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Cyber security careers are becoming more and more popular; CyberSeek reports that there were close to 350,000 cyber security online job listings in America posted between July 2015 and June 2016. Salaries are quite high for most cyber security careers. In 2016 the median annual pay for jobs in the computer-related industries paid $86,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also projects faster than average job growth until 2024: 18%.

As trained cyber security specialists reach high demand, organizations around the world are encouraging college students to enter this field by providing scholarship funds to those who qualify. Remember you don’t always have to have exceptionally high scores to get a scholarship, so start applying now.


With so many scholarships being offered today by various organizations such as colleges, businesses, clubs, foundations, non-profit organizations, and more, many people should be able to receive some kind of funding to help pay their way through college.

Moreover, there are things you can do right now to increase your chances of receiving scholarship funds, including participating in community service or signing up for special programs. And, if you’re still in high school, your chances are even better; the sooner you begin, the more scholarship qualifiers you can rack up.

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How to Qualify and Increase Your Chances

  • Volunteer Work/Community Service

    As most scholarship programs are offered by non-profits who are committed to helping others, having volunteer work on your application will help you stand out among the rest of the applicants. In addition, volunteering your services to assist your community also looks appealing in your portfolio. This can include a number of things such as, picking up trash off the streets, washing graffiti off neighborhood walls, sponsoring a local food drive, and more.

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  • Become the Person the Scholarship is looking to Sponsor

    When searching for scholarships online, check the qualifications required to apply and then gain all the credentials listed. This will make you a top candidate for approval.

  • Make Your Online Presence Look More Professional

    Scholarship providers will do a lot of research on applicants to find out their background. Jump ahead of them to see what they will see by checking your online profile. Start by Googling your name.

Following are some of the many scholarship programs available. These scholarships can help you reduce the cost of your cybersecurity undergraduate degree, graduate degree or in some cases can even be used for certifications.

Government, Military and Veterans Scholarships

  • Cyber Corp

    Amount: Undergraduate: Full tuition and fees, and a stipend of $22,500 per year for up to 3 years
    Graduate: full tuition and fees, and a stipend of $34,000 per year for up to 3 years
    Deadline: July 31

    The CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) is funded by the National Science Foundation.

    The program was designed to strengthen and increase federal information assurance professionals as they protect the critical information infrastructure. On top of offering full tuition and a stipend, they also provide allowances for books, health insurance, and professional development. Students who earn this scholarship will have to maintain a 3.25 or higher GPA to keep it.

  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program

    Amount: $30,000 (A trip to Washington, DC, and several other small prizes)
    Deadline: October 31

    This competition consists of an essay contest that is held annually. It is not only funded by the VFW, but is also judged by the organization as well, and the contest is not completely limited to military personnel. The VFW also has several other financial aid programs available for military members; you should consider taking a look at their financial aid page.

  • The Samsung American Legion Scholarship

    Amount: $300,000 (Split among around 100 students)
    Deadline: None

    This scholarship program is operated by the American Legion and funded by Samsung to reward those who assisted Korea in the Korean War. Eligible applicants must be descendants of members of the American Legion who served in the Korean war as well as high school juniors who attended the boys or girls state of the American Legion Auxiliary. Students will be entered for a chance to win this scholarship when they join the Auxiliary.

  • Troops to Teachers Scholarship Program

    Amount: Up to $10,000 as stipends to award those who teach at low-income schools or to help cover teacher certifications.
    Deadline: None

    This scholarship is provided by the U.S. Departments of Education and Defense to guide and fund new military members educators for the next generation of Americans. It is only available to North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Montana, and Idaho residents who attend specific schools.

Professional Association Scholarships

  • CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program

    Amount: Awards tuition, stipend, and provides funds for books, health insurance, travel, and professional development for up to two years.
    Graduate: full tuition and fees, and a stipend of $34,000 per year for up to 3 years
    Deadline: Applications open in January/February

    This Georgetown University scholarship is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through CyberCorps. It provides students with funds to earn degrees that are critical for cyber security and in return students must agree to accept a position in government cyber security.

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  • SIA RISE Scholarship

    Amount: $3,000 (5 Awards)
    Deadline: November

    The Security Industry Association’s RISE scholarships are presented to security professionals of the next generation as it is imperative these students get the training needed to assist them with their careers in cybersecurity. The recipients are given funding to complete academic programs and/or professional development courses.

