While most people think of scholarships as the monies that are awarded high school students as they head off to school, and let’s be honest much of it is, that’s not all there is to it. Some scholarships are graduating senior specific, while others are there for anyone heading into a degree program. Undergraduate scholarships can be awarded to a single mother who dropped out of high school and then earned her GED or a man who found a job right out of high school but needs a degree to advance his career any further. For those who have already earned a bachelor’s, going back to earn a master’s degree can be an expensive prospect. Whether you’ve been working with your bachelor’s degree or just finished it, a graduate scholarship can set you on the path to earning a master’s and advancing your career to new heights. Many graduate scholarships pay for research, housing, and other costs which can be prohibitive for those who have to leave their jobs or start paying back school loans while trying to earn their degree. With the right graduate scholarship, you can come out of school ready to face the world and enter the workforce.

Ways to Help You Pay for Your College Tuition

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Scholarships

  • Dan Klepper Memorial Scholarship
    Amount: $2,000
    Deadline: February 1

    Students who are attending an accredited Texas university or college in a major related to conservation, the outdoors, or wildlife management and intend upon communicating to the public about these topics through any form of mass media can apply for these scholarships. The organization is contemplating offering more than one scholarship in 2019.

  • Fulbright Grants
    Amount: Varies
    Deadline: October 15

    This is a grant funded by the U.S. government. Fulbright grants are awarded for graduate studies, advanced research, university teaching, or elementary and secondary teaching. Fulbright scholars teach or conduct research in a foreign country. Part of the ethos of the Fulbright scholarship is cultural exchange. There is a very formal application process that involves interviews and a guide within the organization.

  • Humane Studies Fellowships
    Amount: $15,000 per year, renewable
    Deadline: February 10

    These fellowships are specifically for post-graduate work. Anyone who will be attending a full time PhD program in the humanities may apply. The criterion is very specific in that the candidate will be studying in the fields of social science or the humanities. The grants are administered by George Mason University but are not required to be used at that institution. The scholars in this program are provided quite a bit of opportunity to network.

  • Rhodes Scholarships
    Amount: All educational costs plus stipend
    Deadline: October 4

    This is one of the most well-known international scholarships in the world. This scholarship is highly competitive and allows the student to study at Oxford University in Oxford, England. The scholarship pays for two to three years of study at Oxford and includes all of the student's educational costs and a stipend. This is a highly competitive scholarship. The winning scholars are chosen based upon scholastic achievements, their writing, their character, and their athletic ability. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 24 and have received their bachelor's degree at the time of the application.

  • Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship
    Amount: $1,000
    Deadline: May 20 (Fall); December 20 (Spring)

    This scholarship is awarded twice annually in order to help students have the necessary funds to study abroad. It can be used for room and board, tuition, books, or travel. The company will send the scholarship money directly in payment of the fees on behalf of the student. The winner will also receive a new backpack.

  • Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
    Amount: up to $40,000
    Deadline: March 14

    This scholarship is expressly designed to help students who are currently attending a community college or two-year institution make the transition to a four-year institution. It is provided by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. A representative of the JKC Foundation on one's campus must nominate the student. The award is based upon a combination of academic excellence and financial need. The applicant must have a minimum 3.5 GPA at their community college.

  • Watson Travel Fellowship
    Amount: $30,000 (One year stipend)
    Deadline: November (Ask advisor about internal deadlines)

    This is a unique scholarship because it is granted to graduating college seniors to fund a purposeful time of study abroad. The applicant must be nominated by one of 40 participating universities. This is a highly formal and competitive application that will entail an application, a personal statement, a project proposal, letters of recommendation and transcripts. The final selection process involves an interview.

  • Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship
    Amount: All tuition and fees for a 1-year Master’s program
    Deadline: TBA

    Post-graduate scholarship programs are fewer in number. This one is unique in that it allows the student to pursue independent research at the master's level. The program funds a year of study in a master's program at the University of Cambridge, Churchill College in science, mathematics, engineering, or science policy. The candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and cannot already hold a PhD.

  • ‘Young People For’ Fellowship
    Amount: Varies
    Deadline: December 31

    This is another unique program, in that the goal is to fund progressive activists at their college campuses. The name of the organization is ‘Young People For.’ The student must be currently enrolled in college and be committed to progressive activism on their college campus and in their communities. The scholars are trained to become leaders and create blueprints for community change and renewal.

  • Davis-Putter Scholarship
    Amount: $10,000 per year
    Deadline: April 1

    This need-based scholarship program is looking for college students at all levels - undergraduate, graduate, or pursuing professional credential programs – who are committed to social and economic justice and peace activism on their college campuses. Candidates will need to submit a personal statement about how their study will help support progressive causes in the United States. Also, the candidate must submit a student aid report or FAFSA, letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts, along with a list of living expenses for the past twelve months.