. This can be done by reviewing the school's educational statistics, such as the retention rate and graduation rate.

The retention rate is a measure of how many first-time, full-time students return to campus for their second year. Since students at University of South Florida return at high rates, it's clear that they find the faculty, curriculum, and campus resources to be of high quality. The retention rate at USF is an eye-popping 91%. Even the part-time students are very pleased as 75% return for the academic excellence. Indeed, students tend to stick around, and USF reports a graduation rate of 75% with 11% transferring to schools with more academic rigor or special programs not yet available at USF. Thus, students at USF receive a top-notch academic experience and are sure to succeed after graduation.

Student Population Total

Student Population 44,246

Evening Classes : Yes
Online Learning : Yes

Most Popular Programs & Majors

(# of Diplomas Awarded by Subject)

Health Professions and Related Programs 1,893 Total Graduates / 18%
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General 969 Graduates
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse 464 Graduates
Public Health, General 244 Graduates
Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist 129 Graduates
All Business Majors 1,862 Total Graduates / 18%
Finance, General 450 Graduates
Marketing/Marketing Management, General 391 Graduates
Accounting 321 Graduates
Business/Commerce, General 268 Graduates
All Biological & Biomedical Majors 1,212 Total Graduates / 12%
Biomedical Sciences, General 640 Graduates
Biology/Biological Sciences, General 544 Graduates
Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology 28 Graduates
All Social Science Majors 1,157 Total Graduates / 11%
Criminology 402 Graduates
Political Science and Government, General 186 Graduates
Economics, General 172 Graduates
Social Sciences, General 153 Graduates
All Psychology Majors 748 Total Graduates / 7%
Psychology, General 748 Graduates
All Other Diplomas 33%

Outcome & Salary

While it’s impossible to put a real price tag on one's education, students are still eager to know what they might earn after earning particular degrees. Upon graduating with a degree from the University of South Florida, the computer engineers begin their careers with the strongest entry-level salaries. These tech whizzes report a median salary of $69,000. Though engineers comprise the bulk of the top-earning graduates, the registered nurses also make the list with a median salary of $62,000. Given the strong academic tradition at USF, all students are sure to find great success especially once they leverage their diplomas into graduate degrees and more.

Graduates Salary
College Grads Early Career Salary $40,200
College Grads Average Salary $66,089
College Grads Mid Career Salary $63,400
Return on Investment (ROI)
10 Year Salary Earnings Potential $660,890
20 Year Salary Earnings Potential $1,294,890
Cost of Education (Net Price) 4 Year $39,148
10 Year Projected ROI $621,742
20 Year Projected ROI $1,255,742
No College Education Salary Comparison
National Average Salary $38,792
10 Year Projected Income $387,920
20 Year Projected Income $775,840

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