  • NSF-Funded Scholarship Program

    Amount: Full scholarship
    Deadline: July

    The University of New Haven received a $4 million grant from the National Science Foundation to educate, train, and prepare the next generation of cyber security professionals to prevent cyber-attacks while working for the state, local, or federal government. It provides scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students studying computer science and cyber security. Students must agree to enter a career that involves cyber security while working for a government entity.

  • AFCEA Science, Cyber Security Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

    Amount: $5,000
    Deadline: April 10

    Only one application is required to be considered for all AFCEA Stem Major scholarships. Undergraduate applicants must be at least in their second year of college while enrolled as full-time sophomores or juniors in a four-year college or university when they apply. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.

Scholarships for Women in Cyber Security

  • ISC2 Foundation women’s cybersecurity scholarship

    Amount: $1,000 - $6,000 (Up to 10 Awards)
    Deadline: February 17

    To be eligible for this scholarship program you must be a full or part-time student focusing or plan on pursuing a degree in information assurance or cyber security with a 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale. You do not have to be a US citizen and you can be attending college in any country.

  • Raytheon’s Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

    Amount: $10,000 (2 Awards)
    Deadline: Unknown

    This scholarship program is being offered by Raytheon’s in conjunction with the (ISC)² Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship Program. Up to three high school students or first-year college mid-career undergraduate professionals interested in changing career paths to information security or cyber security with a GPA of at least 3.2 will be awarded.

  • Women in Defense Scholarship

    Amount: Varies
    Deadline: Mid-March

    In affiliation with the National Defense Industrial Association, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates real-world participation and the highest academic achievement during a school year. Applicants must be a US Citizen with financial needs who wishes to achieve success in national security.

  • KnowBe4 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship

    Amount: $10,000
    Deadline: November 25

    Recipient of the award must commit to a paid internship at the KnowBe4 corporate office in Clearwater, FL. Must be a female pursuing a degree focusing on information assurance or cyber security with a GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Scholarships for Disabled Students

  • Anne Ford Scholarship

    Amount: $10,000 ($2,500/year over four years)

    The Anne Ford Scholarship is provided by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. It awards a high school student who has a documented learning disability and a 3.0 or above GPA who is enrolling as a full-time student in a college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

  • Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship

    Amount: Varies
    Deadline: April

    The founder Liz Plachta named this scholarship after her daughter, who has Down syndrome. This scholarship was created because Plachta believes that those with Down syndrome should not be deprived of an education. Applicants must provide a high school diploma transcript as well as two letters of recommendation, a photo of themselves, and an essay.

  • John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

    Amount: $5,000

    This scholarship is open to those with a disability who reside in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement; submit three letters of recommendation, documents showing their disability status, and a written essay that details how their disability affects their school attendance.

  • Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Awards

    Amount: $6,000 (3 Awards) - $2,000 (3 Awards)
    Deadline: November 30

    Only members with learning disabilities who are active subscribers of Learning Ally and have added at least one book to their bookshelf within the past year are eligible for this award. To apply, submit a video recording of yourself with a personal narrative on how Learning Ally changed your life, any awards or honors you achieved, a description of extracurricular activities or community services you committed to, a letter of recommendation, and official transcripts.

  • Ralph D. Norman Scholarship

    Amount: $2,500 (3 Awards)
    Deadline: March 31

    Three senior students with learning disabilities graduating in Arkansas are awarded $2,500 scholarships annually. You must provide proof of learning disability and enrollment in a two-year community college, university, or a technical/vocational training program. Applicants must also demonstrate community service and be committed to higher education and success despite having a learning disability.

Graduate Students CS Scholarships

  • GW CyberCorps: Scholarships For Service

    Amount: Full Scholarships plus $22,500 to $34,000 stipend each year
    Deadline: November

    In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, GW students must be US citizens and graduate students with at least a 3.2 GPA. The program is also open to some full-time sophomores at Prince George's, Anne Arundel, and Northern Virginia Community Colleges.

  • (ISC)² Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship

    Amount: $1,000 to $5,000
    Deadline: February

    The (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship funding program offers between $1,000 and $5,000 per graduate student pursuing a degree focusing on information assurance or cybersecurity. You must be eligible to start doctoral studies or enter the first or second year of a master’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

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  • Graduate Information Security Scholarship

    Amount: $1,000
    Deadline: August 1

    Harmony Tech provides a $1,000 scholarship to students enrolled in information assurance, cyber security, or information security-focused graduate degree program.

  • Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship (Minority and women Students)

    Amount: $3,000
    Deadline: April 10

    The graduation date of the applicant must be in a year other than the year scholarship was awarded. Students must also have a GPA of at least 3.5 and also enrolled in an accredited college or university in their second trimester.

  • USGIF's Doctoral & Stu Shea Endowed Scholarship

    Amount: $15,000
    Deadline: February

    The achievements of doctoral students studying geospatial sciences, GEOINT, or related fields are recognized by the USGIF Doctoral Scholarship Program. Preference is given to those working in or planning to pursue a career in the Intelligence or defense workforce.

Minority Scholarships

  • AAN-C Scholarship

    Amount: $2,000
    Deadline: March 1

    The African American Network – Carolinas Chapter provides scholarships to college-bound students from North and South Carolina who are pursuing a major in computer science fields. Eligible applicants must be North or South Carolina high school seniors planning to attend an accredited college or university in the Carolinas.

  • UNCF STEM Scholars Program

    Amount: Up to $25,000
    Deadline: March 19

    This Unite Negro College Fund program support high achieving Black and African American high school students seeking education in STEM fields. Information science and computer science are eligible fields of study and this includes cyber security. Applicants must be permanent residents or US citizens with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

  • Wells Fargo Undergraduate Scholarship

    Amount: Up to $5,000 per Year
    Deadline: May 1

    Eligible applicants must be registered members of federally recognized tribes or Alaska Natives. Applicants must also have a 2.7 GPA or higher and can prove eligibility with a Tribal Eligibility Certificate (TEC).

  • Accenture American Indian Scholarship Fund

    Amount: Varies
    Deadline: May 01

    Accenture operates this scholarship program for First Nation students seeking degrees and education in computer sciences. Applicants must have a 3.25 GPA and be an incoming college first year student. Applicants can prove status with a Tribal Eligibility Certificate (TEC).

  • Great Minds in Stem Scholarship Program

    Amount: $10,000
    Deadline: April 1

    Applicants must be of Hispanic descent or be persons that significantly participates in and promote organizations or other activities in a Hispanic community. Applicants must pursue a qualifying major in STEM fields and IT and cyber security are qualifying fields.

  • Chicano Organizing & Research in Education (CORE) Que Llueva Cafe Scholarship

    Amount: $500
    Deadline: March 14

    The CORE organization sponsors this award aimed at undocumented, high school students. The award selects students that show academic promise and community engagement.

  • Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship

    Amount: $1,000-$10,000
    Deadline: September 30

    Eligible applicants include members of minority groups underrepresented in technical fields such as cyber security. The program invites applications from Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaskan, or Hispanic communities. The awards are need-based

  • Esperanza Education Fund

    Amount: $5,000-$20,000 (Over a 4-year time period)
    Deadline: April 1

    The Esperanza Fund Scholarship supports students born outside the US or children of parents born outside the US. The theme is to support the educational ambitions of a global community of immigrants. Many past awardees have been from Asian nations and the Pacific Islands. Eligible students will be graduating seniors at high schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia or a recent GED graduates residing in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

K-12 Scholarships

  • IT Women scholarship Program

    Amount: $8,000 (Over 4 Years)
    Deadline: February 15

    Eligible applicants will be female, high school seniors graduating from schools in South Florida. The awards are four-year academic scholarships and information technology fields such as cyber security are eligible. Sponsored by the Women Across Technology, the scholarship supports efforts to increase women participation in earning information technology and engineering degrees.

  • Boule' Foundation Scholarship 2020

    Amount: $4,000
    Deadline: March 16

    Eligible applicants must be African American high school seniors graduating in the spring and attending college in the fall. Applicants can be citizens of the US or another country. The minimum GPA is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

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  • NY State STEM Incentive Program

    Amount: As much as SUNY undergrad tuition for residents of New York
    Deadline: August 15

    High school students or recent graduates that have not entered college may apply for this scholarship. Information security analysis is a field of study and occupation under this program. Students must agree to reside and work in New York State for five years after completion of their degrees.

  • Center for Cyber Safety and Education, Undergraduate Scholarships

    Amount: $1,000-$5,000 per Recipient
    Deadline: February 24

    High school seniors are eligible applicants for the award. Awards go to applicants with a 3.3 GPA or higher. Applicants may be citizens of any country and attend college in the US or at an international institution.

  • Regions Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest

    Amount: $5,000 (15 Awards for High School Seniors) - $3,500 (15 Awards for Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors in College)
    Deadline: February 29

    High school seniors residing in an eligible state may apply. They must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, be enrolled in the 12th grade and plan to attend an accredited US college or university in the upcoming school year to receive the $5,000 award. Or they can be a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college in order to receive the $3,500 award.

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